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Corydon's Supplication To Phyllis
Nicholas Breton
Sweet Phyllis, if a silly swain May sue to thee for grace, See not thy loving shepherd slain With looking on thy face; But think what power thou ha...Rate it:

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Alfred Noyes
Shun the brush and shun the pen, Shun the ways of clever men, When they prove that black is white, Whey they swear that wrong is right, When they r...Rate it:

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Francis Turner Palgrave
August 26: 1346 At Crecy by Somme in Ponthieu High up on a windy hill A mill stands out like a tower; King Edward stands on the mill. The plain is...Rate it:

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Curraghmore. A Seat of the Marquis of Waterford.
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
(The name signifies " the great plain," and the surrounding country is of singular beauty and fertility.) Summer, shining summer, Art thou bringin...Rate it:

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Charles Churchill
To Churchill's Sermons. The manuscript of this unfinished poem was found among the few papers Churchill left behind him. Health to great Glo'ster...Rate it:

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Alfred Lord Tennyson
1. Is it the wind of the dawn that I hear in the pine overhead? 2. No; but the voice of the deep as it hollows the cliffs of the land. ...Rate it:

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Elegy on a Lady, whom Grief for the Death of her Betrothed Killed
Robert Seymour Bridges
Assemble, all ye maidens, at the door, And all ye loves, assemble; far and wide Proclaim the bridal, that proclaimed before Has been deferred to th...Rate it:

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Elegy XVII. He Indulges the Suggestions of Spleen.-- An Elegy to the Winds
William Shenstone
AEole! namque tibi divûm Pater atque hominum rex, Et mulcere dedit mentes et tollere vento. Imitation. O AEolus! to thee the Sire supreme Of god...Rate it:

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Epistles to Several Persons: Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot
Alexander Pope
Neque sermonibus vulgi dederis te, nec in præmiis spem posueris rerum tuarum; suiste oportet illecebris ipsa virtus trahat ad verum decus. Quid de ...Rate it:

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Epitaph In The Form Of A Ballade
François Villon
Freres humains qui apres nous vivez, N'ayez les coeurs contre nous endurcis ... Men, brother men, that after us yet live, Let not your hearts to...Rate it:

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Edmund Spenser
YE learned sisters, which have oftentimes Beene to me ayding, others to adorne, Whom ye thought worthy of your gracefull rymes, That even the gr...Rate it:

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Every Heart Wanted To Bathe
Nikhil Parekh
Every shark wanted to bathe in the gloriously undulating sea; with the profusely tangy waves catapulting it into a land of tantalizing rhapsody, ...Rate it:

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Fragment Of A Sleep-Song
Sydney Thompson Dobell
SISTER Simplicitie, Sing, sing a song to me, Sing me to sleep. Some legend low and long, Slow as the summer song Of the dull Deep. Som...Rate it:

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From Four Saints in Three Acts
Gertrude Stein
Pigeons on the grass alas. Pigeons on the grass alas. Short longer grass short longer longer shorter yellow grass. Pigeons large pigeons on the sho...Rate it:

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Heavenly Beauty
Devil Poet
Bow down I to Him Who created you out of His dream Bow down I to Him For the colours He dedicated for you. Undress yourself and appreaciate Him Do...Rate it:

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Herve Riel
Robert Browning
On the sea and at the Hogue, sixteen hundred ninety two, Did the English fight the French,--woe to France! And, the thirty-first of May, helter-ske...Rate it:

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Horses and Men in Rain
Carl Sandburg
Let us sit by a hissing steam radiator a winter's day, gray wind pattering frozen raindrops on the window, And let us talk about milk wagon driver...Rate it:

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Hunting Of Pau-Puk Keewis, The
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Full of wrath was Hiawatha When he came into the village, Found the people in confusion, Heard of all the misdemeanors, All the malice and the misc...Rate it:

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Hymn 44 part 2
Isaac Watts
The true improvement of life. Ps. 90:12. Ane is this life prolonged to me? Are days and seasons giv'n? O let me, then, prepare to be A fitter he...Rate it:

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Hymn To The Sun
Matthew Prior
Light of the World, and Ruler of the Year, With happy Speed begin Thy great Career; And, as Thou dost thy radiant Journeys run, Through every dista...Rate it:

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Hyperion. Book III
John Keats
Thus in altemate uproar and sad peace, Amazed were those Titans utterly. O leave them, Muse! O leave them to their woes; For thou art weak to sing ...Rate it:

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James Lionel Michael
Henry Kendall
BE HIS rest the rest he sought: Calm and deep. Let no wayward word or thought Vex his sleep. Peace—the peace that no man knows— ...Rate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 05 - part 02
Torquato Tasso
XVII This barbarous prince, who only vainly That in wealth and kingly power doth lie, And in respect esteemed all naught Unless it were adorned w...Rate it:

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Henry Kendall
LORDLY harp, by lordly master wakened from majestic sleep, Yet shall speak and yet shall sing the words which make the fathers weep! Voice surpassi...Rate it:

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Looking Death In The face
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
AY, in thy face, old fellow! Now's the time. The Black Sea wind flaps my tent-roof, nor wakes These lads of mine, who take of sleep their fill, ...Rate it:

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