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From 'Arcades'
John Milton
fold, Now the top of Heav'n doth hold, And the gilded Car of Day, His glowing Axle doth allay IRate it:

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from The Tenth Elegy
Rainer Maria Rilke
effluence from the mold of emptiness-- the gilded hubbub, the bursting monument. How an Angel wouldRate it:

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Gareth And Lynette
Alfred Lord Tennyson
beyond eye-reach, on such a palm As glitters gilded in thy Book of Hours. And there was ever haunRate it:

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Geraint And Enid
Alfred Lord Tennyson
as I am, I will not fight my way with gilded arms, All shall be iron;' he loosed a mighty purse, Rate it:

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God of the Open Air
Henry Van Dyke
the fetters that envy has wrought and pride has gilded, >From the noise of the crowded ways and theRate it:

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Gotham - Book II
Charles Churchill
is with them a knack, an idle toy, A rattle gilded o'er, on which a boy May play untaught, whilst, Rate it:

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Griselda: A Society Novel In Verse - Chapter IV
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
ate, And each to each. Beside me, of the crew Of gilded youths who swelled the retinue Of our fair Rate it:

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Heroic Poem in Praise of Wine
Hilaire Belloc
marked the God-head. Sing the Panther-team, The gilded Thrysus twirling, and the gleam Of cymbals tRate it:

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He’s Gone to England for a Wife
Henry Lawson
empty pride of race. And she will grace his gilded home, The wife his gold shall buy; But will she Rate it:

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Homage To Life
Jules Supervielle
pain Of black blood in our veins, And gilded its silence With the star, Patience, And to have aRate it:

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Homage To Quintus Septimus Florentis Christianus
Ezra Pound
r, O city, are your profits and your gilded shrines, And your barbecues of great oxen, And the tallRate it:

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Homage To Sextus Propertius - I
Ezra Pound
and Cerberus), Though it is not stretched upon gilded beams; My orchards do not lie level and wide Rate it:

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Homage To Sextus Propertius - XI
Ezra Pound
thither, Though you heave into the air upon the gilded Pegasean back, Though you had the feathery sRate it:

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Home Delights
Charles Lamb
the air. My uncle has a stately pleasure barge, Gilded and gay, adorned with wondrous charge; The mRate it:

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Horace, Book II. Ode XVI.
William Cowper
of a troubled breast, The cares that haunt a gilded roof. Happy the man whose table shows A few Rate it:

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I Heard Immanuel Singing
Vachel Lindsay
conquest Had grown a weary thing. No chant of gilded triumph— His lonely song was made Of Art's Rate it:

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I think the longest Hour of all
Emily Dickinson
the Joy was come— Did block the Gilded Hands— And would not let the Seconds by— But slowest instantRate it:

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Edgar Albert Guest
sapped the strength of her fibres strong And a gilded shroud was her splendor fine. The Rome of olRate it:

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Imperial Revels
Victor Marie Hugo
toilsomely tramp by, As I myself afar Follow no gilded car In ways of honesty. Ye troopers who shRate it:

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In Bohemia
John Boyle O'Reilly
hoard or hope for the brainless heir; No gilded dullard native born To stare at his fellow with leaRate it:

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In Exchange For His Soul!
Isabella Valancy Crawford
ME, and Stygian night. 'Beneath the spell of gilded hair, Thy palms, like sickly weeds, shall die!Rate it:

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In the Holy Nativity of our Lord
Richard Crashaw
Welcome, though not to those gay flies Gilded i' th' beams of earthly kings, Slippery souls iRate it:

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In The Public Library
Lesbia Harford
God, Kate thought. A ray Of sunshine carrying gilded flecks of dust And minutes bright with fanciRate it:

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Instability of Human Greatness
Phineas Fletcher
but behold where glorious cities stood, With gilded tops and silver turrets shining; There now the Rate it:

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Dame Edith Louisa Sitwell
that you may crown anew Your whirring waspish-gilded hair Amid this cornucopia-- Until your warm Rate it:

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