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Ambrose Bierce
An 'actors' cemetery'! Sure The devil never tires Of planning places to procure The sticks to feed his fires. Rate it:

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Algernon Charles Swinburne
O LOVE! what shall be said of thee? The son of grief begot by joy? Being sightless, wilt thou see? Being sexless, wilt thou be Maiden or boy? I dr...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
We roam about the countryside And view the farmlands rolling wide A picture surely this of peace, of planty. We mark within these sylvan scenes The...Rate it:

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
I care not who were vicious back of me, No shadow of their sins on me is shed. My will is greater than heredity. I am no worm to feed upon the dead...Rate it:

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From Faust - III. Chorus Of Angels
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
CHRIST is arisen! Mortal, all hail! Thou, of Earth's prison Dreary and frail, Bursting the veil, Proudly hast risen! CHORUS OF WOMEN. Rich spi...Rate it:

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From Mount Ebal
John Bunyan
Thus having heard from Gerizzim, I shall Next come to Ebal, and you thither call, Not there to curse you, but to let you hear How God doth curse t...Rate it:

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From the Earth, a Cry
John Boyle O'Reilly
CAN the earth have a voice? Can the clods have speech, To murmur and rail at the demigods? Trample them! Grind their vulgar faces in the clay! ...Rate it:

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From the Gulf
William Henry Ogilvie
Store cattle from Nelanjie! The mob goes feeding past, With half-a-mile of sandhill 'twixt the leaders and the last; The nags that move behind th...Rate it:

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Garden Francies
Robert Browning
I. THE FLOWER'S NAME Here's the garden she walked across, Arm in my arm, such a short while since: Hark, now I push its wicket, the moss Hinde...Rate it:

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George Moses Horton, Myself
George Moses Horton
I feel myself in need Of the inspiring strains of ancient lore, My heart to lift, my empty mind to feed, And all the world explore. I know that I ...Rate it:

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Gertrude of Wyoming
Thomas Campbell
PART I On Susquehanna's side, fair Wyoming! Although the wild-flower on thy ruin'd wall, And roofless homes, a sad remembrance bring, Of what thy ...Rate it:

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Emma Lazarus
'O World-God, give me Wealth!' the Egyptian cried. His prayer was granted. High as heaven, behold Palace and Pyramid; the brimming tide Of lavish N...Rate it:

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God of the Open Air
Henry Van Dyke
I Thou who hast made thy dwelling fair With flowers beneath, above with starry lights, And set thine altars everywhere,-- On mountain heights, In ...Rate it:

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God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen
Anonymous Americas
God rest you merry, gentlemen, Let nothing you dismay, For Jesus Christ our Saviour Was born upon this day, To save us all from Satan...Rate it:

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Green River
William Cullen Bryant
When breezes are soft and skies are fair, I steal an hour from study and care, And hie me away to the woodland scene, Where wanders the stream with...Rate it:

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Ada Cambridge
Is the morning dim and cloudy? Does the wind drift up the leaves? Is there mist upon the mountains, where the sun shone yesterday? Are the little s...Rate it:

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Gwin King of Norway
William Blake
Come, kings, and listen to my song: When Gwin, the son of Nore, Over the nations of the North His cruel sceptre bore; The nobles of the land did fe...Rate it:

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Had I not This, or This, I said
Emily Dickinson
Had I not This, or This, I said, Appealing to Myself, In moment of prosperity— Inadequate—were Life— "Thou hast not Me, nor Me"—it said, In Moment...Rate it:

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Hard Luck
Andrew Barton Paterson
I left the course, and by my side There walked a ruined tout -- A hungry creature, evil-eyed, Who poured this story out. "You see," he said, "t...Rate it:

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Henry Lawson
Dust, dust, dust and a dog – Oh! The sheep-dog won’t be last. When the long, long, shadow of the old bay horse With the shadow of his mate is cast....Rate it:

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Heaven's Gifts
Donka Kristeva
Joy and fulfillment are heaven's gifts, no flattering or clever schemes but Life and Spirit pave the way to satisfaction-- alway. No personal achi...Rate it:

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Hence, All You Vain Delights from the Nice Valour
John Fletcher
Hence, all you vain delights, As short as are the nights Wherein you spend your folly: There's nought in this life sweet, If man were wise to see't...Rate it:

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Hero And Leander. The Sixth Sestiad
George Chapman
No longer could the Day nor Destinies Delay the Night, who now did frowning rise Into her throne; and at her humorous breasts Visions and Dreams la...Rate it:

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Hidden Flame
John Dryden
I FEED a flame within, which so torments me That it both pains my heart, and yet contents me: 'Tis such a pleasing smart, and I so love it, That...Rate it:

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Robert Herrick
HERE, Here I live with what my board Can with the smallest cost afford; Though ne'er so mean the viands be, They well content my Prue and me: Or pe...Rate it:

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