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The First and the Last
Brian Kirchner
first. Choice in our hands: Life blessed or cursed.Rate it:

(5.00 / 1 vote)
There is Blood on the Earth
John Boyle O'Reilly
men atone. Blind, like the creatures of time; Cursed, like all the race, They answer: '' The blooRate it:

(5.00 / 1 vote)
No Place To Hide
Kurt Philip Behm
futility he warns me again In words that are cursed and bathed in disgust… “You can run to your MuRate it:

(4.33 / 3 votes)
Edwin Arlington Robinson
Till his dimmed eyes for us did overflow; We cursed his vengeless hands thrice wretchedly, -- AnRate it:

(4.20 / 5 votes)
Address to the Devil
Robert Burns
cam to Paradise incog, 93 And play'd on man a cursed brogue, 94 (Black be your fa'!) 95 ARate it:

(4.00 / 4 votes)
At Her Window
Henry Kendall
that there are those among my sex Who are so cursed with small-souled selfishness That they do giveRate it:

(4.00 / 1 vote)
To A Louse
Robert Burns
set your beauties a' abread! Ye little ken what cursed speed The blastie's makin! Thae winks aRate it:

(4.00 / 3 votes)
William Henry Ogilvie
rest With faces haggard and drawn; They cursed the red Sun into the west And they curse him out Rate it:

(3.29 / 7 votes)
A Song Of Parting
Edith Nesbit
'to bless you--none the less That you have cursed my life eternally!' She laughed--my pretty chinRate it:

(3.00 / 1 vote)
Death and Dying Words of Poor Mailie, The
Robert Burns
my master a' my tale; An' bid him burn this cursed tether, An' for thy pains thou'se get my blathRate it:

(3.00 / 2 votes)
On The Slaughter
Hayyim Nahman Bialik
by your bloodshed and be cleansed by it. And cursed be the man who says: Avenge!  No such revenge Rate it:

(3.00 / 1 vote)
Z---------'s Dream
Anne Brontë
unmoved, had heard his prayer; This tongue had cursed him suffering there, And moRate it:

(2.80 / 5 votes)
with love's flames still burned, Being by his cursed oath enchained, Of his sad slavery complained,Rate it:

(2.00 / 1 vote)
A Byzantine Nobleman In Exile Composing Verses
Constantine P. Cavafy
me, me first of all. But exiled here (may she be cursed, that viper Irini Doukaina) , and incrediblRate it:

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A Death More Horrific Than What Death Could Ever Be
Nikhil Parekh
know whether to timelessly incarcerate every cursed breath of mine in chains of isolation; or whethRate it:

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A Death More Treacherous
Nikhil Parekh
it to metamorphose into a mortuary of forlornly cursed betrayal; it died a death more insane than wRate it:

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A Dilettante
Augusta Davies Webster
waste, the thorns, the nettle, each would seem cursed with the unloveliness of evil things. So bRate it:

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A Fairly Sad Tale
Dorothy Parker
go on, till ends my rope, Who from my birth was cursed with hope. A heart in half is chaste, archaiRate it:

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A Fairy Tale
Amy Lowell
But always there was one unbidden guest Who cursed the child and left it bitterness. The fire fRate it:

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A Garden Idyl
George Meredith
as in her mother tongue, While low the weaver cursed her lures, Remarked, 'You have me; I am yours.Rate it:

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A Hero
Robert William Service
hear its thunder louder roll, Coming to crush my cursed brain . . . Oh God, have mercy on my soul! Rate it:

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A Ioyfull medytacyon to all Englonde of the coronacyon of our moost naturall souerayne lorde kynge Henry the eyght.
Stephen Hawes
To shewe thy beames thou darest not presume So cursed thou arte withouten stablenes Deuoyde of gRate it:

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A Losing Game
Kurt Philip Behm
what’s false conscripts Our need to know —a cursed dream Has discovery made us better HaveRate it:

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A Meditation
Herman Melville
or South they reeked not then, Warm passion cursed the cause of war: Can Africa pay back this bloodRate it:

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A Mood
Frederick George Scott
AS some great cloud upon a mountain's breast, Hanging for ever, shutteth out the sun, Its chilly fingers twining in the trees And blighting them, s...Rate it:

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