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Lines Written In The Belief That The Ancient Roman Festival Of The Dead Was Called Ambarvalia
Rupert Brooke
Swings the way still by hollow and hill, And all the world's a song; "She's far," it sings me, "but fair," it rings me, "Quiet," it laughs, "and...Rate it:

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Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
In the prologue to the Masnavi Rumi hailed Love and its sweet madness that heals all infirmities, and he exhorted the reader to burst the bonds to ...Rate it:

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Mater Dolorosa
Algernon Charles Swinburne
Who is this that sits by the way, by the wild wayside, In a rent stained raiment, the robe of a cast-off bride, In the dust, in the rainfall sittin...Rate it:

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Middle Harbour
John Le Gay Brereton
Lonely wonder, delight past hoping! Sky-line broken by stirring trees, Grey rocks hither and shoreward sloping, Silent bracken about my knees. Dus...Rate it:

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Munition Maker
Robert William Service
I am the Cannon King, behold! I perish on a throne of gold. With forest far and turret high, Renowned and rajah-rich am I. My father was, and his b...Rate it:

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Olney Hymn 7: Vanity of the World
William Cowper
God gives his mercies to be spent; Your hoard will do your soul no good. Gold is a blessing only lent, Repaid by giving others food. The world...Rate it:

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Pink Dominoes
Rudyard Kipling
"They are fools who kiss and tell" -- Wisely has the poet sung. Man may hold all sorts of posts If he'll only hold his tongue. Jenny and Me were e...Rate it:

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Prologue Spoken at the Opening of The New House, March 26, 1674
John Dryden
A plain-built house, after so long a stay, Will send you half unsatisfied away; When, fallen from your expected pomp, you find A bare convenienc...Rate it:

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Psalm 50
Isaac Watts
The last judgment. The Lord, the Sovereign, sends his summons forth, Calls the south nations and awakes the north; From east to west the sounding ...Rate it:

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Queen Hilda of Virland
Henry Lawson
PART I Queen Hilda rode along the lines, And she was young and fair; And forward on her shoulders fell The heavy braids of hair: No gold was e...Rate it:

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Songs of Joy
William Henry Davies
Sing out, my soul, thy songs of joy; Sing as a happy bird will sing Beneath a rainbow's lovely arch In the spring. Think not of death in thy yo...Rate it:

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The Amorous Courtesan
La Fontaine
DAN CUPID, though the god of soft amour, In ev'ry age works miracles a store; Can Catos change to male coquets at ease; And fools make oracles when...Rate it:

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The Battle of Naseby
Thomas Babbington Macaulay
Oh! wherefore come ye forth, in triumph from the North, With your hands, and your feet, and your raiment all red? And wherefore doth your rout se...Rate it:

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The Beggar's Soliloquy
George Meredith
I Now, this, to my notion, is pleasant cheer, To lie all alone on a ragged heath, Where your nose isn't sniffing for bones or beer, But a peat...Rate it:

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The Birth Of The Rail
Ambrose Bierce
DRAMATIS PERSONAE LELAND, THE KID _a Road Agent_ COWBOY CHARLEY _Same Line of Business_ HAPPY HUNTY _Ditto in All Respects_ SOOTYMUG _a Devil_ _S...Rate it:

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The Days Of Our Youth
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
These are the days of our youth, our days of glory and honour. Pleasure begotten of strength is ours, the sword in our hand. Wisdom bends to our wi...Rate it:

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The Drug-Shop, or, Endymion in Edmonstoun
Stephen Vincent Benet
"Oh yes, I went over to Edmonstoun the other day and saw Johnny, mooning around as usual! He will never make his way." Letter of George Keats, 18-...Rate it:

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The Dunciad: Book I.
Alexander Pope
The Mighty Mother, and her son who brings The Smithfield muses to the ear of kings, I sing. Say you, her instruments the great! Called to this w...Rate it:

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The Foreigner
Amy Lowell
Have at you, you Devils! My back's to this tree, For you're nothing so nice That the hind-side of me Would escape your assault. Come on now, all th...Rate it:

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The Gaudy Flower
Ann Taylor
WHY does my Anna toss her head, And look so scornfully around, As if she scarcely deign'd to tread Upon the daisy-dappled ground? Does fancied be...Rate it:

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The Ghost of Miltiades
Thomas Moore
The Ghost of Miltiades came at night, And he stood by the bed of the Benthamite, And he said, in a voice, that thrill'd the frame, "If ever the sou...Rate it:

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The Handicap
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I think I should suit, for I've knowledge minute Of all tickets, time-tables, and trains; All speedings and slowings and comings and goings Are dee...Rate it:

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The Lady Of La Garaye - Part I
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
ON Dinan's walls the morning sunlight plays, Gilds the stern fortress with a crown of rays, Shines on the children's heads that troop to school, ...Rate it:

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The Medal
John Dryden
Of all our antic sights and pageantry Which English idiots run in crowds to see, The Polish Medal bears the prize alone; A monster, more the fav...Rate it:

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The Night
Henry Vaughan
Through that pure virgin shrine, That sacred veil drawn o'er Thy glorious noon, That men might look and live, as glowworms shine, And face the moon...Rate it:

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