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Afternoon Tea
Robert William Service
of my men, And four tried to sneak from a bunk-hole, but we cornered the rotters all right; I'd ratRate it:

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Alfonso, Dressing to Wait at Table
Claude McKay
to capture women's hearts. Down in the glory-hole Alfonso sings An olden song of wine and clinkiRate it:

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All But Blind
Walter de la Mare
All but blind In his chambered hole, Gropes for worms The four-clawed mole. All but blind In the burning day, The barn owl Blunders on her way. A...Rate it:

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All Faith Now Within
Kurt Philip Behm
made My ticket punched My racket strung My hole card trumps My lead dog ready My rudder long My hopRate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
it be even an inconspicuously non-existent hole in the ground . Favorite Scent= The perfume of tiRate it:

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An Elegie on Henry, fourth Erle of Northumberlande
John Skelton
soverain lord, The well concerning of all the hole lande, Demandyng suche duties as nedes most acorRate it:

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An Epitaph [Here lies Greer Harrison, a well cracked louse]
Ambrose Bierce
no longer springs And like a jaybird from a knot-hole sings. No more the clubmen, pickled with his Rate it:

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An Old Master
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
another on the goin', When we blundered in a pot-hole right within the sight of goal, Where the busRate it:

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Andy McElroe
William Percy French
upon the house of McElroe. My father sold a bog-hole to equip him for the war. And my mother sold tRate it:

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Art And Politics
Carl Michael Bellman
cobbler--pling plingeli plang-- Made a terrible hole in my neck--that long! There hast thou the stoRate it:

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As I was walking
Walter de la Mare
poor soul— Snowy flit of a scut, He was into his hole, And—stamp, stamp, stamp! Through dim labyrinRate it:

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As the Team's Head- Brass
Edward Thomas
whose crest I sat in, by a woodpecker's round hole, The ploughman said. 'When will they take it awRate it:

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Amy Lowell
of tarnished gold Hung by a faded cord from a hole Pierced in the hard wood, Circled with silver. FRate it:

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At Noey's House
James Whitcomb Riley
rather coyly into view Up through a square hole in the bottom of An old inverted tub he bent above,Rate it:

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At the Sea-Side
Robert Louis Stevenson
they gave to me To dig the sandy shore. My holes were empty like a cup. In every hole the sea cRate it:

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At the Stage Door
Arthur Symons
Under the archway sheer, Sudden and black as a hole in the placarded wall, Faces flicker and veer,Rate it:

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Australian Spring
Hugh McCrae
trees. The old, old man forsakes the chimney-hole, Where erst he warmed his bones and lazy bloodRate it:

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Ralph Hodgson
for bric-a-brac; Who catalogue and pigeon-hole The faded splendours of her soul And put her greaRate it:

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John Clare
through the bushes to the chin Breaks the old holes, and tumbles headlong in. When midnight comes aRate it:

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Bane of Lure
doesn't know The prey is here to stay. A black hole opens Sirens spill out Dancing, enchanting HerRate it:

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Bashful Gleeson
Edward George Dyson
hold a light to him, And he owned the richest hole along the Bullock Lead to boot. Yet while CharlRate it:

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Beautiful Torquay
William Topaz McGonagall
advise them to visit a deep chasm called Daddy's Hole. Then there's Bablicome, only two miles froRate it:

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Beautifully Murdered By Buddha.
Lenny Gazbowski
as a ghost. I guide his hand into the butchered hole in the middle of my chest. he caresses my stiRate it:

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Lola Ridge
begged her to forgive me and poured sugar in the hole at the back of her head. Mama says Janie is Rate it:

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Billy's Alphabetical Animal Show
James Whitcomb Riley
old Mole, Who would snooze all the day in his hole, Then--all night, a-rootin' Around and galootin'Rate it:

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