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Ralph Waldo Emerson
Give me truths, For I am weary of the surfaces, And die of inanition. If I knew Only the herbs and simples of the wood, Rue, cinquefoil, gill, verv...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
When PHARAOH chased the chosen Jew, and perished in the sea, Things seemed to hint at failure in the PHARAOH policy. For 'tis written that the Oppo...Rate it:

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Christmas Trees
Robert Frost
The city had withdrawn into itself And left at last the country to the country; When between whirls of snow not come to lie And whirls of foliage n...Rate it:

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Endymion: Book IV
John Keats
Muse of my native land! loftiest Muse! O first-born on the mountains! by the hues Of heaven on the spiritual air begot: Long didst thou sit alone i...Rate it:

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Everyday Characters II - Quince
Winthrop Mackworth Praed
Fallentis semita vit*. — Hor. Near a small village in the West, Where many very worthy people Eat, drink, play whist, and do their best To guard...Rate it:

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Gemini And Virgo
Charles Stuart Calverley
Some vast amount of years ago, Ere all my youth had vanished from me, A boy it was my lot to know, Whom his familiar friends called Tommy. I love ...Rate it:

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Gregory Parable, LL.D.
William Schwenck Gilbert
A leafy cot, where no dry rot Had ever been by tenant seen, Where ivy clung and wopses stung, Where beeses hummed and drummed and strummed, Where t...Rate it:

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Hymn 156
Isaac Watts
Presumption and despair; or, Satan's various temptations. I hate the tempter and his charms, I hate his flatt'ring breath; The serpent takes a tho...Rate it:

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Hymn 78
Isaac Watts
The strength of Christ's love. SS 8:5-7,13,14. [Who is this fair one in distress, That travels from the wilderness? And pressed with sorrows and...Rate it:

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I Don’t Feel Like Feeling Anymore
Devon Cote
I don’t feel like feeling anymore I sit here in my thoughts Trying to make sense Of what I am supposed to think. But all I get is pain From the hea...Rate it:

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I Feel Your Touch
Devil Poet
I shall not cut short my hair Still I feel touch of your finger in my hair I do feel how your finger crawl inside my dark hair. How can I meet yo...Rate it:

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Influence of Natural Objects
William Wordsworth
Wisdom and Spirit of the universe! Thou Soul, that art the Eternity of thought! And giv'st to forms and images a breath And everlasting motion! ...Rate it:

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Introductory 03
Sa di
I was one night meditating on the time which had elapsed, repenting of the life I had squandered and perforating the stony mansion of my heart with...Rate it:

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Jinny the Just
Matthew Prior
Releas'd from the noise of the butcher and baker Who, my old friends be thanked, did seldom forsake her, And from the soft duns of my landlord th...Rate it:

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Jock O The Side
Andrew Lang
Now Liddisdale has ridden a raid, But I wat they had better staid at hame; For Mitchell o Winfield he is dead, And my son Johnie is prisner tane? W...Rate it:

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Josephus Riley
Barcroft Henry Thomas Boake
The rum was rich and rare, There were wagers in the air, The atmosphere was rosy, and the tongues were wagging free; But one was in the revel Whose...Rate it:

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LA PENALE (The Fine)
Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli
Li preti, già sse sa, fanno la caccia A 'gni sorte de spece de quadrini. Mo er mi' curato ha messo du' carlini De murta a chi vò dì 'na parolacc...Rate it:

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Lady Constance
Sydney Thompson Dobell
My Love, my Lord, I think the toil of glorious day is done. I see thee leaning on thy jewelled sword, And a light-hearted child of France Is dancin...Rate it:

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Robert William Service
Of course you've heard of the Nancy Lee, and how she sailed away On her famous quest of the Arctic flea, to the wilds of Hudson's Bay? For it was a...Rate it:

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Madeline in Church
Charlotte Mary Mew
Here, in the darkness, where this plaster saint Stands nearer than God stands to our distress, And one small candle shines, but not so faint...Rate it:

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Malcolm's Katie: A Love Story - Part III.
Isabella Valancy Crawford
The great farm house of Malcolm Graem stood Square shoulder'd and peak roof'd upon a hill, With many windows looking everywhere; So that no distant...Rate it:

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Mere Light
Abinash Parajuli
Short struggle Fading with failure Results in a long run pain Ruptured heart Why won’t it fade out? Keeps on burning ablaze Over and over again Fal...Rate it:

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Mister William
William Schwenck Gilbert
OH, listen to the tale of MISTER WILLIAM, if you please, Whom naughty, naughty judges sent away beyond the seas. He forged a party's will, which ca...Rate it:

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Sir Henry Newbolt
Past seven o'clock: time to be gone; Twelfth-night's over and dawn shivering up: A hasty cut of the loaf, a steaming cup, Down to the door, and the...Rate it:

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Morning Twilight
Charles Baudelaire
Reveille was sounding on barrack-squares, and the wind of dawn blew on lighted stairs. It was the hour when a swarm of evil visions torments swarth...Rate it:

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