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It Was Never Contemplated
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
of all the Old Worlds waterlogged; Tis the trade-mark of the Tory; 'Tis the declaration hoary; 'TisRate it:

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Hans Christian Andersen
Skovens grønne Grene. Høit Lærken slaaer paa Mark og Eng, Den bygger der sin Brudesend. I Dammen hRate it:

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Monody, Written At Matlock
William Lisle Bowles
hail the rugged scene that bursts around; I mark the wreathed roots, the saplings gray, That bend Rate it:

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Ode To Sara, In Answer To A Letter From Bristol
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
wilderness on high; Nor now with curious sight I mark the glow-worm as I pass, Move with 'green radRate it:

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One Viceroy Resigns
Rudyard Kipling
strike At venture, stumble forward, make your mark, (It's chalk on granite), then thank God no flamRate it:

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Robin Hood And The Butcher
Andrew Lang
with a bonny fine mare, With his flesh to the market did hye. 'Good morrow, good fellow,' said jolRate it:

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Summer Images
John Clare
into pleasant dreams; or musing lie, Mark the wind-shaken trees, And cloud-betravelled sky. There Rate it:

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The Haunted Beach
Mary Darby Robinson
the blast blew strong and loud The clear moon mark'd the ghastly croud, Where the green billows plaRate it:

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The Hermit of Mont-Blanc
Mary Darby Robinson
the white waste of wonders! From the peak Which mark'd his neighb'ring Hut, his humid Eye Oft wandeRate it:

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The Horologe Of The Fields
Charlotte Smith
The green robed children of the Spring Will mark the periods as they pass, Mingle with leaves TiRate it:

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The Raft
Vachel Lindsay
jester that this boyish court will gain — Mark Twain! The bad world's idol: Old Mark Twain! He takRate it:

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The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
I. I stand on the mark beside the shore Of the first white pilgrim's bended knee, Where exile turned to ancestor, And God was thanked for liberty. ...Rate it:

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Two Songs Of Spain
Isabella Valancy Crawford
groves among? Then list the words from me, And mark thee, by the morning's light, Or by the moon's Rate it:

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A Noiseless Patient Spider
Walt Whitman
A noiseless, patient spider, I mark’d, where, on a little promontory, it stood, isolated; Mark’d how, to explore the vacant, vast surrounding, ...Rate it:

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The Bard
Thomas Gray
verge enough The characters of hell to trace. Mark the year, and mark the night, When Severn shall Rate it:

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The Ruined Cottage
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
all the finer feelings of the heart To mark their quiet happiness; their home, In truth, the houseRate it:

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To Miss --,
Samuel Johnson
might spring, And wisdom warble from her string. Mark when from thousand mingled dyes Thou seest onRate it:

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In Hospital
Boris Pasternak
out a fresh form of admission And filled it in, mark upon mark. They gave him a bed by the entrancRate it:

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Address to the Unco Guid
Robert Burns
Sae pious and sae holy, Ye've nought to do but mark and tell Your neibours' fauts and folly! WhRate it:

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A Day At Tivoli - Prologue
John Kenyon
who Have passed, as we must pass, away. Or mark o'er olive tree and vine Steep towns uphung; to winRate it:

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A Farewel To America to Mrs. S. W.
Phillis Wheatley
nor can I bear To see the crystal show'r, Or mark the tender falling tear At sad departure'Rate it:

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A poem, Sacred to the Glorious memory of King George
Richard Savage
the pois'd Planets by the all-powerful Will. Mark the Swede succour'd! mark th'aspiring CZAR! CheckRate it:

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A Short Discourse on Eternity
Michael Wigglesworth
but a stride, compared therewithall. Isa. 57:15 Mark. 3:29 Matt. 25:46 [ 2 ] It is a main great Rate it:

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A Storm in the Mountains
Charles Harpur
the mountain’s breast, I drink and must, or mark the wide-spread herd, Or list the thinking of thRate it:

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A War March
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
our lust to slake, By the smoking ruin that mark our wake, By the blood we spill,and the hearths weRate it:

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