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Charlotte Brontë
knew myself no perfect man, Nor, as she deemed, divine; I knew that I was glorious­but By her rRate it:

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God's Funeral
Thomas Hardy
XV Still, how to bear such loss I deemed The insistent question for each animate minRate it:

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Goldilocks And Goldilocks
William Morris
in the mirk, mirk wood, He saw sight that he deemed was good. It was as one sees a flower a-bloom Rate it:

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John Greenleaf Whittier
sound which could not die. And half we deemed she needed not The changing of her sphere, To give tRate it:

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Gunpowder Treason
John Keble
But fear to wake, and find What they had deemed her genial wing Was Error's soothing blind. SheRate it:

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Hero and Leander: The First Sestiad
Christopher Marlowe
they went, Frighted the melancholy earth which deemed Eternal heaven to burn, for so it seemed, As Rate it:

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He’s Gone to England for a Wife
Henry Lawson
the ladies there; And yet I know a lass he deemed The rarest of the rare. He’s gone to England for Rate it:

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Home For Love
John Freeman
wall and wood As his half-wise, half-fearful eye Deemed only good. His brain he built into the houRate it:

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How Florence Rings Her Bells
Alfred Austin
and groom Beaucaire, Scared by the city they deemed but fair, Shouldered their pikes, and passed awRate it:

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Robert William Service
the golden days I played a gay guitar, And deemed a rose was just a rose, A star--a staRate it:

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In The Grass.
Robert Crawford
hill. My nest in the grass was good: they deemed that none might see — Ah God in heaven! my eyes loRate it:

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In The Vaulted Way
Thomas Hardy
must end when reflection came On what you had deemed me, whose one long aim Had been to serve you;Rate it:

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Indian Politics
Komal Vasudeva
person who works for betterment of majority Is deemed as fanatic by so-called saviours of minority Rate it:

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August Strindberg
Evil is life; Neither good nor bad Can men be deemed. As they can, they live, One day at a timRate it:

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Edwin Arlington Robinson
As I had seen him and appraised him when I deemed him unessential to the race. For there was moRate it:

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Inside of King's College Chapel, Cambridge
William Wordsworth
lore Of nicely-calculated less or more; So deemed the man who fashioned for the sense ThesRate it:

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Into old rhyme
Lesbia Harford
town and country winging, Like cigarettes, Are deemed unfit for singing. Into old rhyme New worRate it:

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Introductory 05
Sa di
of the book, and the adornment of the chapters, deemed it suitable to curtail the diction of this bRate it:

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Paul Laurence Dunbar
the ground so lightly, He frowned in wrath and deemed her cold, But loved her still though he was oRate it:

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Ireland's North West
Liam Ó Comain
the people Of the North West of Ireland is Deemed by many to be number one.Rate it:

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Isolation : A Fragment
Isaac Rosenberg
me, its captain, in such mutiny. Will, deemed incorporate With me, bath flown ere love, to expiateRate it:

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King Goodheart
William Schwenck Gilbert
gleamed, Small beer were Lords-Lieutenants deemed, With Admirals the ocean teemed, All round his wiRate it:

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Last Lines
Anne Brontë
I bless Thee for their loan; I gave Thee while I deemed them mine Too little thanksRate it:

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Lemnos Visited
Leon Gellert
had not hoped again to see thy smile. I deemed thee dead, but thou hadst only fled, And his they faRate it:

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Licia Sonnets 51
Giles Fletcher The Elder
When first the sun whom all my senses serve, Began to shine upon this earthly round, The heavens for her all graces did reserve, That Pandor-lik...Rate it:

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