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A Dialogue Between Thyrsis And Dorinda
Andrew Marvell
our divided Lids, Tell me Thyrsis, prethee do, Whither thou and I must go. Thyrsis To the Elizium:Rate it:

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A Fair Risk
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
let the thing distress you, please. 'Twill hit a politician, never fear.' And so, my tortured consRate it:

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A Florida Ghost.
Sidney Lanier
Down mildest shores of milk-white sand, By cape and fair Floridian bay, Twixt billowy pines -- a surf asleep on land -- And the great Gulf at ...Rate it:

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A Gallop from the Train
William Henry Ogilvie
a snorter! And he never made the shadow of a hit! So we take those rasping fences -well, perhaps aRate it:

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A Letter
Paul Laurence Dunbar
de people? We been t'inkin' dat all white folks was alak; But dese Englishmen is diffunt, an' dey 'Rate it:

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A Message to America
Alan Seeger
singly none would tolerate You let unpunished hit the state, Unmindful that each man must share Rate it:

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A Million Dead Blades
Kurt Philip Behm
did a tractor invade And for the first time it hit me For the first time it mattered Before me, —Rate it:

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A Plantation Portrait
Paul Laurence Dunbar
bay She jes' sway Lak de reg'lar saplin' do Ef hit's grew Straight an' graceful, 'dout a limb, SweeRate it:

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A Poem For The Birth-Day Of The Right Honble The Lady Catharine Tufton
Anne Kingsmill Finch
a Poet's Eye. Deep Lines of Honour all can hit, Or mark out a superior Wit; Consummate Goodness Rate it:

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A Poor Joke
Edward George Dyson
you my case. It was here on The Springs, we had hit it, And we working the lead on this spot— And wRate it:

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A Proud Woman
Mario William Vitale
beneath its frozen part Drippings on the roof hit the gutter Ice branches ripped off in wind are wRate it:

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A Question Of Eligibility
Ambrose Bierce
fit and fit and fit, And everything we felt we hit! We gouged, we scratched and we pulled hair, AndRate it:

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A Ring Posy
Christina Georgina Rossetti
street I don't need a veil: Yet I have one fancy hit. Jess and Jill can trill and sing With a fluRate it:

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A Tale of the Miser and the Poet
Anne Kingsmill Finch
in the Morter. ROWE no Advantages cou'd hit on, Till Verse he left, to write North-Briton. PHILIRate it:

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A Thought or Two on Reading Pomfret's
James Henry Leigh Hunt
saints or Titian's goddesses. Our trivial poet hit upon a theme Which all men love, an old, sweeRate it:

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Robert William Service
tried and true. . . . Old pal! We'll never hit the trail again. Oh I know you're cheap and vulgar,Rate it:

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Accurs'd Be He That First Invented War
Christopher Marlowe
ah, they knew not, simple men, How those were hit by pelting cannon-shot Stand staggering like a quRate it:

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Adam Pos'd
Anne Kingsmill Finch
guest from what New Element she came; T'have hit the wav'ring Form, or giv'n this Thing a Name. Rate it:

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Paul Laurence Dunbar
you wrassle wid him, Try to tek him in; Dough hit cracks yo' features, Law, you smile lak sin, Ain'Rate it:

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After A Good Nights Sleep
Nikhil Parekh
of air, And as the first rays of dawn hit my eyes; I possessed unprecedented strength to fulfill Rate it:

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After the Golden Wedding (Three Soliloquies)
James Kenneth Stephen
desired: I'm glad my people made me marry! They hit on just what I required. Had love been wanted Rate it:

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Albert Down Under
Marriott Edgar
go to Australia, The saving up that were the hitch. He'd a red money box on the pot shelf, A poRate it:

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An Ancient to Ancients
Thomas Hardy
loved of one, Gentlemen. In dance the polka hit our wish, Gentlemen, The paced quadrille, the Rate it:

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An Evening in Dandaloo
Andrew Barton Paterson
Wattle, Whom a shearer tried to throttle, Hit out freely with a bottle There in Dandaloo. SkinRate it:

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An Invitation To Edward Walpole, Esq.
Mary Barber
to eat. Yet a Way to engage you I think I have hit on: I mean, to remember our Friends in Great--BrRate it:

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