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Any Other Time
Andrew Barton Paterson
it’s all the same— Any other time. Lose a match and you always say, “Just my luck! I was ‘offRate it:

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April in the Hills
Archibald Lampman
of new birth; I waken with the wakening earth; I match the bluebird in her mirth; And wild with winRate it:

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Archduchess Anne
George Meredith
waved, For love; but ladies had not charms To match a danger braved. III On battlefields he was tRate it:

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As The Oak Lies In The Acorn
Liam Ó Comáin
the competitive spirit Of a gaelic football match… I was inclined to look for it elsewhere But tRate it:

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John Clare
his feet and turns away. The bulldog knows his match and waxes cold, The badger grins and never leaRate it:

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Banking Coal
Jean Toomer
his part well; Not all wood takes to fire from a match, Nor coal from wood before it’s burned to chRate it:

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Battle of Red Cliff
Su Tung-po
the air Rolling up a thousand heaps of snow. To match the hills and the river so fair, How many hRate it:

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Bayonet Song
Sydney Thompson Dobell
men, as we've nothing to do till then, And the match is on out there, I think you and I may as wellRate it:

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Being Treated. To Ellinda
Richard Lovelace
Kelder, And to the sweetly fayre Mabella, A match that vies with Arabella; In each respect but the Rate it:

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Beloved Name
Victor Marie Hugo
treasures lie, Have naught of sweetness that can match HER NAME! Low be its utterance, like a prayRate it:

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Black Lizzie
Henry Kendall
authoress of “Middlemarch”. One cannot match her perfect phrase With commonplaces from your lip; Rate it:

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Bohémiens En Voyage (Gypsies On The Road)
Charles Baudelaire
Road The tribe of seers, last night, began its match With burning eyes, and shouldering its younRate it:

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Joseph Furphy
And those brave lions in their den Each one a match for aliens ten, With fist or rifle, bat or pRate it:

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Burial of Barber
John Greenleaf Whittier
hands with Crime, What is left us but to wait, Match our patience to our fate, And abide the betterRate it:

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Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
which is not nor can be. Where is the noon can match with thy sunrise? Whose is the heart shall winRate it:

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Caliban Upon Rudiments Or Autoschediastic Theology In A Hole
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
one made them with the 'tips' to match, But not the answers; 'doubteth there be none, Only GuidesRate it:

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Caliban upon Setebos or, Natural Theology in the Island
Robert Browning
moon. 'Thinketh He made it, with the sun to match, But not the stars; the stars came otherwiRate it:

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Campbell Man
nicholas johnston
crying olden trees stood defiantly but were no match for the diesel army. Only his tears fell the Rate it:

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Châtiment De L'Orgueil (The Punishment of Pride)
Charles Baudelaire
down Probing your flaws, your shame would match your pride And you'd be but a foetus to deride!' Rate it:

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Alfred Austin
sights- The plunging war-horse and sulphureous match. Than such as these, alas! Better the ox, the Rate it:

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Augusta Davies Webster
blue perfect likeness of the sky, one rose to match the other that has waned, to-morrow's dawn thRate it:

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Circumstances Alter Cases
Paul Laurence Dunbar
than ever was seen, You'll be sure he's no match for my little colleen, O chone! Faith the two is Rate it:

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William Henry Ogilvie
painted pennons on all your towers so high Can match one patch of scarlet when a whip rides by! Rate it:

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Concrete Jungles
Kurt Philip Behm
to the streets the rockiest trail can never match A menace looms inside their shadows impossibRate it:

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Confusion Under Confusion
Ehsan Sehgal
had been rejecting the objects, Which could not match my thoughts The unseen beauty seems to succeeRate it:

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