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Santa Doesn't Exist
Mario William Vitale
SAINT NICK DOESN'T EXIST Santa was getting older as all people do, and a few days before Christmas he began to “Achoo”! “Sick,” he thought, “thi...Rate it:

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The First Waits
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
A MEDITATION FOR ALL. SO, Christmas is here again!-- While the house sleeps, quiet as death, 'Neath the midnight moon comes the Waits' shrill tu...Rate it:

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A Game of Fives
Lewis Carroll
Five little girls, of Five, Four, Three, Two, One: Rolling on the hearthrug, full of tricks and fun. Five rosy girls, in years from Ten to Six: S...Rate it:

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The Knitters
Padraic Colum
IN companies or lone They bend their heads, their hands They busy with their gear, Accomplishing the stitch That turns the stocking-heel, Or closes...Rate it:

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At a Pantomime. By a Bilious One
William Schwenck Gilbert
An Actor sits in doubtful gloom, His stock-in-trade unfurled, In a damp funereal dressing-room In the Theatre Royal, World. He comes to town at Ch...Rate it:

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To The Reader
John Bunyan
The title page will show, if there thou look, Who are the proper subjects of this book. They're boys and girls of all sorts and degrees, From thos...Rate it:

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Says Mister Doojabs
Ellis Parker Butler
Well, eight months ago one clear cold day, I took a ramble up Broadway, And with my hands behind my back I strolled along on the streetcar track— (...Rate it:

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The Sorcerer: Act II
William Schwenck Gilbert
DRAMATIS PERSONAE Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre, an Elderly Baronet Alexis, of the Grenadier Guards--His Son Dr. Daly, Vicar of Ploverleigh John We...Rate it:

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A Special Loving Lord
Keith Rideout
I woke up early on Christmas Day to open my presents Sneaking down the stairs to peak underneath the tree I couldn’t believe the sight what my eyes...Rate it:

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The Ballad Of The Proverbs
François Villon
So rough the goat will scratch, it cannot sleep. So often goes the pot to the well that it breaks. So long you heat iron, it will glow; so heavily ...Rate it:

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Dream Town
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Now who is ready to go with me Off and away to dream town? Oh, such a journey as that will be, All dressed in a snow white gown. No shoe or stockin...Rate it:

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A New Year's Time At Willards's
James Whitcomb Riley
1 The Hired Man Talks There's old man Willards; an' his wife; An' Marg'et-- S'repty's sister--; an' There's me-- an' I'm the hired man; An' Tomps ...Rate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
I’ve fallen out with Santa Claus I think he’s gone on strike My stocking’s hanging on the bed But I can’t find the bike. I wrote to him some weeks...Rate it:

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Kriss Kringle
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Just as the moon was fading Amid her misty rings, And every stocking was stuffed With childhood’s precious things, Old Kriss Kringle looked around...Rate it:

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Roan Stallion
Robinson Jeffers
The dog barked; then the woman stood in the doorway, and hearing iron strike stone down the steep road Covered her head with a black shawl and ente...Rate it:

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From Our Happy Home
Louisa May Alcott
From our happy home Through the world we roam One week in all the year, Making winter spring With the joy we bring, For Christmas-tide is here. No...Rate it:

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His Mate
Victor James Daley
IT MAY have been a fragment of that higher Truth dreams, at times, disclose; It may have been to Fond Illusion nigher— But thus the story goe...Rate it:

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John Alden And Percilly
James Whitcomb Riley
We got up a Christmas-doin's Last Christmas Eve-- Kindo' dimonstration 'At I railly believe Give more satisfaction-- Take it up and down-- Than ary...Rate it:

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Santa Claus in the Bush
Andrew Barton Paterson
It chanced out back at the Christmas time, When the wheat was ripe and tall, A stranger rode to the farmer's gate -- A sturdy man and a small. ...Rate it:

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The End Of The Play
William Makepeace Thackeray
The play is done; the curtain drops, Slow falling to the prompter's bell: A moment yet the actor stops, And looks around, to say farewell. It is an...Rate it:

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The Hard Times In Elfland
Sidney Lanier
A Story of Christmas Eve. Strange that the termagant winds should scold The Christmas Eve so bitterly! But Wife, and Harry the four-year-old, Bi...Rate it:

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To Heavy Hearts
Katharine Lee Bates
HEAVY hearts, your jubilee Droops about the Christmas Tree. Sudden sighs cut off the laughter, For a haunting pain comes after All your gallant gle...Rate it:

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A Naked Truth
Ehsan Sehgal
When I was a child I often heard The people, fond of sex Always remained In search of call girls But it was not easy To find such girls Now I am an...Rate it:

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Bound for Sourabaya!
Charles Henry Souter
OH, the moon shines bright, and we sail to-night, And we’re bound for Sourabaya! So it’s ‘Farewell, Jane!’ for we’re off again With the ...Rate it:

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Shearers Dream
Henry Lawson
O I dreamt I shore in a shearing shed and it was a dream of joy For every one of the rouseabouts was a girl dressed up as a boy Dressed up like a p...Rate it:

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