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Conquest Of Prejudice
Charles Lamb
good friends; The school, by Orme's example won, Contend who most shall make amends For former sligRate it:

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Don Juan: Dedication
George Gordon Lord Byron
me, who, wandering with pedestrian Muses, Contend not with you on the winged steed, I wisRate it:

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Elegy V. He Compares the Turbulence of Love With the Tranquillity of Friendship
William Shenstone
and ocean mingle in the fray. But let or air contend, or ocean rave, Even Hope subside, amid the bRate it:

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Elegy XVI. He Suggests the Advantage of Birth To a Person of Merit
William Shenstone
gave th' ethereal hue: Can base plebeian forms contend with mine, Display the lovely white, or matcRate it:

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Epitaphium Reverendi viri, D. Mosis Fowler, primi Ecclesiæ Collegiatæ Ripponensis Decani
John Ashmore
Heaven, Earth, and Men for one thing do contend: Each one doth Fowler chalenge to be his. Gods Messenger, from Heaven, this strife to end, Desce...Rate it:

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Epitaphs Translated From Chiabrera
William Wordsworth
the depth of studious bowers, And doomed him to contend in faithless courts, Where gold determines Rate it:

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Fingal - Book V
James Macpherson
ocean, when two spirits meet far distant, and contend for the rolling of waves. The hunter hears thRate it:

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Fragment: Yes! All Is Past
Percy Bysshe Shelley
wherefore dost thou roam? And canst thou not contend with agony, That thus at midnight thou dost qRate it:

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Charlotte Brontë
so ? Is this my fate ? Can I nor struggle, nor contend ? And am I doomed for years to wait, WatchinRate it:

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Friendship and Love
Mark Akenside
Lady. Friendship: In vain thy lawless Fires contend with mine, Tho' Crouds unnumber'd fall beforeRate it:

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From The 'Antigone'
William Butler Yeats
and friend, Family and family, City and city may contend, By that great glory driven wild. Pray I Rate it:

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Greek Love-Talk
Rainer Maria Rilke
the stars. Over your breasts we will together contend: since as glowingly shining they've ripened,Rate it:

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Grief's Harmonics
Francis Thompson
did her body rend, And thus with Heaven contend:- 'Let pass the chalice of this coming dread, Or thRate it:

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Hero And Leander
Friedrich Schiller
is the time, when night and day, In equal scales contend for sway-- Lone, on her rocky steep, LingRate it:

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Hymn 82
Isaac Watts
Shall the vile race of flesh and blood Contend with their Creator God? Shall mortal worms presumeRate it:

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Hymn 86
Isaac Watts
of Adam's race Be pure before their God? If he contend in righteousness, We fall beneath his rod. Rate it:

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Hymn 87
Isaac Watts
ease the sorrows of the mind. ["When I contend against their sin, I make them know how vile they'vRate it:

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If This Were Faith
Robert Louis Stevenson
again, And be mauled to the earth and arise, And contend for the shade of a word and a thing not seRate it:

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In Camp Before Philippsburg
cannons rend While warriors with fierce rage contend, The thoughtless French drink, laugh, and singRate it:

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In flanders
Eugene Field
Did that impious horde in Flanders! Some folks contend that these oaths without end Began among tRate it:

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In the Holy Nativity of our Lord
Richard Crashaw
A cold, and not too cleanly, manger? Contend, ye powers of heav'n and earth, To fit a bed Rate it:

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Inscriptions: IV: O Youths And Virgins
Mark Akenside
bright renown; or who for nobler palms Contend, the leaders of a public cause; Approach: behold thiRate it:

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Introduction To The True-Born Englishman
Daniel Defoe
pretend To birth and blood, and for a name contend. Go back to causes where our follies dwell, And Rate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 06 - part 03
Torquato Tasso
'These fools thus under foot I tread, This dare contend with me in equal mart.' Tancred for anger sRate it:

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John Milton
and judge the prize Of wit or arms, while both contend To win her grace whom all commend. There letRate it:

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