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A Psalm Of Subjection
Joseph Furphy
Have done with bluff, for Satan's sake, A bulrush never can be strong. You're overmatch'd — makRate it:

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Edith Nesbit
water shines, Tread the soft bank whereby the bulrush grows-- I want to be no more myself, but beRate it:

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By a Norfolk Broad
Ada Cambridge
and sharper in the glow the iris and the bulrush grow. A faint dawn glimmers on the sedge, the grasRate it:

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Nightfall In The Fens
Ada Cambridge
sharper in the pallid glow the stems of flag and bulrush grow. 17. A faint dawn breaks on yondRate it:

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Pygmaeo-gerano-machia: The Battle Of The Pygmies and Cranes
James Beattie
through the bogs. Pierced by the javelin bulrush on the shore, Here, agonizing, roll'd the mouse inRate it:

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The King's Pilgrimage
Rudyard Kipling
thistle had been master of it all, Or the bulrush by the flood. And there was neither blade of graRate it:

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The Messiah : A Sacred Eclogue
Alexander Pope
late abodes, The green reed trembles, and the bulrush nods. Waste sandy vallies once perplex'd withRate it:

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The Slave In The Dismal Swamp
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
will-o'-the-wisps and glow-worms shine, In bulrush and in brake; Where waving mosses shroud the pinRate it:

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Will O' The Wisp
George Meredith
and burrow, Fen and furrow, Down into the bulrush beds, 'Midst the reeds and osier heads, In thRate it:

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Youth and Art
Robert Browning
stalls in our street looked rare 36 With bulrush and watercresses. 37 Why did not you piRate it:

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