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Letter to S.S. from Mametz Wood
Robert Graves
I never dreamed we’d meet that day In our old haunts down Fricourt way, Plotting such marvellous journeys there For jolly old “Après-la-guerre.”...Rate it:

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My dog barks incessantly through the night
my dog barks incessantly through the night at ghouls and ghost only a dog's eye can sight for I swear when I look there's nothing to be seen he b...Rate it:

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Passionate Love
Nikhil Parekh
One shouldn't sleep more than necessary; as extra sleep induces paramount laziness; ruins the ability of a person to work diligently, One shouldn...Rate it:

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Song of the Rain
Hugh McCrae
Night, and the yellow pleasure of candle-light.... old brown books and the kind, fine face of the clock fogged in the veils of the fire - it's c...Rate it:

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The Bankrupt Peace-Maker
Vachel Lindsay
I opened the ink-well and smoke filled the room. The smoke formed the giant frog-cat of my doom. His web feet left dreadful slime tracks on the flo...Rate it:

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The Manlet
Lewis Carroll
In stature the Manlet was dwarfish-- No burly, big Blunderbore he; And he wearily gazed on the crawfish His Wifelet had dressed for his tea. 'Now r...Rate it:

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Alan Parry-Booth
A CASE FOR THERAPY I was a late developer Well that’s what people said Rather shy with ladies My cheeks would oft turn red. When I was with a pre...Rate it:

(4.50 / 2 votes)
Alan Parry-Booth
GOODBYE TO OUR LOCALS. They’re closing down our watering holes Yes, shutting British pubs The Queens and Cat and Fiddle Are now pole dancing clubs...Rate it:

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A Christmas Carol
George Wither
So now is come our joyful'st feast, Let every man be jolly. Each room with ivy leaves is drest, And every post with holly. Though some churls at ou...Rate it:

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Address to the Devil
Robert Burns
1 O thou! whatever title suit thee,-- 2 Auld Hornie, Satan, Nick, or Clootie! 3 Wha in yon cavern, grim an' sootie, 4 Clos'd u...Rate it:

(4.00 / 4 votes)
For Now
Agi Mishol
The days resemble one another the cat’s sharp claws rest deep in her paws in the yard the dogs gnaw a rabbit’s skull and my shadow grows very long...Rate it:

(4.00 / 2 votes)
My love
Charmaine Minor
My love for you is deep,Look into my soul and take a peek, The way you hold me feel so good,You are mine is that understood,,I love you for all th...Rate it:

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Sweet Meat Has Sour Sauce; Or, The Slave-Trader In The Dumps
William Cowper
A trader I am to the African shore, But since that my trading is like to be o'er, I'll sing you a song that you ne'er heard before, Which nobody ...Rate it:

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Robinson Crusoe's Story
Charles Edward Carryl
THE night was thick and hazy When the 'Piccadilly Daisy' Carried down the crew and captain in the sea; And I think the water drowned...Rate it:

(3.33 / 3 votes)
Kail Yard Bard
Robert William Service
A very humble pen I ply Beneath a cottage thatch; And in the sunny hours I try To till my cabbage patch; And in the gloaming glad am I ...Rate it:

(3.00 / 1 vote)
An Ode To The Hills
Archibald Lampman
AEons ago ye were, Before the struggling changeful race of man Wrought into being, ere the tragic stir Of human toil and deep desire began: So shal...Rate it:

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Of the Mean and Sure Estate
Sir Thomas Wyatt
My mother's maids, when they did sew and spin, They sang sometime a song of the field mouse, That, for because her livelood was but thin, ...Rate it:

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The Stones of Gosh
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now, here is a tale of the Glugs of Gosh, In the end of the year umteen; Of the Glugs of Gosh and their great King Splosh, And Tush, his virtuous ...Rate it:

(2.00 / 1 vote)
Willie Wastle
Robert Burns
Willie Wastle dwalt on Tweed, The spot they ca'd it Linkumdoddie. Willie was a wabster guid Could stown a clue wi onie body. He had a wife was ...Rate it:

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Ralph Waldo Emerson
Thousand minstrels woke within me, "Our music's in the hills; "— Gayest pictures rose to win me, Leopard-colored rills. Up!—If thou knew'st who cal...Rate it:

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Nobody Cometh To Woo
John Clare
On Martinmas eve the dogs did bark, And I opened the window to see, When every maiden went by with her spark But neer a one came to me. And O dear ...Rate it:

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A Ballad for Elderly Kids
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Now this is the ballad of Jeremy Jones, And likewise of Bobadil Brown, Of the Snooks and the Snaggers and Macs and Malones, And Diggle and Daggle a...Rate it:

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A Brave Refrain
James Whitcomb Riley
When snow is here, and the trees look weird, And the knuckled twigs are gloved with frost; When the breath congeals in the drover's beard, And the ...Rate it:

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A Bushman's Song
Andrew Barton Paterson
I’M travellin’ down the Castlereagh, and I’m a station hand, I’m handy with the ropin’ pole, I’m handy with the brand, And I can ride a rowdy col...Rate it:

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A Canary At The Farm
James Whitcomb Riley
Folks has be'n to town, and Sahry Fetched 'er home a pet canary--, And of all the blame', contrary, Aggervatin' things alive! I love music-- that I...Rate it:

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