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A Pair
Jane Taylor
: I quite forgot his name, and he, Without some label round his neck, Is like one pea among a peck.Rate it:

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A Spiritual Manifestation
John Greenleaf Whittier
thrust before my eyes His Scripture-garbled label; All creeds were shouted in my ears As with the tRate it:

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A Touch Of The Late Prince
Mario William Vitale
you crazy the young junkie sipping on his Black label forty out back in the alley as a cat surf aRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
spouter, Playing at 'the game,' Strives to label ev'ry doubter With a foolish name. With sly trickRate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Fifteenth
George Gordon Lord Byron
say so! They differ as wine differs from its label, When once decanted;--I presume to guess so, ButRate it:

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Drought and Doctrine
James Brunton Stephens
One; An' a bottle in Sal's basket that was labelled “Fine Old Tom” Held the water that regeneratiRate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
on every link, and taketh not the say-so of the label, nor the sworn affidavit of the pill advertisRate it:

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Walt Whitman
of bitter herbs--this an emetic--they need no label; And more of the drug-shelf, laudanum, caoutRate it:

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Farewell To Malta
George Gordon Lord Byron
while I'm able (Two spoonfuls hourly by the label), Prefer my nightcap to my beaver, And bless the Rate it:

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Haec Fabula Docet
Ambrose Bierce
an internal pain, Came from his hole to die (the label Required it if the rat were able) And found Rate it:

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How Will You Reply?
Ehsan Sehgal
we defend our rights And self-determination You label us as religious terrorists As a fact, you manRate it:

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Jimmy Sago, Jackaroo
Andrew Barton Paterson
your very man. Pack up the old portmanteau, and label it Paroo, With a name aristocratic—Jimmy SagoRate it:

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Measure For Measure
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
see, the can remains. 'Then, pot or glass, why label it 'With Care'? Or why your Sheepskin with myRate it:

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Picture Dealer
Robert William Service
one thing I can do, That's change around the label. The rotund one I called a Sphere, The cornered Rate it:

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Robert Crawford
such by the not too wise in wit Who label literature's itinerants — Professed discerners (as in eveRate it:

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Profane Poet
Robert William Service
To titillate my vanity If you should choose to label me A Poet of Profanity! For I've been kRate it:

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Quantum Walk
Xiaoyuan Yin
Snaky bones (almost phenomenal), and got the label ‘Superposed State’. Braided into a binary plaiRate it:

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Something For Emily
Kurt Philip Behm
to roam I understand the derision, and the label of being called strange With each new dawn I Rate it:

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The Biologic Urge
Robert William Service
brand of trouble stuff We label Sex. Has science not the means produced Rate it:

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The Cock-Fighter's Garland
William Cowper
sent for a man's instruction, bring A written label on their wing 'Tis hard to read amiss. Rate it:

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The Germ
Edward George Dyson
me on two sticks as though I bore the leper's label, And took me where, all in a row Of tiny bedRate it:

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The Recumbent Posture
Marriott Edgar
up a bottle of physick, With instructions on t' label to say, 'To be taken in a recumbent posture, Rate it:

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kara k.
cure is patience; time time is more than just a label time is medicine with every tick of the clocRate it:

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To A Hatpeg
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
sake of a hat peg – Then tacked on the lid A label – Please keep until called for – “ Read these vRate it:

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Tower Of Babel
Cicely Fox Smith
Annabel Lee Is the name on the label, Reckon it ought to be Tower of Babel , For there ain't a lingo That's spoke or swore in From San Domingo T...Rate it:

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