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Fling Out The Anti Slavery Flag
Anonymous Americas
Fling out the Anti-slavery flag On every swelling breeze; And let its folds wave o'er the land, And o'er the raging seas, Till all beneath the stan...Rate it:

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From an Upper Verandah
James Brunton Stephens
What happier haunt could the gods allot For loftiest musing to sage or bard?— Yet I would that this upper verandah did not Look down on my beautifu...Rate it:

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Hymn to Science
Mark Akenside
Science! thou fair effusive ray From the great source of mental day, Free, generous, and refin'd! Descend with all thy treasures...Rate it:

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Hymne Des Transportés (Hymn Of The Transported)
Victor Marie Hugo
Prions ! voici l'ombre sereine. Vers toi, grand Dieu, nos yeux et nos bras sont levés. Ceux qui t'offrent ici leurs larmes et leur chaîne Sont l...Rate it:

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Imploring To Be Resigned At Death
George Moses Horton
Let me die and not tremble at death, But smile at the close of my day, And then, at the flight of my breath, Like a bird of the morning in May, ...Rate it:

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Lyric of Love to Leah
Aleister Crowley
Come, my darling, let us dance To the moon that beckons us To dissolve our love in trance Heedless of the hideous Heat & hate of Sirius- Shun his b...Rate it:

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Coventry Patmore
Felicity! Who ope'st to none that knocks, yet, laughing weak, Yield'st all to Love that will not seek, And who, though won, wilt droop and die, Unl...Rate it:

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Memory Hacked
Kurt Philip Behm
When you’re inside, you can always get out But stuck outside, you must plead and then shout “please let me please let me please let me in...Rate it:

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Midnight Special
Anonymous Americas
If you evah go to Houston, You better walk right; You better not gamble And you better not fight. T. Bentley will arrest you, ...Rate it:

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Mira's Will
Mary Leapor
IMPRIMIS -- My departed Shade I trust To Heav'n -- My Body to the silent Dust; My Name to publick Censure I submit, To be dispos'd of as the World...Rate it:

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My Bride That Is To Be
James Whitcomb Riley
O soul of mine, look out and see My bride, my bride that is to be! Reach out with mad, impatient hands, And draw aside futurity As one might draw a...Rate it:

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My Religion
Andrew Barton Paterson
Let Romanists all at the Confessional kneel, Let the Jew with disgust turn from it, Let the mighty Crown Prelate in Church pander zeal, Let the Mus...Rate it:

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No My Friends No!
William Gay
Hail foes to oppression, and lovers of freedom! Your day has arrived, and your power you know:- This host of timeservers, I'm sure we don't need th...Rate it:

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Now When The Number Of My Years
Robert Louis Stevenson
NOW when the number of my years Is all fulfilled, and I From sedentary life Shall rouse me up to die, Bury me low and let me lie Under the wide and...Rate it:

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On Divine Love By Meditating On The Wounds Of Christ
Thomas Parnell
Holy Jesus! God of Love! Look with pity from above, Shed the precious purple tide From thine hands, thy feet, thy side, Let thy streams of comfort ...Rate it:

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Psalm 83
John Milton
Be not thou silent now at length O God hold not thy peace, Sit not thou still O God of strength We cry and do not cease. For lo thy furious foes no...Rate it:

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George Wither
Come, oh! come, with sacred lays, Let us sound th' Almighty's praise; Hither bring in true concent, Heart, and voice, and instrument. Let the orpha...Rate it:

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Reciprocal Invitation To The Dance
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
THE INDIFFERENT. COME to the dance with me, come with me, fair one! Dances a feast-day like this may well crown. If thou my sweetheart art not, t...Rate it:

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Sidney Lanier
'Opinion, let me alone: I am not thine. Prim Creed, with categoric point, forbear To feature me my Lord by rule and line. Thou canst not measure Mi...Rate it:

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Charles Harpur
Standing alone, a study in itself, How Shakespeare’s volume glorifies my shelf! For thence his spirit forth on mine has shined, Like a great mor...Rate it:

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Six Songs of Love, Constancy, Romance, Inconstancy, Truth, and Marriage
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Oh! yet one smile, tho' dark may lower Around thee clouds of woe and ill, Let me yet feel that I have power, Mid Fate's bleak storms, to soothe ...Rate it:

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Some Of Farmer Stebbin's Opinions
Isabella Valancy Crawford
No, Parson, 'tain't been in my style, (Nor none ov my relations) Tew dig about the gnarly roots Ov prophetic spekkleations, Tew see what Malachai m...Rate it:

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Song Of Parting
James Whitcomb Riley
Say farewell, and let me go; Shatter every vow! All the future can bestow Will be welcome now! And if this fair hand I touch I have worshipped over...Rate it:

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Let no man ask thee of anything Not yearborn between Spring and Spring. More of all worlds than he can know, Each day the single sun doth show. ...Rate it:

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Stella’s Birth-Day: A Great Bottle Of Wine, Long Buried, Being That Day Dug Up. 1722-3
Jonathan Swift
Resolv'd my annual verse to pay, By duty bound, on Stella's day, Furnish'd with paper, pens, and ink, I gravely sat me down to think: I bit my nail...Rate it:

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