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The Night
Ada Cambridge
II Watchman, what of the night? See you a streak of light? Whither, O Captain of the quest, The course we steer for Port of Rest? How shall he ans...Rate it:

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The Noble Moringer
Sir Walter Scott
I. O, will you hear a knightly tale of old Bohemian day, It was the noble Moringer in wedlock bed he lay; He halsed and kiss'd his dearest dame, th...Rate it:

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The Obliterate Tomb
Thomas Hardy
'More than half my life long Did they weigh me falsely, to my bitter wrong, But they all have shrunk away into the silence Like a lost song. 'And ...Rate it:

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The Origin of Cupid -- A Fable
Mary Darby Robinson
ON IDA'S mount the gods were met, A sportive, jolly, noisy set, Resolving nectar bowls to quaff, To revel, riot, sing and laugh; For gods will ...Rate it:

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The Over-Fed Fuse
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
He has made many meals On the Lib'rals of late, And the way that he feels May be judged by his state; For the fact that he has indigestion Is needl...Rate it:

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The Peace Convention At Brussels
John Greenleaf Whittier
STILL in thy streets, O Paris! doth the stain Of blood defy the cleansing autumn rain; Still breaks the smoke Messina's ruins through, And Naples m...Rate it:

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The Poet
Mark Akenside
—A Rhapsody Of all the various lots around the ball, Which fate to man distributes, absolute; Avert, ye gods! that of the Muse's son, Curs'd with ...Rate it:

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The Rape of the Lock: Canto 3
Alexander Pope
Close by those meads, for ever crown'd with flow'rs, Where Thames with pride surveys his rising tow'rs, There stands a structure of majest...Rate it:

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The Resurrection
Count Giacomo Leopardi
I thought I had forever lost, Alas, though still so young, The tender joys and sorrows all, That unto youth belong; The sufferings sweet, the impu...Rate it:

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The Scots Apostasie
John Cleveland
Is't come to this? What shall the cheeks of fame Stretch'd with the breath of learned Loudon's name, Be flogg'd again? And that great piece of sens...Rate it:

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The Searchlights
Alfred Noyes
Political morality differs from individual morality, because there is no power above the State. -- General von Bernardi. Shadow by shadow, strippe...Rate it:

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The Shepheardes Calender: September
Edmund Spenser
September: Ægloga Nona. Hobbinol & Diggon Dauie. Hobbinol. Diggon Dauie, I bidde her god day: Or Diggon her is, or I missaye. Diggon. Her was h...Rate it:

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The Slavery Of Greece
George Canning
Unrivall'd Greece! thou ever honor'd name, Thou nurse of heroes dear to deathless fame! Though now to worth, to honor all unknown, Thy lustre faded...Rate it:

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The Three Christmas Waits
William Makepeace Thackeray
My name is Pleaceman X; Last night I was in bed, A dream did me perplex, Which came into my Edd. I dreamed I sor three Waits A playing of their tun...Rate it:

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The Town Of Dae
Ambrose Bierce
Swains and maidens, young and old, You to me this tale have told. Where the squalid town of Dae Irks the comfortable sea, Spreading webs to gather...Rate it:

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The Trumpeter, an Old English Tale
Mary Darby Robinson
It was in the days of a gay British King (In the old fashion'd custom of merry-making) The Palace of Woodstock with revels did ring, While they san...Rate it:

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The Tycoon And I
Nikhil Parekh
The murderously monotonous tycoon got up with a sordid groan even before the cock could crow outside his bedroom window; to nonchalantly squabble h...Rate it:

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The Vain King
Henry Van Dyke
In robes of Tyrian blue the King was drest, A jewelled collar shone upon his breast, A giant ruby glittered in his crown ----- Lord of rich lands a...Rate it:

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The Vanity of Human Wishes (excerpts)
Samuel Johnson
1 Let observation with extensive view, 2 Survey mankind, from China to Peru; 3 Remark each anxious toil, each eager strife, 4 And ...Rate it:

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The Vanity of Human Wishes: The Tenth Satire of Juvenal, Im
Samuel Johnson
Let observation with extensive view, Survey mankind, from China to Peru; Remark each anxious toil, each eager strife, And watch the bu...Rate it:

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The Vote of Thanks Debate
Henry Lawson
The Other Night I got the blues and tried to smile in vain. I couldn’t chuck a chuckle at the foolery of Twain; When Ward and Billings failed to br...Rate it:

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The White Doe Of Rylstone, Or, The Fate Of The Nortons - Canto Third
William Wordsworth
NOW joy for you who from the towers Of Brancepeth look in doubt and fear, Telling melancholy hours! Proclaim it, let your Masters hear That Norton ...Rate it:

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Thoroughly Unemployed
Nikhil Parekh
Everyday I stared at the azure sky for long hours; admiring the fiery rays of the Sun in the morning; basking in the glory of the celestial blanket...Rate it:

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To a Lady Very Well Known to the Whole Town
Phillis, how much the times are changed, Since in a hack the town you ranged, Since without finery or train you shone, Conspicuous for your charms ...Rate it:

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To A Young Gentleman In Love. A Tale
Matthew Prior
From publick Noise and factious Strife, From all the busie Ills of Life, Take me, My Celia, to Thy Breast; And lull my wearied Soul to Rest: For ev...Rate it:

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