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The Death of the Old Mendicant
William Topaz McGonagall
There was a rich old gentleman Lived on a lonely moor in Switzerland, And he was very hard to the wandering poor, 'Tis said he never lodged nor ser...Rate it:

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The Diverting History Of John Gilpin, Showing How He Went Farther Than He Intended, And Came Safe Home Again
William Cowper
John Gilpin was a citizen Of credit and renown, A trainband captain eke was he Of famous London town. John Gilpin’s spouse said to her dear: Thoug...Rate it:

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The Evening Of The Holiday
Count Giacomo Leopardi
The night is mild and clear, and without wind, And o'er the roofs, and o'er the gardens round The moon shines soft, and from afar reveals Each moun...Rate it:

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The Flitting
John Clare
I've left my own old home of homes, Green fields and every pleasant place; The summer like a stranger comes, I pause and hardly know her face. I mi...Rate it:

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The Forest Road
Charlotte Mary Mew
The forest road, The infinite straight road stretching away World without end: the breathless road between the walls Of the black listening tree...Rate it:

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The Gardener LV: It Was Mid-Day
Rabindranath Tagore
It was mid-day when you went away . The sun was strong in the sky. I had done my work and sat alone on my balcony when you went away. ...Rate it:

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The Ghost of Miltiades
Thomas Moore
The Ghost of Miltiades came at night, And he stood by the bed of the Benthamite, And he said, in a voice, that thrill'd the frame, "If ever the sou...Rate it:

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The Goat Paths
James Stephens
The crooked paths go every way Upon the hill - they wind about Through the heather in and out Of the quiet sunniness. And there the goats, day ...Rate it:

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The Hammers
Amy Lowell
I Frindsbury, Kent, 1786 Bang! Bang! Tap! Tap-a-tap! Rap! All through the lead and silver Winter days, All through the copper of Autumn hazes. Ta...Rate it:

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The Happy Islands
Inez Isabel Maud Peacocke
O FAR away, and far away, The Happy Islands lie; In bluer seas of calm than these, Beneath a bluer sky. The sea, a shining girdle,...Rate it:

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The Hosting Of The Sidhe
William Butler Yeats
The host is riding from Knocknarea And over the grave of Clooth-na-Bare; Caoilte tossing his burning hair, And Niamh calling Away, come away: Empty...Rate it:

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The House Of Dust: Part 03: 11: Conversation: Undertones
Conrad Potter Aiken
What shall we talk of? Li Po? Hokusai? You narrow your long dark eyes to fascinate me; You smile a little. . . .Outside, the night goes by. I wal...Rate it:

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The House on the Hill
Edwin Arlington Robinson
They are all gone away, The house is shut and still, There is nothing more to say. Through broken walls and gray The winds blow bleak and shrill: ...Rate it:

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The Idler’s Calendar. Twelve Sonnets For The Months. December
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
AWAY TO EGYPT Enough, enough! This winter is too rude, Too dark of countenance, of tooth too keen. Nature finds rebels now in flesh and blood, And...Rate it:

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The Invitation
Percy Bysshe Shelley
BEST and brightest, come away! Fairer far than this fair Day, Which, like thee to those in sorrow, Comes to bid a sweet good-morrow To the roug...Rate it:

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The Klondike
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Never mind the day we left, or the day the women clung to us; All we need now is the last way they looked at us. Never mind the twelve men there ...Rate it:

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The Lament For Shuil Donald’s Daughter
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
I. IN old Shuil Donald's cottage there are many voices weeping, And stifled sobs, and murmurings of sorrow wild and vain, For the old man's cher...Rate it:

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The Land Of Nowhere
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Do you know where the summer blooms all the year 'round, Where there never is rain on a pic-nic day? Where the thornless rose in its beauty blows A...Rate it:

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The mariner
Emily Pauline Johnson
"Wreck and stray and castaway."--SWINBURNE. Once more adrift. O'er dappling sea and broad lagoon, O'er frowning cliff and yellow dune, The ...Rate it:

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The Mylora Elopement
Andrew Barton Paterson
By the winding Wollondilly where the weeping willows weep, And the shepherd, with his billy, half awake and half asleep, Folds his fleecy flocks ...Rate it:

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The Oyster Schooner
William Henry Drummond
W'at's all dem bell a ringin' for, a can hear dem ev'ry w'ere? W'at's bring de peop' togeder on de w'arf at Trois Rivieres, Dat happy crowd is look...Rate it:

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The Poor Ghost
Christina Georgina Rossetti
'Oh whence do you come, my dear friend, to me, With your golden hair all fallen below your knee, And your face as white as snowdrops on the lea, An...Rate it:

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The Revenge - A Ballad of the Fleet
Alfred Lord Tennyson
I AT Flores, in the Azores Sir Richard Grenville lay, And a pinnace, like a flutter’d bird, came flying from far away; “Spanish ships of war a...Rate it:

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The Stolen Child
William Butler Yeats
Where dips the rocky highland Of Sleuth Wood in the lake, There lies a leafy island Where flapping herons wake The drowsy water rats; There we've ...Rate it:

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The Stolen God--Lazarus To Dives
Edith Nesbit
We do not clamour for vengeance, We do not whine for fear; We have cried in the outer darkness Where was no man to hear. We cried to man and he hea...Rate it:

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