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Homer's Battle Of The Frogs And Mice. Book II
Thomas Parnell
drew: The sacred Herald's Scepter grac'd his Hand, And thus his Words exprest his King's Command. Rate it:

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Mario W Vitale
to caress make no mistake take me by the hand caught up in time all so clear that I will give me alRate it:

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Honey Bee
Mario William Vitale
in a flight to a fancy remembers holding the hand of her daddy life is filled with times like theRate it:

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Honour Dishonoured
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
for sake of bread. Whom grudged I ever purse or hand or pen? To--night, unwelcomed at these gates Rate it:

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Honour's Martyr
Emily Jane Brontë
slumbering still? My cold heart, underneath my hand, Has almost ceased to thrill. Bleak, bleak thRate it:

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Hope Dieth: Hope Liveth
William Morris
not the thistle-cumbered waste; I hold Love’s hand, and make no haste Down the long way, now hope iRate it:

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Hope Holds to Christ
Gerard Manley Hopkins
is blest but she as good as blind Holds till hand aches and wonders what is there; Her glass drinRate it:

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Hope, An Allegorical Sketch
William Lisle Bowles
as of some fairy sprite, Who held in her right hand a budding spray, And like a sea-maid sung her sRate it:

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Horace to Melpomene
Eugene Field
proud estate I've won, And, with thine own dear hand the meed supplying, Bind thou about the forehRate it:

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Horace, Seventh Epode
James Clerk Maxwell
reckless Romans, Are you rushing, sword in hand? Has not yet the blood of brothers, Fully stained tRate it:

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Robert William Service
understand The light was green to hold her hand. Her eyes were amorously lit; I knew sheRate it:

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Hospital Duties
Anonymous Americas
sacred the duty Of dressing that poor shattered hand! God spare him to rise in his beauty And battlRate it:

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Hot Digitty Dog
Robert William Service
Normandy, three in the Ruhr. Four I got with a hand grenade, Two I shot in a midnight raid: Oh, I aRate it:

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Hounds going home in the Dark
William Henry Ogilvie
a difficult line to the hills to-day, But his hand is trembling against his knee At the hint of aRate it:

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Hour-Glass And Bible
William Lisle Bowles
deep thy cry an angel hears, And by his guiding hand thy steps to heaven are led! Rate it:

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House Of Bondage
Francis Thompson
clay, Was old ere Memphis grew a memory; The hand pontifical to break away That seal what shall suRate it:

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Houses chapter IX
Khalil Gibran
Would that I could gather your houses into my hand, and like a sower scatter them in forest and mRate it:

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How Babs Malone cut Down the Field
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
bit affrighted, He sat and twined a chubby hand among the horse'Rate it:

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How Bárbad lamented Khusrau Parwiz
Hakim Abu'l-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi Firdowsi
Day, by sun, and jocund Spring. 'If e'er this hand of mine again shall turn To harping may no bleRate it:

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How Fair Cinderella Disposed Of Her Shoe
Guy Wetmore Carryl
hers down instead: And where he would bestow his hand He showed them in a trice By handing her the Rate it:

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How far is it to Heaven?
Emily Dickinson
to Hell? As far as Death this way— How far left hand the Sepulchre Defies Topography. Rate it:

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How Is It That I Am Now So Softly Awakened
Conrad Potter Aiken
live white flashing of your feet, Nor your gay hands, catching at motes in the spotlight; Nor the aRate it:

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How John Quit The Farm
James Whitcomb Riley
retch out, trimbly-like, and tuck the boy's hand, And though I did n't say a word, I knowed he'd unRate it:

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How Long?
Katharine Lee Bates
world that sprang forth singing from God's hand, a golden sphere, O yet may Love's creative breath Rate it:

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How Love Looked For Hell.
Sidney Lanier
and begged and burned In brimstone lakes, and a Hand above Beat back the hands that upward yearned Rate it:

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