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Mathilde Blind
it be. Many tears cannot quench, nor my sighs extinguish, the flames of love's fire, Which liftethRate it:

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Marianne Moore
by "the illusion of a fire effectual to extinguish fire," compared with which the shining of the eaRate it:

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Master Hugues Of Saxe-Gotha
Robert Browning
the church empties apace: Fast they extinguish the lights. Hallo there, sacristan! Five minutes' Rate it:

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More Life—went out—when He went
Emily Dickinson
necessary, to reduce The Ethiop within. Others—extinguish easier— A Gnat's minutest Fan SufficientRate it:

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Night-Scene in Genoa
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
freedom's altar brightly burning, But, once extinguish'd, ne'er returning; By all your hopes of bliRate it:

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Not Even My Pride Shall Suffer Much
Edna St. Vincent Millay
true A vestal to that only pride Wet wood cannot extinguish, nor Sand, nor its embers scattered, foRate it:

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Ode IV: To The Honourable Charles Townshend In The Country
Mark Akenside
o my lyre Reprove ambition's best desire? Extinguish glory's flame? Far other was the task injoin'dRate it:

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On A Nun
George Gordon Lord Byron
while the torch of Hymen newly fired Becomes extinguish'd, soon - too soon - expires: But thine, wiRate it:

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On Finding A Fan
George Gordon Lord Byron
remembers­ While every hope of love expires, Extinguish'd with the dying embers. The first, thoughRate it:

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Queen Mab: Part VI (excerpts)
Percy Bysshe Shelley
That fades not when the lamp of earthly life, Extinguish'd in the dampness of the grave, AwhiRate it:

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Sonnet LIII.
Charlotte Smith
forgotten, tender friendship past, Which, once extinguish'd, can revive no more! O'er the blank voiRate it:

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The Borough. Letter XIII: The Alms-House And Trustees
George Crabbe
and rushlight met his troubled eyes; But these extinguish'd, and his prayer address'd To Heaven in Rate it:

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The Burning of the Ship Kent
William Topaz McGonagall
in each face; And the sailors tried hard to extinguish the flame, But, oh Heaven! all their exertioRate it:

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The Clepington Catastrophe
William Topaz McGonagall
of waste, Which the brave firemen ran to extinguish in great haste. They left their wives that moRate it:

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The Dunciad: Book IV
Alexander Pope
of Chaos, and of Night, To blot out order, and extinguish light, Of dull and venal a new world to mRate it:

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The Falcon
Coventry Patmore
we are lighted by the light: And ere there be extinguish'd one minutest flame, love-fann'd, The PyrRate it:

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The Famous Speech-Maker Of England Or Baron (Alias Barren) Lovel’s Charge At The Assizes At Exon, April 5, 1710
Jonathan Swift
time of day That such inflammation should be extinguish'd without more delay: But there was no engiRate it:

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The Farewell
Henry King
unruly fire, Which nor sighs cool, nor tears extinguish can, Although my eyes out-flow'd the OceaRate it:

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The Hermit
James Beattie
remote, on the verge of the sky, The Moon, half-extinguish'd, her crescent displays: But lately I mRate it:

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The Lascar
Mary Darby Robinson
feasted Fiends of Pride! "Or, hence, broad Sun ! extinguish'd be! "For endless night encircles Me! Rate it:

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The Last Day (excerpt)
Edward Young
life's mazes run, Of earth dissolv'd, or an extinguish'd sun; (Ye sublunary worlds, awake, awakRate it:

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The Rosciad
Charles Churchill
form assume; In pompous strain fight o'er the extinguish'd war, And show where honour bled in everRate it:

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The Village Atheist
Edgar Lee Masters
through the caverns of darkness, Could not extinguish. Listen to me, ye who live in the senses And Rate it:

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The Visible, The Untrue
Harold Hart Crane
window weight throbs in its blind partition. To extinguish what I have of faith. Yes, light. And itRate it:

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To Edward Noel Long, Esq.
George Gordon Lord Byron
remembers, While all the force of love expires, Extinguish'd with the dying embers. But now, dear Rate it:

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