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Fatal Love
Matthew Prior
fatal his patience, as cruel the dame, And cursed was the weather that quench'd the man's flame. WhRate it:

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Felix Randal
Gerard Manley Hopkins
contended? Sickness broke him. Impatient, he cursed at first, but mended Being anointed |&| allRate it:

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First Love
William Schwenck Gilbert
the least, - He wasn't even poor. No - he was cursed with acres fat (A Christian's direst ban), AnRate it:

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For the Better
Anne Kingsmill Finch
Skill in Physick bred, With frequent Visits cursed his Patient's Bed; Enquiring, how he did his BRate it:

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Foxhound Puppies
William Henry Ogilvie
protest; Foxhound puppies, Delinquent puppies, Cursed for a moment and then caressed! Wandering outRate it:

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France--December 1870
George Meredith
dying in vain, Mother of Reason is she, trebly cursed, To feel, to see, to justify the blow; ChambeRate it:

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Frederick and Alice
Sir Walter Scott
sobs, Loud the laugh of frenzy rose. Wild she cursed, and wild she pray'd; Seven long days and nigRate it:

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Frogs in chorus
Andrew Barton Paterson
of he knew not what. "The world is rotten, oh cursed plight, That I am the frog that must set it Rate it:

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From Mount Ebal
John Bunyan
his due Is that from whence all miseries ensue. Cursed, saith he, are thy that do transgress The lRate it:

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From Perugia
John Greenleaf Whittier
drive home To the hearts of the malcontents, cursed and abhorred, The good Father's missives, and 'Rate it:

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Robert William Service
stabs the heart. Brave writing that! It seems a cursed shame That to a bonfire it should play it's Rate it:

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Ghazal 03
Shams al-Din Hafiz
love she would extol. Whether profane or even cursed, I'll reply only in praise Sweetness of tongueRate it:

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Emma Lazarus
the slave Of the Idea, a pilgrim far and wide, Cursed, hated, spurned, and scourged with none to saRate it:

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Sir Henry Newbolt
rebel among them all But pulled his trigger and cursed his aim, For lightly swung and rightly swungRate it:

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Ginger's Cobber
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
the ship. 'E 'ad nice manners an' 'e never cursed; Which set Mick's teeth on edge, as you may tip. Rate it:

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God's Grief
Robert William Service
pray, "Make strong our arms that we may slay Our cursed foe and win the day." "Lord God of Battles,Rate it:

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Godolphin Horne
Hilaire Belloc
Who was cursed with the Sin of Pride, and Became a Boot-Black. Godolphin Horne was Nobly Born; He held the Human Race in Scorn, And lived with al...Rate it:

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Gotham - Book I
Charles Churchill
sons were known, and Europe's crimes! Gold, cursed gold! slept in the womb of earth, Unfelt its misRate it:

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Edna St. Vincent Millay
it for this I uttered prayers, And sobbed and cursed and kicked the stairs, That now, domestiRate it:

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Had Room For None Else
Nikhil Parekh
you even as the whole planet outside satanically cursed and wailed; and the corridors of my truncatRate it:

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Heroic Poem in Praise of Wine
Hilaire Belloc
hatreds crawl: These are the Water-Drinkers, cursed all! On what gin-sodden Hags, what flaccid sireRate it:

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Higher Given
Kurt Philip Behm
facts rearrange Belief and knowledge, cursed to define The weakness of reason —transcendencRate it:

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His Boys
Robert William Service
rascal, following hard on my heel. I fancy I cursed you, Billy; but not so much as I ought! And soRate it:

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Robert William Service
to play, And eat the fatted calf? Ah no, I cursed and ran away. My eyes were blears of whisky tearsRate it:

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Holger Drachmann
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
you Pan, the ancient god! They cried aloud and cursed your future lot? Your gallant feat they held Rate it:

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