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Old age
Mazloom Gill
Old age Intimate grooves on old face Diffused hair, trebling lips Not know what he had thoughts?  No one may be he had If has then not he had too ...Rate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
HANDLING OLD AGE. Last Birthday I was eighty-three Yet I feel twenty-nine My appetite is excellent And I do enjoy my wine. I still feel quite pr...Rate it:

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A Letter from a Girl to Her Own Old Age
Alice Meynell
Listen, and when thy hand this paper presses, O time-worn woman, think of her who blesses What thy thin fingers touch, with her caresses. O mot...Rate it:

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William Lisle Bowles
Age, thou the loss of health and friends shalt mourn! But thou art passing to that night-still bourne, Where labour sleeps. The linnet, chattering ...Rate it:

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Baby's Age
Henry Timrod
She came with April blooms and showers; We count her little life by flowers. As buds the rose upon her cheek, We choose a flower for every week. A ...Rate it:

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Beautiful Old Age
David Herbert Lawrence
It ought to be lovely to be old to be full of the peace that comes of experience and wrinkled ripe fulfilment. The wrinkled smile of completeness ...Rate it:

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Ch 06 On Weakness And Old Age Story 05
Sa di
The active, graceful, smiling, sweet-tongued youth happened once to be in the circle of our assembly. His heart had been entered by no kind of grie...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
Ah, Posthumus! our years hence fly And leave no sound: nor piety, Or prayers, or vow Can keep the wrinkle from the brow; But we must on, As fate ...Rate it:

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Henry Howard
LAID in my quiet bed, in study as I were, I saw within my troubled head a heap of thoughts appear. And every thought did shew so lively in mine e...Rate it:

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In Age
William Lisle Bowles
And art thou he, now "fallen on evil days," And changed indeed! Yet what do this sunk cheek, These thinner locks, and that calm forehead speak! ...Rate it:

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In Age
William Lisle Bowles
And art thou he, now 'fallen on evil days,' And changed indeed! Yet what do this sunk cheek, These thinner locks, and that calm forehead speak! ...Rate it:

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L'âge est venu, pas à pas, jour à jour
Emile Verhaeren
L'âge est venu, pas à pas, jour à jour, Poser ses mains sur le front nu de notre amour Et, de ses yeux moins vifs, l'a regardé. Et, dans le beau...Rate it:

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Love Made In The First Age. To Chloris.
Richard Lovelace
I. In the nativity of time, Chloris! it was not thought a crime In direct Hebrew for to woe. Now wee make love, as all on fire, Ring retrograde o...Rate it:

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Ô qu'heureux est celui qui peut passer son âge
Joachim du Bellay
Ô qu'heureux est celui qui peut passer son âge Entre pareils à soi ! et qui sans fiction, Sans crainte, sans envie et sans ambition, Règne paisible...Rate it:

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Old Age
Edmund Waller
The seas are quiet when the winds give o'er; So calm are we when passions are no more. For then we know how vain it was to boast Of fleeting thi...Rate it:

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Old Age
Arthur Symons
It may be, when this city of the nine gates Is broken down by ruinous old age, And no one upon any pilgrimage Comes knocking, no one for an audienc...Rate it:

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Old Age
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
OLD age is courteous--no one more: For time after time he knocks at the door, But nobody says, "Walk in, sir, pray!" Yet turns he not from the door...Rate it:

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Quarrel In Old Age
William Butler Yeats
WHERE had her sweetness gone? What fanatics invent In this blind bitter town, Fantasy or incident Not worth thinking of, put her in a rage. I had f...Rate it:

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The Voice of Age
Edwin Arlington Robinson
She'd look upon us, if she could, As hard as Rhadamanthus would; Yet one may see,—who sees her face, Her crown of silver and of lace, Her mysti...Rate it:

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The Voice Of An Age
Kurt Philip Behm
Poetry is different when spoken than read The words more musical outside my head No longer imprisoned or held on the page Their freedom un...Rate it:

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Why Is This Age Worse...?
Anna Akhmatova
Why is this age worse than earlier ages? In a stupor of grief and dread have we not fingered the foulest wounds and left them unhealed by our hands...Rate it:

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Youth And Age. (Sonnet III.)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Oh give me back the days when loose and free To my blind passion were the curb and rein, Oh give me back the angelic face again, With which all vir...Rate it:

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Age and Youth
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
"I tell thee," said the old man, "what is life. A gulf of troubled waters — where the soul, Like a vexed bark, is tossed upon the waves, Of pain...Rate it:

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Saša Milivojev - ICE AGE
Saša Milivojev
An endless plate of ice The camel carries me Treading heavily Icy tears from sobbing splutter It stumbles Over the tips of the pyramids Weeping The...Rate it:

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Age To Youth
Edith Nesbit
Sunrise is in your eyes, and in your heart The hope and bright desire of morn and May. My eyes are full of shadow, and my part Of life is yesterday...Rate it:

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