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A Border Burn
Alfred Austin
deaf to sound from neighbouring glen Of summer-cooing doves, Hear but your voice, and deem it then Rate it:

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A Love Song from the North
Sarojini Naidu
wooing, And sweet in the gardens the calling and cooing Of passionate bulbul and dove.... But what Rate it:

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A Possibility
Ambrose Bierce
no more of billing There would be no more of cooing And we all should be but owls Lonely fowls BlinRate it:

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A Sultrier Dawn
Boris Pasternak
up on the eaves Above your window A dove kept cooing. Like shirtsleeves The boughs seemed frayedRate it:

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Roderic Quinn
clover. Acushla! Acushla! The cushat dove is cooing; It's little that a man may do, Whose heart is Rate it:

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Armenian Lullaby
Eugene Field
You wakeful one, you naughty son, You cooing little turtle! Rate it:

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Artemis To Actaeon
Edith Wharton
weanlings, doves immaculate, Twin-cooing in the osier-plaited cage, And ivy-garlands glaucous with Rate it:

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At End Of A Holiday
Roderic Quinn
air. Was it love, or a dove in the tall tree cooing? Was it love, or a dove that loitered nigh? TheRate it:

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Baby's First Journey
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
next journey is into this chair. Crying or cooing or waking or sleeping, Baby is ever a thing to aRate it:

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Sydney Thompson Dobell
green, Thro' the verdurous aisles the doves are cooing, And the birds of smaller quire, As fairies Rate it:

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Colum-Cille’s Farewell To Ireland
Douglas Hyde
On the brink of the summer the pigeons are cooing And doves in the lawn. Three things am I leavRate it:

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Isabella Valancy Crawford
in the clear blue sky And kept my doves from cooing at my feet. My lute lay there, bound with the Rate it:

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Eden bower
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
the hour!) Then ope thine ear to my warm mouth's cooing And learn what deed remains for our doing. Rate it:

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Elegiac II.
Arthur Hugh Clough
in melody Thrushes clear piping, wood-pigeons cooing, arousing Loudly the nightingale, loudly the sRate it:

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Evangeline: Part The First. II.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
of wings in the drowsy air, and the cooing of pigeons, All were subdued and low as the murmurs of lRate it:

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Frances Keeps Her Promise
Ann Taylor
you,' said the child; 'I'll have a beauteous cooing dove, So harmless, innocent, and mild. ' 'YoRate it:

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Frank Little At Calvary
Lola Ridge
in the slow fumbling summer leaves, Cooing and calling All winged and avid things Waking the early Rate it:

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Garden Street
Roderic Quinn
their lungs, out-breathing balm. Now the cooing of doves is heard, Now the song of a single bird; BRate it:

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Goblin Market
Christina Georgina Rossetti
heard a voice like voice of doves Cooing all together: They sounded kind and full of loves In the pRate it:

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Green Fields And Running Brooks
James Whitcomb Riley
guests of chance With a golden tolerance, Cooing doves, or pensive pair Of picnickers, straying thRate it:

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In September
Roderic Quinn
is up and doing, And the doves of Love are cooing? O the lovers she discovers Heart and heart togetRate it:

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In the Dim Counties
John Shaw Neilson
in the yellowing, Love at the turn, Love o' the cooing lip— how should he burn? The little street Rate it:

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Alfred Austin
see if She be there. Sweet stockdove! cooing in the flushing wood, On one green bough brooding tilRate it:

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Manus Animam Pinxit
Francis Thompson
love: Whose form is as a grove Hushed with the cooing of an unseen dove; Whose spirit to my touch tRate it:

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Alice Guerin Crist
muslins, Courteous gallants bowing low. Hear the cooing flutes and violins, ‘Tis a waltz song sweetRate it:

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