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Mid My Gold-Brown Curls
George Eliot
'Mid my gold-brown curls There twined a silver hair: I plucked it idly out And scarcely knew 'twas there. Coiled in my velv...Rate it:

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Red, Red Gold
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Red, red gold, a kingdom's ransom, child, To weave thy yellow hair she bade them spin. At early dawn the gossamer spiders toiled, And wove the sunr...Rate it:

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A Pitcher Full Of Gold
Nikhil Parekh
I started digging soil with pickaxe of the strongest iron, loose chunks of mud flew haphazardly, coagulated sand broke into diffused cakes of bro...Rate it:

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Azure and Gold
Amy Lowell
April had covered the hills With flickering yellows and reds, The sparkle and coolness of snow Was blown from the mountain beds. Across a deep...Rate it:

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Blazing in Gold and quenching in Purple
Emily Dickinson
Blazing in Gold and quenching in Purple Leaping like Leopards to the Sky Then at the feet of the old Horizon Laying her spotted Face to die Stoopin...Rate it:

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Dross and Gold
Edwin James Brady
**Life is dross, but Love is gold* So, throughout the numbered days. Mine to keep and thine to hold. Be it as the Master says. Clean-intentio...Rate it:

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Gilded Gold
Francis Thompson
Thou dost to rich attire a grace, To let it deck itself with thee, And teachest pomp strange cunning ways To be thought simplicity. But lilies, sto...Rate it:

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Robert Crawford
Ah, Gold! 'tis filthy lucre, honour's shame, For which so many a Judas still sells truth! It is the devil's lure; yet good men use it, And many a d...Rate it:

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I never told the buried gold
Emily Dickinson
I never told the buried gold Upon the hill—that lies— I saw the sun—his plunder done Crouch low to guard his prize. He stood as near As stood you ...Rate it:

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Purer Than Pure Gold
Kazi Nazrul Islam
O brother, purer than pure gold Is the soil of my land. Her soil and water Her fruits and flowers Quench our thirst and hunger. as we dr...Rate it:

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The Guest is gold and crimson
Emily Dickinson
The Guest is gold and crimson— An Opal guest and gray— Of Ermine is his doublet— His Capuchin gay— He reaches town at nightfall— He stops at every...Rate it:

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The Moon was but a Chin of Gold
Emily Dickinson
The Moon was but a Chin of Gold A Night or two ago— And now she turns Her perfect Face Upon the World below— Her Forehead is of Amplest Blonde— He...Rate it:

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The Nightingale Has A Lyre Of Gold
William Ernest Henley
The nightingale has a lyre of gold, The lark's is a clarion-call, And the blackbird plays but a boxwood flute, But I love him best of all. For his...Rate it:

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The Realms Of Gold
Alfred Noyes
(Written after hearing a line of Keats repeated by a passing stranger under the palms of Southern California.) Under the palms of San Diego Where ...Rate it:

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The Refiner's Gold
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
He stood before my heart's closed door, And asked to enter in; But I had barred the passage o'er By unbelief and sin. He came with nail-prints...Rate it:

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The Sun Sets in Molten Gold
Li Ching Chao
The sun sets in molten gold. The evening clouds form a jade disk. Where is he? Dense white mist envelops the willows. A sad flute plays “Fallin...Rate it:

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From: Gold Braid
Alan Alexander Milne
Same old trenches, same old view, Same old rats as blooming tame, Same old dug-outs, nothing new, Same old smell, the very same, Same old bodies ou...Rate it:

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Gold and Grey
Harry Crosby
War was romantic in the days of old. The knight rode forth to battle unafraid, Wearing the favour of some royal maid Who loved him for his courage ...Rate it:

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On Gold
Jonathan Swift
All-ruling tyrant of the earth, To vilest slaves I owe my birth, How is the greatest monarch blest, When in my gaudy livery drest! No haughty nymph...Rate it:

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Towns in Colour
Amy Lowell
I Red Slippers Red slippers in a shop-window, and outside in the street, flaws of grey, windy sleet! Behind the polished glass, the slippers han...Rate it:

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The Trail Of Ninety-Eight
Robert William Service
Gold! We leapt from our benches. Gold! We sprang from our stools. Gold! We wheeled in the furrow, fired with the faith of fools. Fearless, unfound,...Rate it:

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The Discontent
Anne Killigrew
I. 1 Here take no Care, take here no Care, my Muse, 2 Nor ought of Art or Labour use: 3 But let thy Lines rude and unpolisht go, 4 ...Rate it:

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Henry Lawson
They took dead Cromwell from his grave, And stuck his head on high; The Merry Monarch and his men, They laughed as they passed by The common people...Rate it:

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I Shall Not Burn
Robert William Service
I have done with love and lust, I reck not for gold or fame; I await familiar dust These frail fingers to reclaim: Not for me ...Rate it:

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In Examination
Rupert Brooke
Lo! from quiet skies In through the window my Lord the Sun! And my eyes Were dazzled and drunk with the misty gold, The golden glory that drowned ...Rate it:

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