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Dressed For love
Nikhil Parekh
euphoria, Dressed for the poignantly princely marriage; I wore fascinating garlands of sensuouslyRate it:

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Earth And The Wedded Woman
George Meredith
waterspouts, had we sweet rain! II Ah, what is Marriage, says each pouting maid, When she who wedRate it:

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John Crowe Ransom
witch with hell’s broth; Or a preposterous marriage of fleshless stars; Or the Fiend’s own naked Rate it:

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Eloisa to Abelard
Alexander Pope
I lose for thee. How oft, when press'd to marriage, have I said, Curse on all laws but those whichRate it:

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Epitaph on her Son H. P.
Katherine Philips
one moment calls again. Seven years childless, marriage past, A Son, a son is born at last : Rate it:

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Epitaph on the Monument of a Fair Maiden Lady, Who Died at Bath, and is There Interred
John Dryden
a virgin-saint, she sought the skies, For marriage, though it sullies not, it dyes. High though hRate it:

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Everyday Characters II - Quince
Winthrop Mackworth Praed
quiet life, And shrank from Chancery suits — and marriage. Sound was his claret — and his head; WRate it:

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Fantasie -- To Laura
Friedrich Schiller
oracle hath said; Blazing worlds will turn to marriage torches When Eternity with Time shall wed! Rate it:

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Fingal - Book Vi
James Macpherson
to Fingal, in Scandinavia, and his marriage with Inibaca, the daughter of a king of Lochlin, who waRate it:

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Finis Exoptatus
Adam Lindsay Gordon
wattle, Music low and strange ; Like the marriage peal of fairies Comes the tinkling sound, Or likeRate it:

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Percy Bysshe Shelley
dearest—well-a-day! You are hastening to a marriage-bed; I to the grave!’—‘And if my love were deadRate it:

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Flower Of Aloe
Edith Nesbit
when rhymes were yet unwed, And crowned their marriage in the songs I made, I had laid them down Rate it:

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Four Points in a Life
James Thomson
A fervent and most holy love for thee. II MARRIAGE Come to me, oh come to me! Time is long sRate it:

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From Hell to Happiness
Sheila King
things she never had before -One being a happy marriage- the one she never had The love you share aRate it:

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Gentle Alice Brown
William Schwenck Gilbert
- To tell him how his daughter, who was now for marriage fit, Had winked upon a sorter, who reciproRate it:

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George and Sarah Green
William Wordsworth
living one Of sorrow and affright? O sacred marriage-bed of death, That keeps them side by side InRate it:

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Give Me The Splendid, Silent Sun
Walt Whitman
I can walk undisturb'd; Give me for marriage a sweet-breath'd woman, of whom I should nRate it:

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Grace Darling
William Topaz McGonagall
and aye. Before she died, scores of suitors in marriage sought her hand; But no, she'd rather livRate it:

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Hanchen, the Maid of the Mill
William Topaz McGonagall
to the miller's eldest son, And Hanchen on her marriage night cried Heaven'sRate it:

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Thomas Parnell
a melancholly wife Reproachd for barren in ye marriage life. Like summer-mornings she to sight appeRate it:

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Harry (Engaged To Be Married) To Charley (Who Is Not)
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
sneer; Pray, why, when I talk of my marriage, Do you watch me with sorrowing eye? ’Tis you, haplessRate it:

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Hermann And Dorothea - IX. Urania
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
will in anger depart, as soon as we talk about marriage. But it must be decided at once! no longer Rate it:

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Hero And Leander. The Fifth Sestiad
George Chapman
bright Mya sent, Two lovers that had long crav'd marriage-dues At Hero's hands: but she did still rRate it:

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Hesiod: or, The Rise of Woman
Thomas Parnell
contempt of hearts; And, for a comfort in the marriage life, The little pilfering temper of a wifRate it:

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Holy Matrimony
John Keble
Eden, That earliest wedding day The primal marriage blessing, It hath not passed away. Still inRate it:

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