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Emma Lazarus
devour; Immortal through the lamp within his hand. Rate it:

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Gilhooley's Estate
Andrew Barton Paterson
with a wig on his head And a brief in his hand, quite elate, Went up to the Court where they buryRate it:

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Gipsy Vans
Rudyard Kipling
sowed; But never let loose your heart from your hand, Nor flitter it down the road! Then youRate it:

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Gisli: The Chieftain
Isabella Valancy Crawford
the Love-queen Gisli prayed, She, with red hands, caught and spun. Yellow flames from crater lips, Rate it:

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Give Me The Splendid, Silent Sun
Walt Whitman
new ones every day! let me hold new ones by the hand every day! Give me such shows! givRate it:

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Give Your Heart To The Hawks
Robinson Jeffers
the sag of the wire. When Fayne looked up His hand was hidden; she looked over her shoulder And tRate it:

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Giving And Taking
John Greenleaf Whittier
Who gives and hides the giving hand, Nor counts on favor, fame, or praise, Shall find his smallest gift outweighs The burden of the sea and land. ...Rate it:

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William Topaz McGonagall
terror to the foe, with a truncheon in his hand, And well mounted on a noble steed, which stands inRate it:

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Glenfinlas; or, Lord Ronald's Coronach
Sir Walter Scott
of Glengyle, Unmindful of her charge and me, Hand on thy notes, twixt tear and smile. 'Or, if she Rate it:

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Glorious France
Edgar Lee Masters
the finished feast; Or have it shaken from your hand by sight Of God against the olive woods. ARate it:

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Katharine Lee Bates
But he tried to salute with his shattered hand: "Room now for another colonel!" Again he raged Rate it:

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Gnothi Seauton
Samuel Johnson
her morbid train. No kind relief, no lenitive at hand, I seek, at midnight clubs, the social band; Rate it:

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Go, Little Book - The Ancient Phrase
Robert Louis Stevenson
sea and land, Till you shall come to Nelly's hand. How shall I your Nelly know? By her blue eyes aRate it:

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God Help our Men at Sea
Henry Kendall
they may grope through the dark to find Thy hand within the gale; And cries may rise on the wings oRate it:

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God Bless Our Native Land
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
surcease to her strife, And shower from thy hand A more abundant life. God bless our native lanRate it:

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God Lyaeus
John Fletcher
In the crimson liquor swim; From thy plenteous hand divine Let a river run with wine: God ofRate it:

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God Made me
Nikhil Parekh
incredulously robust complexioned; to lend their hands to those pale skeletons who seemed to have cRate it:

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God Neither Known Nor Loved By The World
William Cowper
well satisfied, obey, Leave the Creator's hand, and lean upon his works. 'Tis therefore I can dwelRate it:

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God of the Open Air
Henry Van Dyke
in the freedom of the garden wild, And take his hand in thine,-- There all day long in Paradise he Rate it:

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God Speaks To Each Of Us
Rainer Maria Rilke
you arrive By how real it is. Give me your hand. Rate it:

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God's Work
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
the snares that the tempter Weaveth on every hand. Lord! all thy dear, dear angels Must smile on a Rate it:

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God, Whom Shall I Compare To Thee?
Yehudah HaLevi
strong in strength proclaimed, This universe Thy hand has framed. Deep, deep beyond all fathomingRate it:

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Godolphin Horne
Hilaire Belloc
The Lad was Deathly Proud! He never shook your Hand or Bowed, But merely smirked and nodded thus: HRate it:

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Going East
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
joy and hope around him smiled. She plied her hands to life's homely tasks, And helped to build Rate it:

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Going For Water
Robert Frost
she found us soon. Each laid on other a staying hand To listen ere we dared to look, And in the huRate it:

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