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To a Dead Poet
Amy Levy
I knew not if to laugh or weep; They sat and talked of you-- "'Twas here he sat; 'twas this he said! 'Twas that he used to do. "Here is the book ...Rate it:

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Morally And Visionary Dead
Ehsan Sehgal
I can only cry When I see The talent In the worst shape For its survival On the streets But severely humiliated While the ignorance In the best sta...Rate it:

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Pan Is Dead
Ezra Pound
‘Pan is dead. Great Pan is dead. Ah! bow your heads, ye maidens all, And weave ye him his coronal.’ 'There is no summer in the leaves, And withere...Rate it:

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The Dead Fox Hunter
Robert Graves
We found the little captain at the head; His men lay well-aligned. We touched his hand - stone cold - and he was dead, And they, all dead behind, H...Rate it:

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Gacela of the Dead Child
Federico García Lorca
Each afternoon in Granada, each afternoon, a child dies. Each afternoon the water sits down and chats with its companions. The dead wear mossy win...Rate it:

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A Dead Friend
Algernon Charles Swinburne
I. Gone, O gentle heart and true, Friend of hopes foregone, Hopes and hopeful days with you Gone? Days of old that shone Saw what none shal...Rate it:

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A Dead March
William Cosmo Monkhouse
PLAY me a march, low-ton’d and slow—a march for a silent tread, Fit for the wandering feet of one who dreams of the silent dead, Lonely, betwee...Rate it:

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A Dead Sea-Gull
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
LACK-LUSTRE eye, and idle wing, And smirchèd breast that skims no more, White as the foam itself, the wave-- Hast thou not even a grave Upon th...Rate it:

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Dead Boy
John Crowe Ransom
The little cousin is dead, by foul subtraction, A green bough from Virginia's aged tree, And none of the county kin like the transaction, Nor some ...Rate it:

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Dead Cow Farm
Robert Graves
An ancient saga tells us how In the beginning the First Cow (For nothing living yet had birth But Elemental Cow on earth) Began to lick cold sto...Rate it:

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Dead In The Cold, A Song-Singing Thrush
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Dead in the cold, a song-singing thrush, Dead at the foot of a snowberry bush, - Weave him a coffin of rush, Dig him a grave where the soft moss...Rate it:

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Dead Joys
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Moan on with thy loud changeless wail, Desolate sea, Grinding thy pebbles into thankless sand. Oh, could I lash my angry heart like thee Until it b...Rate it:

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Dead Men Tell No Tales
Haniel Long
They say that dead men tell no tales! Except of barges with red sails And sailors mad for nightingales; Except of jongleurs stretched at ease ...Rate it:

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Death, To The Dead For Evermore
Robert Louis Stevenson
DEATH, to the dead for evermore A King, a God, the last, the best of friends - Whene'er this mortal journey ends Death, like a host, comes smiling ...Rate it:

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Forgotten Dead, I Salute You
Muriel Stuart
Dawn has flashed up the startled skies, Night has gone out beneath the hill Many sweet times; before our eyes Dawn makes and unmakes about us still...Rate it:

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God lay dead in heaven;
Stephen Crane
God lay dead in heaven; Angels sang the hymn of the end; Purple winds went moaning, Their wings drip-dripping With blood That fell upon the ea...Rate it:

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He Wishes His Beloved Were Dead
William Butler Yeats
WERE you but lying cold and dead, And lights were paling out of the West, You would come hither, and bend your head, And I would lay my head on you...Rate it:

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Immortally Dead
Nikhil Parekh
If mercilessly gouging both my eyes meant that; nobody on this boundless planet would ever be born pathetically blind once again; then gouge them t...Rate it:

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Lines: That time is dead for ever, child!
Percy Bysshe Shelley
I. That time is dead for ever, child! Drowned, frozen, dead for ever! We look on the past And stare aghast At the spectres wailing, pale and ghast,...Rate it:

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Living Dead - Part 2
Nikhil Parekh
You might perhaps not need their altruistic support anymore; as you now felt yourself to be the strongest organism on the Universe; blazing through...Rate it:

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Rap is Not Dead
Mario William Vitale
the streets are now empty the clubs are shut down not a sound until... in the morning there will be sun a chance to have a lot of fun old school...Rate it:

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Snow Dance For The Dead
Lola Ridge
Dance, little children ... it is holy twilight . . . Have you hung paper flowers about the necks of the ikons? Dance soft . . . but very gaily .....Rate it:

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Spoils Of The Dead
Robert Frost
Two fairies it was On a still summer day Came forth in the woods With the flowers to play. The flowers they plucked They cast on the ground F...Rate it:

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The Dead Child
Ernest Christopher Dowson
Sleep on, dear, now The last sleep and the best, And on thy brow, And on thy quiet breast Violets I throw. Thy scanty years Were mine a little whi...Rate it:

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The Dead Kings
Francis Ledwidge
All the dead kings came to me At Rosnaree, where I was dreaming. A few stars glimmered through the morn, And down the thorn the dews were streaming...Rate it:

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