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The Code—Heroics
Robert Frost
There were three in the meadow by the brook, Gathering up windrows, piling haycocks up, With an eye always lifted toward the west, Where an irre...Rate it:

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Years After the War In Australia
Henry Lawson
The Big rough boys from the runs out back were first where the balls flew free, And yelled in the slang of the Outside Track: ‘By God, it’s a Chris...Rate it:

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A Married Coquette
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Sit still, I say, and dispense with heroics! I hurt your wrists? Well, you have hurt me. It is time you found out that all men are not stoics, Nor ...Rate it:

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Langue D'Oc
Ezra Pound
Alba When the nightingale to his mate Sings day-long and night late My love and I keep state In bower, In flower, ''Till the watchman on the tower...Rate it:

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The Bonfire
Robert Frost
OH, let’s go up the hill and scare ourselves, As reckless as the best of them to-night, By setting fire to all the brush we piled With pitchy ha...Rate it:

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The Red Lacquer Music-Stand
Amy Lowell
A music-stand of crimson lacquer, long since brought In some fast clipper-ship from China, quaintly wrought With bossed and carven flowers and frui...Rate it:

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The Common Man
Julian Tuwim
When plastered billboards scream with slogans 'fight for your country, go to battle' When media's print assults your senses, 'Support our leader...Rate it:

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War-Song Of The Spanish Patriots
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
YE who burn with glory's flame! Ye who love the Patriot's fame; Ye who scorn oppressive might, Rise! in freedom's cause unite; Castilians rise! Har...Rate it:

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Gerard Manley Hopkins
This darksome burn, horseback brown, His rollrock highroad roaring down, In coop and in comb the fleece of his foam Flutes and low to the lake f...Rate it:

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A Cry to Arms
Henry Timrod
Ho! woodsmen of the mountain side! Ho! dwellers in the vales! Ho! ye who by the chafing tide Have roughened in the gales! Leave barn and byre, leav...Rate it:

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A War March
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Ow! Wow! Wow! (Funeral note sustained by flutes, suggesting a long-bodied, short-legged, large-headed dog in anguish.) Ow! Wow! We are the peop...Rate it:

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Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight
Vachel Lindsay
It is portentous, and a thing of state That here at midnight, in our little town A mourning figure walks, and will not rest, Near the old court-hou...Rate it:

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Adieux à Marie Stuart
Algernon Charles Swinburne
I. QUEEN, for whose house my fathers fought, With hopes that rose and fell, Red star of boyhood’s fiery thought, Farewell They gave their lives, ...Rate it:

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At The Gate Of The Convent
Alfred Austin
Beside the Convent Gate I stood, Lingering to take farewell of those To whom I owed the simple good Of three days' peace, three nights' repose. My...Rate it:

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Before the Altar
Amy Lowell
Before the Altar, bowed, he stands With empty hands; Upon it perfumed offerings burn Wreathing with smoke the sacrificial urn. Not one of all t...Rate it:

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Come Back to St Andrews
Robert Fuller Murray
Come back to St. Andrews! Before you went away You said you would be wretched where you could not see the Bay, The East sands and the West sands an...Rate it:

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Dante, Shakespeare, Milton - From
Sydney Thompson Dobell
Doctor. Ah! thou, too, Sad Alighieri, like a waning moon Setting in storm behind a grove of bays! Balder. Yes, the great Florentine,...Rate it:

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David Herbert Lawrence
Many years have I still to burn, detained Like a candle flame on this body; but I enshine A darkness within me, a presence which sleeps contained...Rate it:

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Hope Triumphant in Death
Thomas Campbell
Unfading Hope! when life's last embers burn - When soul to soul, and dust to dust return, Heaven to thy charge resigns the awful hour! Oh! then th...Rate it:

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In The Forest
Sarojini Naidu
HERE, O my heart, let us burn the dear dreams that are dead, Here in this wood let us fashion a funeral pyre Of fallen white petals and leaves th...Rate it:

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Invocation to the Mad Queen
Harry Crosby
I would you were the hollow ship fashioned to bear the cargo of my love the unrelenting glove hurled in defiance at our blackest world or that grea...Rate it:

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Licia Sonnets 19
Giles Fletcher The Elder
That time, fair Licia, when I stole a kiss, From off those lips, where Cupid lovely laid, I quaked for cold, and found the cause was this: My li...Rate it:

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Limerick: There was a Young Person of Smyrna,
Edward Lear
There was a Young Person of Smyrna, Whose Grandmother threatened to burn her; But she seized on the cat, And said, 'Granny, burn that! You incongru...Rate it:

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Modern Beauty
Arthur Symons
I am the torch, she saith, and what to me If the moth die of me? I am the flame Of Beauty, and I burn that all may see Beauty, and I have neither j...Rate it:

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Robert Nichols
As I walk the misty hill All is languid, fogged, and still; Not a note of any bird Nor any motion's hint is heard, Save from soaking thickets round...Rate it:

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