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Blessings On Children
William Gilmore Simms
depicts a thousand blessings, by the winged hunter caught; Life a chase where blushing pleasures onRate it:

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James Weldon Johnson
shifting orbs Of some wild animal caught in the hunter's trap. How came this beast in human shape Rate it:

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Buffalo Country
Andrew Barton Paterson
buffalo, Buried to nose and throat. From the hunter's gun he hides In the jungle's dark and damRate it:

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Burial of Barber
John Greenleaf Whittier
flame! Plant the Buckeye on his grave, For the hunter of the slave In its shadow cannot rest; And Rate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
locust in the haying; And, like the fabled hunter's horn, Old tunes my heart is playing. How oft tRate it:

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By a Norfolk Broad
Ada Cambridge
of thine? those wistful eyes upon my face? Ah, hunter! Dost thou sniff and whine? Art still a-quiveRate it:

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Cathlin Of Clutha
James Macpherson
soul? As the falling brook to the ear of the hunter, descending from his storm-covered hill, in a sRate it:

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Cathloda — Duan II
James Macpherson
Chief of Crathmo," said the king, " Duth-maruno, hunter of boars! not harmless returns my eagle froRate it:

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Catterskill Falls
William Cullen Bryant
Hudson rolls to the deeps; But he wore the hunter's frock that day, And a slender gun on his shouldRate it:

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Henry Timrod
marts, Peace where the scholar thinks, the hunter roams, Peace, God of Peace! peace, peace, in all Rate it:

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Commemorative Of A Naval Victory
Herman Melville
nobleman In Titian's picture for a king, Are of hunter or warrior race. In social halls a favored Rate it:

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Conlath And Cuthona
James Macpherson
of the harp in Seláma. Lovely the cry of th hunter on Cromla. But we are in dark I-thona, surroundeRate it:

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Conquest Of The Nether Mortals
H.L. Dowless
the field and woods. Before their advance these hunter gathers fled, like lightning these witherinRate it:

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Corn Grinders
Sarojini Naidu
went To drink beside the river-head; A waiting hunter threw his dart, And struck my lover througRate it:

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Cromwell's Return
Andrew Marvell
Happy, if in the tufted brake The English hunter him mistake, Nor lay his hounds in near The CaRate it:

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Curraghmore. A Seat of the Marquis of Waterford.
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
art welcome, With sheaves of ripened corn, The hunter's moon is shining, The hills ring with his hoRate it:

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Custer: Book Third
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
in the breast. In mighty throngs the fortune hunters came, Despoiled the red man's lands and slew hRate it:

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Darzee's Chount
Rudyard Kipling
of flame, Rik-tikki-tikki, the ivory-fanged, the Hunter with eyeballs of flame. Give him the ThankRate it:

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Defiled And Lost
Kurt Philip Behm
you say A distant voice you fear the most, —the hunter not the prey You wish for something then hRate it:

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Edith: A Tale Of The Woods
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
she? Midst the people of the wild, By the red hunter's fire: an aged chief, Whose home look'd sad?fRate it:

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Eliza Harris
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
have miss'd the scent of her way; The hunter is rifled and foil'd of his prey; Fierce jargon and cuRate it:

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Donka Kristeva
Love is patient, kind, heart-- a lonely hunter-- knows not when She comes. Clothed in comfort, might, in a whisper, heaven heard, She illumines si...Rate it:

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Escape at Bedtime
Robert Louis Stevenson
in the dark. The Dog, and the Plough, and the Hunter, and all, And the star of the sailor, and MRate it:

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Every day I bear a burden
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
a snare, I spread out the snare and decoy of the hunter. He said, "Will you bear this sorrow till Rate it:

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Famine, The
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
village. Hardly from his buried wigwam Could the hunter force a passage; With his mittens and his sRate it:

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