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Hurrah For The Light Artillery!
Anonymous Americas
On the unstained sward of the gentle slope, Full of valor and nerved by hope, The infantry sways like a coming sea; Why lingers the light artill...Rate it:

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Hymns Of The Marshes.
Sidney Lanier
I. Sunrise. In my sleep I was fain of their fellowship, fain Of the live-oak, the marsh, and the main. The little green leaves would not let me ...Rate it:

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Walter Savage Landor
Hyperbion was among the chosen few Of Phoebus; and men honored him awhile, Honoring in him the God. But others sang As loudly; and the boys as loud...Rate it:

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I know some lonely Houses off the Road
Emily Dickinson
I know some lonely Houses off the Road A Robber'd like the look of— Wooden barred, And Windows hanging low, Inviting to— A Portico, Where two could...Rate it:

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If We Must Die
Claude McKay
If we must die, let it not be like hogs Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot, While round us bark the mad and hungry dogs, Making their mock at ...Rate it:

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In Quest
John Greenleaf Whittier
Have I not voyaged, friend beloved, with thee On the great waters of the unsounded sea, Momently listening with suspended oar For the low rote of w...Rate it:

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In The Harbour: Four By The Clock
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Four by the clock! and yet not day; But the great world rolls and wheels away, With its cities on land, and its ships at sea, Into the dawn that is...Rate it:

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Inscription 01 - For A Tablet At Godstow Nunnery
Robert Southey
Here Stranger rest thee! from the neighbouring towers Of Oxford, haply thou hast forced thy bark Up this strong stream, whose broken waters here Se...Rate it:

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Insularum Ocelle
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Sark, fairer than aught in the world that the lit skies cover, Laughs inly behind her cliffs, and the seafarers mark As a shrine where the sunlight...Rate it:

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Italian Girl's Hymn To The Virgin
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
In the deep hour of dreams, Through the dark woods, and past the moaning sea, And by the star-light gleams, Mother of sorrows! lo, I come to thee! ...Rate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 04 - part 03
Torquato Tasso
XXXIII Thus passed she, praised, wished, and wondered at, Among the troops who there encamped lay, She smiled for, but well dissembled that, Her g...Rate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 06 - part 08
Torquato Tasso
XCIX 'Thou must,' quoth she, 'be mine ambassador, Be wise, be careful, true, and diligent, Go to the camp, present thyself before The Prince Tancr...Rate it:

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Johanna Sebus
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
THE DAM BREAKS DOWN, THE ICE-PLAIN GROWLS, THE FLOODS ARISE, THE WATER HOWLS. "I'll bear thee, mother, across the swell, 'Tis not yet high, I can...Rate it:

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Julian and Maddalo (excerpt)
Percy Bysshe Shelley
I rode one evening with Count Maddalo Upon the bank of land which breaks the flow Of Adria towards Venice: a bare strand Of hillocks, ...Rate it:

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Just as the ocean cradles our earth's orb...
Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev
Just as the ocean cradles our earth's orb, This earthly life's by dreams surrounded; Night falls, against the shore The waters beat in roaring wav...Rate it:

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Robert William Service
It was the steamer Alice May that sailed the Yukon foam. And touched in every river camp from Dawson down to Nome. It was her builder, owner, pilot...Rate it:

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Land, Ho!
Thomas Edward Brown
I know ’tis but a loom of land, Yet is it land, and so I will rejoice, I know I cannot hear His voice Upon the shore, nor see Him stand; ...Rate it:

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Last Words to a Dumb Friend
Thomas Hardy
Pet was never mourned as you, Purrer of the spotless hue, Plumy tail, and wistful gaze While you humoured our queer ways, Or outshrilled your morni...Rate it:

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Legend of The Corrievrechan
George MacDonald
Prince Breacan of Denmark was lord of the strand And lord of the billowy sea; Lord of the sea and lord of the land, He might have let maidens be! ...Rate it:

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Lines Written Among The Euganean Hills
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Many a green isle needs must be In the deep wide sea of Misery, Or the mariner, worn and wan, Never thus could voyage on - Day and night, and nigh...Rate it:

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Lines Written on the Sea-Coast
Mary Darby Robinson
SWIFT o'er the bounding deep the VESSEL glides, Its streamers flutt'ring in the summer gales, The lofty mast the breezy air derides, As gaily o'er ...Rate it:

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Letitia Elizabeth Landon
WHERE are they bound, those gallant ships, That here at anchor lie, Now quiet as the sleeping birds, Beneath a summer sky ? Their white wings droo...Rate it:

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Lochiel's Warning
Thomas Campbell
Wizard. - Lochiel. Wizard. - Lochiel! Lochiel, beware of the day When the Lowlands shall meet thee in battle array! For a field of the dead rushes...Rate it:

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Friedrich Schiller
Could I from this valley drear, Where the mist hangs heavily, Soar to some more blissful sphere, Ah! how happy should I be! Distant hills enchant...Rate it:

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Lord William
Robert Southey
No eye beheld when William plunged Young Edmund in the stream, No human ear but William's heard Young Edmund's drowning scream. Submissive all the...Rate it:

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