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10 Foot "X" 5 Foot Corpse.
Nikhil Parekh
You might indiscriminately trample countless innocent under your bohemian foot every time you chose to walk; but remember O! greedy Man; that howso...Rate it:

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1989-2017 Poetic Work Of Mario William Vitale
Mario William Vitale
(Manuscript of Poet Mario William Vitale) From 1993-1997 - Attended State University in Connecticut,Attempted plays : Tartuffe, Miracle Of St. An...Rate it:

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A Baby In The House
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I knew that a baby was hid in that house, Though I saw no cradle and heard no cry; But the husband was tip-toeing 'round like a mouse, And the...Rate it:

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A Birthday
Aleister Crowley
"Aug." 10, 1911. Full moon to-night; and six and twenty years Since my full moon first broke from angel spheres! A year of infinite love unwearyin...Rate it:

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A Bush Girl
Henry Lawson
She's milking in the rain and dark, As did her mother in the past. The wretched shed of poles and bark, Rent by the wind, is leaking fast. She sees...Rate it:

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A Capital Ship
Charles Edward Carryl
A capital ship for an ocean trip Was the 'Walloping Window Blind' No wind that blew dismayed her crew Or troubled the captain's mind The man at the...Rate it:

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A Change of Menu
Andrew Barton Paterson
Now the new chum loaded his three-nought-three, It's a small-bore gun, but his hopes were big. "I am fed to the teeth with old ewe," said he, "A...Rate it:

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A Channel Crossing
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Forth from Calais, at dawn of night, when sunset summer on autumn shone, Fared the steamer alert and loud through seas whence only the sun was ...Rate it:

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A Curse for Kings
Vachel Lindsay
A curse upon each king who leads his state, No matter what his plea, to this foul game, And may it end his wicked dynasty, And may he die in exile ...Rate it:

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A Day
John Greenleaf Whittier
Talk not of sad November, when a day Of warm, glad sunshine fills the sky of noon, And a wind, borrowed from some morn of June, Stirs the brown gra...Rate it:

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A Death in the Bush
Henry Kendall
The hut was built of bark and shrunken slabs, That wore the marks of many rains, and showed Dry flaws wherein had crept and nestled rot. Moreover, ...Rate it:

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A Death More Treacherous
Nikhil Parekh
Till the time you told the mountain to invincibly defend; it felt as if the most pricelessly blessed entity on this fathomlessly enamoring planet, ...Rate it:

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A Dedication
Robert Burns
Expect na, sir, in this narration, A fleechin, fleth'rin Dedication, To roose you up, an' ca' you guid, An' sprung o' great an' noble bluid, Be...Rate it:

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A Fable For Critics
James Russell Lowell
Phoebus, sitting one day in a laurel-tree's shade, Was reminded of Daphne, of whom it was made, For the god being one day too warm in his wooing, S...Rate it:

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A Fallen Yew
Francis Thompson
It seemed corrival of the world's great prime, Made to un-edge the scythe of Time, And last with stateliest rhyme. No tender Dryad ever did indue ...Rate it:

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A Hyde Park Larrikin
Henry Kendall
You may have heard of Proclus, sir, If you have been a reader; And you may know a bit of her Who helped the Lycian leader. I have my doubts -...Rate it:

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A Lament
Victor Marie Hugo
'O paths whereon wild grasses wave, O valleys, hillsides, forests hoar! Why are ye silent as the grave?' 'For one who came, and comes no more!' '...Rate it:

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A Legend of Teignmouth
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
A STORY of the olden time, when hearts Wore truer faith than now—a carved stone Is in a little ancient church which stands Mid yonder trees, ’ti...Rate it:

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A Legend Of Tintagel Castle
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
ALONE in the forest, Sir Lancelot rode O'er the neck of his courser the reins lightly flowed And beside hung his helmet, for bare was his brow To ...Rate it:

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A London Plane-Tree
Amy Levy
Green is the plane-tree in the square, The other trees are brown; They droop and pine for country air; The plane-tree loves the town. Here from my...Rate it:

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A Morning Fancy
Ambrose Bierce
I drifted (or I seemed to) in a boat Upon the surface of a shoreless sea Whereon no ship nor anything did float, Save only the frail bark supportin...Rate it:

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A Nautical Ballad
Charles Edward Carryl
A capital ship for an ocean trip, Was the 'Walloping Window-blind'; No gale that blew dismayed her crew Or troubled the captain's mind. The man at ...Rate it:

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A Poem Of Faith
Paul Laurence Dunbar
I think that though the clouds be dark, That though the waves dash o'er the bark, Yet after while the light will come, And in calm waters safe at h...Rate it:

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A Requiem
Herman Melville
_For Soldiers lost in Ocean Transports_ When, after storms that woodlands rue, To valleys comes atoning dawn, The robins blithe their orchard-spor...Rate it:

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A Rose Has Thorns As Well As Honey
Christina Georgina Rossetti
A rose has thorns as well as honey, I'll not have her for love or money; An iris grows so straight and fine, That she shall be no friend of mine...Rate it:

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