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A Dedication - To K.S.G.
Henry Timrod
with loftier charms Than love e'er gave to mortal arms. A spell is woven on the air From your brownRate it:

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A Democratic Hymn
Eugene Field
name Sets every breast to swelling. She wears no mortal crown of gold-- No courtiers fawn around heRate it:

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A Dialogue-Anthem
George Herbert
thy famous force, thy ancient sting? Alas, poor mortal, void of story! Go spell and read how I havRate it:

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A Dream
Matthew Arnold
conferred; their bosoms heaved, And more than mortal impulse fill'd their eyes. Their lips moved; tRate it:

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A Fact, And An Imagination, Or, Canute And Alfred, On The Seashore
William Wordsworth
the reach, The undisguised extent, of mortal sway! He only is a King, and he alone Deserves the naRate it:

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A Fait Accompli
Kurt Philip Behm
punches The ink bleeding free The wound beyond mortal A Fait Accompli (Villanova Pennsylvania: SepRate it:

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A False Prophecy
Ambrose Bierce
with paralysis. Tut-tut! Though Emperors are mortal, nothing but A nimble thunderbolt could catch aRate it:

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A Fantasy
James Whitcomb Riley
rippling o'er With music never heard before By mortal ears; and, at the strain, I felt my Spirit snRate it:

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A Farewell to False Love
Sir Walter Raleigh
Farewell, false love, the oracle of lies, A mortal foe and enemy to rest, An envious boy, from whom all cares arise, A bastard vile, a beast wit...Rate it:

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A Frog's Fate
Christina Georgina Rossetti
buoyant Frogs, ye great and small, Even I am mortal after all! My road to fame turns out a wry waRate it:

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A Garden In The Desert
Harriet Monroe
run. And ever you and I, friend, Free of this mortal scheme, Look out beyond desire's end And dRate it:

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A Garden, Written after the Civil Wars
Andrew Marvell
What luckless apple did we taste To make us mortal and thee waste! Unhappy! shall we never more Rate it:

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A Gravestone
William Allingham
alone, And sunsets. Put a mossy stone, With mortal name and date, a harp And bunch of wild floweRate it:

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A Holy Week Song, 1918
Katharine Tynan
field slow-moving like a wave Sends up a mortal cry. God love ye, gallant gentlemen, Let nothing yoRate it:

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A Hymn
James Shirley
And weighs them down With love of gaudy mortal things? The Sun is now i' the east: each shadRate it:

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A Hymn In Honour Of Beauty
Edmund Spenser
I mean it most, And eke to her, whose fair immortal beam Hath darted fire into my feeble ghost, ThaRate it:

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A June Night
Emma Lazarus
too fine, too rare, they be For the grosser mortal sight, And they foil our waking sense. Yet we fRate it:

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A Lament
William Henry Drummond
My thoughts hold mortal strife; I do detest my life, And with lamenting cries Peace to my soul to bring Oft call that prince which here doth monarc...Rate it:

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A Letter Sent To Mrs. Barber
Mary Barber
of Youth in Age survives: So, when the weary'd Mortal sinks to Rest, And ev'ry Tumult ceases in hisRate it:

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A Love Song
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
tram in Collins street And suddenly, we met. No mortal could have parted us While reason held its Rate it:

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A Lover's Anger
Matthew Prior
with Baubles and Seals. A Temper so heedless no Mortal can bear— Thus far I went on with a resoluteRate it:

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A Maiden's Secret
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I will shut them fast together, And never a mortal shall know to-day Why my heart is as light asRate it:

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A man went before a strange God
Stephen Crane
loudly, Fat with rage, and puffing. "Kneel, mortal, and cringe And grovel and do homage To My PRate it:

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A Man’s Wooing
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
strong as these twain, Against which seas of mortal fate Beat harmlessly in vain. 'Not one trueRate it:

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A marketplace
Rio Solene
your peaks Well that's the thing I'm too mortal for any kind of commitment I guess that makes me a Rate it:

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