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Cherrylog Road
James Dickey
Amidst the gray breathless batting That burst from the seat at our backs. We left by separate Rate it:

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Childe Harold's Pilgrimage: A Romaunt. Canto II.
George Gordon Lord Byron
urn saith more than thousand homilies. V. Or burst the vanish'd Hero's lofty mound; Far on the sRate it:

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Chorus of Fire
Robert Wadsworth Lowry
throng. Refrain O! chorus of fire, That will burst from God’s choir, When the loud hallelujahs leRate it:

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Robert Browning
I. OUT of the little chapel I burst Into the fresh night air again. I had waited a good five minutes first In the doorway, to escape the rain That ...Rate it:

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Concerning Resolution
Thomas Parnell
whose firm resolves obtain Assisting Grace to burst his sinfull chain For him the Days with golden Rate it:

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Conjugated Effect
Xiaoyuan Yin
of energy is reached, and a torrential burst of light surges east. “The hexagon you have shared is Rate it:

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William Lisle Bowles
his dim hand lead thee through these scenes That burst immense around! By mountains, glens, And solRate it:

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Corinne at the Capitol
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
tremblingly at first, Ere the tide of rapture burst. All the spirit of thy sky Now hath lit thy Rate it:

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Siegfried Sassoon
Mute in the clamour of shells he watched them burst Spouting dark earth and wire with gusts from Rate it:

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Craving for Spring
David Herbert Lawrence
stir the rotten globe of the world from within, burst it with germination, with world anew. Come noRate it:

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Cyder: Book I
John Arthur Phillips
Garners, thence with Store Surcharg'd, shall burst; thy Press with purest Juice Shall flow, wRate it:

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James Macpherson
thy brightness. Look from thy gates in the sky. Burst the cloud, O wind! that the daughters of nighRate it:

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Darest Thou Now, O Soul
Walt Whitman
sense, nor any bounds, bound us. Then we burst forth--we float, In Time and Space, O Soul--pRate it:

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David's Fall
John Newton
not been descried; A dreadful flame has often burst, And ravaged far and wide. When sin deceives Rate it:

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Dawn Song
Robert Fuller Murray
I hear a twittering of birds, And now they burst in song. How sweet, although it wants the words! It shall not want them long, For I will set some ...Rate it:

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Robert William Service
Day, not blest but curst! Let savage storm-rack burst, i will not care . . . For Lo! I bear My babyRate it:

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Victor James Daley
where are all the ancient singing-spheres That burst through chaos like the summer's breath ThrouRate it:

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Charles Churchill
by that theme, I soar on wings more strong, And burst forth into praise withheld too long. Much didRate it:

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Dedication Poem
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper
with tears so holden Saw a sparkling fountain burst. Oh! how happy was that mother, What a soothinRate it:

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Demeter and Persephone
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Thine eyes Again were human-godlike, and the Sun Burst from a swimming fleece of winter gray, And rRate it:

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Der mann im keller
Eugene Field
which I am reclining-- Why, who would burst With envious thirst, When he can live by Rate it:

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Devotion ii
Thomas Campion
But if she scorns my never-ceasing pain, Then burst with sighing in her sight, and ne'er return aRate it:

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Do You Think That I Do Not Know?
Henry Lawson
you think that I do not know? When the love-burst came, like an English Spring, In days when ourRate it:

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Donn Piatt Of Mac-O-Chee
James Whitcomb Riley
it strays amid the gloom Of the glens that burst in bloom Of the rarest rhyme for thee, Donn Piatt Rate it:

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Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
the brightness of the summer hour Hath suddenly burst upon the circling gloom! I dream; 'twas butRate it:

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