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'Twas just this time, last year, I died
Emily Dickinson
to reach The Altitude of me— But this sort, grieved myself, And so, I thought the other way, How jRate it:

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A Broken Appointment
Thomas Hardy
for pure lovingkindness' sake Grieved I, when, as the hope-hour stroked its sum, You did not come. Rate it:

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A Dead Man
John Boyle O'Reilly
Trapper died—our hero—and we grieved; In every heart in camp the sorrow stirred. 'His soul was red!' the Indian cried, bereaved; 'A white man, h...Rate it:

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A Dialogue
Percy Bysshe Shelley
by all, Yet a lingering friend might be grieved at my fall, And duty forbids, though I languish to Rate it:

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A Dream, After Reading Dante's Episode Of Paolo And Francesca
John Keats
its snow-cold skies, Nor unto Tempe, where Jove grieved a day; But to that second circle of sad HelRate it:

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A Loose Saraband
Richard Lovelace
to throb and bleed; She knew that smart, and grieved; At length this poore condemned heart WithRate it:

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A Nativity
Rudyard Kipling
fell." The Cross was raised on high; The Mother grieved beside -- "But the Mother saw Him die And Rate it:

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A Pastoral Ode. To the Hon. Sir Richard Lyttleton
William Shenstone
gloomy fogs depress'd his mind, It grieved him to forego. Grieved him to lurk the lakes beside, WhRate it:

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A Prologue
John Le Gay Brereton
in man's raiment softly stole aside And grieved that he who should have been her stay Would privilyRate it:

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A Song in Time of Revolution. 1860
Algernon Charles Swinburne
the might in the mouth of the kings. They are grieved and greatly afraid; they are taken, they shaRate it:

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A Widow's Hymn
George Wither
helpless am I thereby made! By day how grieved, by night how sad! And now my life’s delight is goneRate it:

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A Wren's Nest
William Wordsworth
love, or song, 'Tis gone! (so seemed it) and we grieved Indignant at the wrong. Just three daRate it:

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Edith Nesbit
maidens by the waterside-- All wondered, kindly grieved the elders were, And some few girls went Rate it:

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Acon and Rhodope
Walter Savage Landor
round it by the holiest Power on high? Acon was grieved, he said, grieved bitterly, But Acon had cRate it:

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After My Death
Hayyim Nahman Bialik
her beloved redeemer she yearned, thirsted, grieved and longed as a heart pines for its intended: aRate it:

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After The Ball
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
rose-tipped fingers entwined so tight: A grieved, pained look on that forehead fair, One which it nRate it:

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All Alone
Mary Darby Robinson
call-- "I heard the harmless suff'rer moan, "And grieved that he was left alone. XVII. "Our faitRate it:

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An Eastern Tale
David John Scott
race, Much giv'n to dress and grand display; I'm grieved to note this is the case With other peopleRate it:

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AN ELEGY Upon the death of Mr. Edward Holt
Henry King
sad example die with thee. It is not now thy grieved friends intent To render thee dull Pities arRate it:

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AN ELEGY Upon the immature loss of the most vertuous Lady Anne Rich
Henry King
oft the youngest lead thy Files. For this The grieved world here thy accuser is, And I a PlaintifRate it:

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An Epitaph
James Beattie
thee have labour'd in the stormy strife, Been grieved for trifles, and amused with toys. Forget mRate it:

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An Obscure Writer
John Donne
Philo with twelve years' study hath been grieved To be understood ; when will he be believed? Rate it:

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And the Bairns Will Come
Henry Lawson
hear them calling to her while her heart is very grieved? Give the best land to the farmers, make tRate it:

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Annus Mirabilis, The Year Of Wonders, 1666
John Dryden
pensive counsels balanced to and fro: He grieved the land he freed should be oppress'd, And he lessRate it:

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Another Love
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
and your hands thus,— I knew that other figure, grieved and thin, That seemed there, yea that wasRate it:

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