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Andrew Barton Paterson
and, by George, it's full of beer, And no commanding officer to come and interfere. Here's my ownRate it:

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Sidney Lanier
of his timid time And sings up cowards with commanding rhyme -- Soul calm, like thee, yet fain, liRate it:

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Charles Churchill
thy brow serene, Thy open front, thy love-commanding eye, Where fifty Cupids, as in ambush, lie, WhRate it:

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Dreams Nascent
David Herbert Lawrence
limbs as they move Out of the distance, nearer, commanding my dreamy world. Here in the subtle, rRate it:

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Edgar Allan Poe
surely is most fit [Logic and common usage so commanding] In thy own book that first thy name bRate it:

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Evangeline: Part The First. I.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
house of the farmer Stood on the side of a hill commanding the sea; and a shady Sycamore grew by thRate it:

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Walt Whitman
This face is a life-boat; This is the face commanding and bearded, it asks no odds of the restRate it:

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Fishermen—Not Of Galilee
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
terrors to lull; On the shore standing, mutely commanding, 'Let down your nets!'--And they draws Rate it:

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For President, Leland Stanford
Ambrose Bierce
advance. Mahomet Stanford exerted his will, Commanding: 'In Allah's name, hither, hill!' Never an iRate it:

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Thomas Campbell
When the drum beat at dead of night, 7 Commanding fires of death to light 8 The darRate it:

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Hongree and Mahry
William Schwenck Gilbert
inside his barrack letter-box A note from the commanding officer, Requiring his attendance at head-Rate it:

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Hope Triumphant in Death
Thomas Campbell
comes, unheard by other ears. 'Tis Heaven's commanding trumpet, long and loud, Like Sinai's thunderRate it:

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Humble home. But rum, and charcoal...
Boris Pasternak
latticed Work-encompassed vault of air. Voice, commanding as a levy, Does not leave a thing immuneRate it:

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I can’t prevent myself from singing
Thibaut de Champagne
beyond discovering: ‘Love! Love! Love!’ ever commanding. No other argument’s there but kisses, And Rate it:

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I Spoke Allah
Nikhil Parekh
triggering its start, I spoke a superlatively commanding SLEEP; to the innocuously stubborn childRate it:

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Jerusalem Delivered - Book 01 - part 03
Torquato Tasso
of sedition, strife, oppression, tort, I mean commanding power to sundry given, In thought, opinionRate it:

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Licia Sonnets 13
Giles Fletcher The Elder
Enamored Jove commanding did entreat Cupid to wound my love, which he denied, And swore he could not for she wanted heat And would not love, as ...Rate it:

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Lines Written on the Sunny Side of Frankfort Street
Franklin P. Adams
you return, A slave to duty's harsh commanding call, Will you, I wonder, ever sigh and yearn At Rate it:

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Lord Lundy
Hilaire Belloc
if his father Lord Dunquerque Said "Hi!" in a Commanding Tone, "Hi, Lundy! Leave the Cat alone!" LoRate it:

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Man the Monarch
Mary Leapor
Ages runs: Sires, Brothers, Husbands, and commanding Sons, The Sceptre claim; and ev'ry Cottage briRate it:

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Mercury And Cupid
Matthew Prior
one Day Jove Sent Hermes down to Ida's Grove, Commanding Cupid to deliver His Store of Darts, his Rate it:

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Musophilus Containing A General Defence Of All Learning (ex
Samuel Daniel
eloquence, That with the strong rein of commanding words Dost manage, guide, and mastRate it:

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My Lady
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
me leave; thus, if obedience was wrong, your commanding must be my reprieve. Let my love be eveRate it:

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Emily Pauline Johnson
wide brow; God-like and grand all nature is commanding The "peace that passes human understandingRate it:

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Ode to Fancy
Joseph Warton
crown'd, Waving in thy snowy hand An all-commanding magic wand, Of pow'r to bid fresh gardens blow,Rate it:

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