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Don Juan Aux Enfers (Don Juan In Hell)
Charles Baudelaire
Quand Don Juan descendit vers l'onde souterraine Et lorsqu'il eut donné son obole à Charon, Un sombre mendiant, l'oeil fier comme Antisthène, D'un ...Rate it:

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Down the River
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
Hark, the sound of it drawing nearer, Clink of hobble and brazen bell; Mark the passage of stalwart shearer, Bidding Monaro soil farewell. Where i...Rate it:

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Andre Marie de Chenier
'Tout est-il prêt? partons. Oui, le mât est dressé; Adieu donc.' Sur les bancs le rameur est placé; La voile, ouverte aux vents, s'enfle et s'agite...Rate it:

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Elegiac I.
Arthur Hugh Clough
From thy far sources, 'mid mountains airily climbing, Pass to the rich lowland, thou busy sunny river; Murmuring once, dimpling, pellucid, limpid, ...Rate it:

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Elegy Of Lincoln
Joseph Furphy
Lincoln is gone — who ruled the Western Land From the Pacific to the Atlantic's brim — And cold and nerveless lies the mighty hand That struck t...Rate it:

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Elegy on a Lady, whom Grief for the Death of her Betrothed Killed
Robert Seymour Bridges
Assemble, all ye maidens, at the door, And all ye loves, assemble; far and wide Proclaim the bridal, that proclaimed before Has been deferred to th...Rate it:

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Elegy to the Memory of Richard Boyle, Esq.
Mary Darby Robinson
NEAR yon bleak mountain's dizzy height, That hangs o'er AVON's silent wave; By the pale Crescent's glimm'ring light, I sought LORENZO's lonely g...Rate it:

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Evangeline: Part The First. II.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
NOW had the season returned, when the nights grow colder and longer, And the retreating sun the sign of the Scorpion enters. Birds of passage saile...Rate it:

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Evangeline: Part The Second. IV.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
FAR in the West there lies a desert land, where the mountains Lift, through perpetual snows, their lofty and luminous summits. Down from their jagg...Rate it:

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George Essex Evans
THE BOY went out from the ranges grim, And the breath of the mountains went with him; With a song in his heart and a smile on his face, And a light...Rate it:

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Famine, The
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Oh the long and dreary Winter! Oh the cold and cruel Winter! Ever thicker, thicker, thicker Froze the ice on lake and river, Ever deeper, deeper, d...Rate it:

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Emily Pauline Johnson
'Tis morning now, yet silently I stand, Uplift the curtain with a weary hand, Look out while darkness overspreads the way, And long f...Rate it:

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Fleckno, an English Priest at Rome
Andrew Marvell
Oblig'd by frequent visits of this man, Whom as Priest, Poet, and Musician, I for some branch of Melchizedeck took, (Though he derives himself from...Rate it:

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Fodder Through rhyme
Nikhil Parekh
Stretching the tendons of my brain, To ultimate realms of high strung imagination, Flowing from deep recesses of throbbing heart, And dreamy lip...Rate it:

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Alfred Austin
Joy! Free, at last, from vulgar thrall: No longer need my voice be dumb; And quicker far than thou canst call, O Italy, I come! To feel me the ado...Rate it:

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From The Cuckoo And The Nightingale
William Wordsworth
I The God of Love-'ah, benedicite!' How mighty and how great a Lord is he! For he of low hearts can make high, of high He can make low, and unto d...Rate it:

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Victor Marie Hugo
L'océan me disait : Ô poëte, homme juste, J'ai parfois comme toi cette surprise auguste Qu'il me descend des cieux une immense rougeur ; Et je s...Rate it:

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Robert Louis Stevenson
Then the bright lamp is carried in, The sunless hours again begin; O'er all without, in field and lane, The haunted night returns again. Now w...Rate it:

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Gotham - Book II
Charles Churchill
How much mistaken are the men who think That all who will, without restraint may drink, May largely drink, e'en till their bowels burst, Pleading n...Rate it:

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Grace Darling
William Topaz McGonagall
As the night was beginning to close in one rough September day In the year of 1838, a steamer passed through the Fairway Between the Farne Islands ...Rate it:

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H. Baptism II
George Herbert
Since, Lord, to thee A narrow way and little gate Is all the passage, on my infancy Thou didst lay hold, and antedate My faith in me. O let me sti...Rate it:

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Halls grew darker
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok
Halls grew darker and somehow faded. Grates of windows drowned in black. Every knight, every beautiful lady Knew the tiding: "The Queen's dead...Rate it:

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Hatteras Calling
Conrad Potter Aiken
Southeast, and storm, and every weather vane shivers and moans upon its dripping pin, ragged on chimneys the cloud whips, the rain howls at the ...Rate it:

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Haute beauté dans une humble pucelle
Jean Antoine de Baif
Haute beauté dans une humble pucelle, Un beau parler plein de grave douceur, Sous blondz cheveux un avantchenu cueur, Un chaste sein ou la vertu...Rate it:

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He Led Them By A Right Way
John Newton
When Israel was from Egypt freed, The Lord, who brought them out, Helped them in every time of need, But led them round about. To enter Canaan so...Rate it:

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