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William Wilfred Campbell
ENGLAND, England, England, Girdled by ocean and skies, And the power of a world, and the heart of a race, And a hope that never dies. England, Eng...Rate it:

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Mac O'Macorkity
Henry Clay Work
Plaze, Biddy! plaze have yez got soom cold vittles? Yer dooar's badly 'tinded to; sure'n' I rang twoice. Doon't faitch me sthale bread; fill me bas...Rate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Ninth
George Gordon Lord Byron
Oh, Wellington! (or 'Villainton'--for Fame Sounds the heroic syllables both ways; France could not even conquer your great name, But punn'd it down...Rate it:

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The Old Age Of Queen Maeve
William Butler Yeats
A certain poet in outlandish clothes Gathered a crowd in some Byzantine lane, Talked1 of his country and its people, sang To some stringed instrume...Rate it:

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A Few Remarks on Goats, Asses and the Dead Hand
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I don't mind kings and dukes and things; I don't mind wigs or maces; I don't mind crowns or robes or gowns Or ruffles, swords or laces But what I ...Rate it:

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A Musical Instrument
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
What was he doing, the great god Pan, Down in the reeds by the river? Spreading ruin and scattering ban, Splashing and paddling with hoofs of ...Rate it:

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Hymn To The Sun
Matthew Prior
Light of the World, and Ruler of the Year, With happy Speed begin Thy great Career; And, as Thou dost thy radiant Journeys run, Through every dista...Rate it:

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
In those days said Hiawatha, "Lo! how all things fade and perish! From the memory of the old men Pass away the great traditions, The achievements o...Rate it:

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The Song Of Hiawatha XIV: Picture-Writing
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
In those days said Hiawatha, 'Lo! how all things fade and perish! From the memory of the old men Pass away the great traditions, The achievements o...Rate it:

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An Heroic Epistle of Hudibras To His Lady
Samuel Butler
I who was once as great as Caesar, Am now reduc'd to Nebuchadnezzar; And from as fam'd a conqueror As ever took degree in war, Or did his exercise ...Rate it:

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Hymn of Futility
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Lord, Thou hast given unto us a land. In Thy beneficence Thou has ordained That we should hold a country great and grand, Such as no race of old ha...Rate it:

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L'Albatros (The Albatross)
Charles Baudelaire
Souvent, pour s'amuser, les hommes d'équipage Prennent des albatros, vastes oiseaux des mers, Qui suivent, indolents compagnons de voyage, Le navir...Rate it:

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Negro Spirituals
Anonymous Americas
IN DAT GREAT GITTIN’-UP MORNIN’ I ’M a gwine to tell you bout de comin’ ob de Saviour,— Fare you well, Fare you well, Dere ’s a better day a-comin...Rate it:

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Ruins of Rome, by Bellay
Edmund Spenser
1 Ye heavenly spirits, whose ashy cinders lie Under deep ruins, with huge walls opprest, But not your praise, the which shall never die Throug...Rate it:

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Shakespeare's Ghost - A Parody
Friedrich Schiller
I, too, at length discerned great Hercules' energy mighty,-- Saw his shade. He himself was not, alas, to be seen. Round him were heard, like th...Rate it:

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The Debate
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
He was a Glug of simple charm; He wished no living creature harm. His kindly smile like sunlight fell On all about, and wished them well. Yet, 'spi...Rate it:

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The First Hymn Of Callimachus. To Jupiter
Matthew Prior
While we to Jove select the holy victim Whom apter shall we sing than Jove himself, The god for ever great, for ever king, Who slew the earthborn r...Rate it:

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The Gift Of Harun Al-Rashid
William Butler Yeats
KUSTA BEN LUKA is my name, I write To Abd Al-Rabban; fellow-roysterer once, Now the good Caliph's learned Treasurer, And for no ear but his. Carry ...Rate it:

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Charles Harpur
Great captain if you will! great Duke! great Slave! Great minion of the crown! - but a great man He was not! He? the iron instrument Of mere author...Rate it:

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Blue and Buff
George Canning
Come, sportive Muse, with plume satiric, Describe each lawless, bold empiric, Who, with the Blue and Buffs' sad crew, Now stripp'd in buff, shall l...Rate it:

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Invocation To The Muses
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Read by the poet at The Public Ceremonial of The Naional Institute of Arts and Letters at Carnegie Hall, New York, January 18th, 1941. Great Muse...Rate it:

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A Congratulatory Poem
Aphra Behn
While my sad Muse the darkest Covert Sought, To give a loose to Melancholy Thought; Opprest, and sighing with the Heavy Weight Of an Unhappy dea...Rate it:

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A Poem On The Last Day - Book I
Edward Young
While others sing the fortune of the great, Empire and arms, and all the pomp of state; With Britain's hero set their souls on fire, And grow immor...Rate it:

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A Satire, in Imitation of the Third of Juvenal
John Oldham
1Though much concern'd to leave my dear old friend, 2I must however his design commend 3Of fixing in the country: for were I 4As free to choose my ...Rate it:

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Adam: A Sacred Drama. Act 2.
William Cowper
SCENE I. -- CHORUS OF ANGELS Singing. Now let us garlands weave Of all the fairest flowers, Now at this early dawn, For new-made man, and his com...Rate it:

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