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Gunner Joe
Marriott Edgar
to the top for assistance, Then down to the bottom he'd go; This up and down kind of existence, MaRate it:

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Gwine to Run All Night, or De Camptown Races
Stephen C. Foster
Doo-dah! doo-dah! 12 [Solo] Can't touch bottom wid a ten foot pole -- [Chorus] Oh! doo-dah-day! Rate it:

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Hafbur And Signy
William Morris
green, Never gat Hafbur so big a bowl But the bottom soon was seen. In there came the evil nurse IRate it:

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Halfway Down
Alan Alexander Milne
any other stair quite like it. i'm not at the bottom, i'm not at the top; so this is the stair wherRate it:

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Hermann And Dorothea - IV. Euterpe
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
the highway to find him, For the doors at the bottom, like those at the top, of the vineyard Stood Rate it:

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Hiawatha's Lamentation
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
ice beneath him, Dragged him downward to the bottom, Buried in the sand his body. Unktahee, the godRate it:

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Home Burial
Robert Frost
He saw her from the bottom of the stairs Before she saw him. She was starting down, Looking back over her shoulder at some fear. She took a doubtfu...Rate it:

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if A Raindrop
Mario William Vitale
being much like love itself starting at the bottom with splinters and thorns getting to the topRate it:

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Inferno Canto 01
Dante Alighieri
il cor compunto , But when I'd reached the bottom of a hill- it rose along the boundary of the valRate it:

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Inscription For A Fountain On A Heath
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
cone of sand its soundless dance, Which at the bottom, like a Fairy's Page, As merry and no taller,Rate it:

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Kurt Philip Behm
Can there be a top without a bottom A beginning without an end A middle without two flanking sides Reality without pretend Can you stop...Rate it:

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It Dropped So Low -- In My Regard --
Emily Dickinson
the Ground -- And go to pieces on the Stones At bottom of my Mind -- Yet blamed the Fate that flunRate it:

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It dropped so low in my regard
Emily Dickinson
the ground, And go to pieces on the stones At bottom of my mind; Yet blamed the fate that fractRate it:

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January Morning
William Carlos Williams
under your chiffonier at its warped bass-wood bottom and your soul -- out! -- among the little Rate it:

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Jenny Carrister, The Heroine of Lucknow-Mine
William Topaz McGonagall
task would be ended; And when she reached the bottom of the mine she did not hesitate, But boundingRate it:

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John Rouat the Fisherman
William Topaz McGonagall
dismay when she returned home, She found the bottom forced from the box, and the money gone. ThenRate it:

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Jubilate Agno: Fragment B, Part 3
Christopher Smart
For the Scotchman seeks for truth at the bottom of a well, the Englishman in the Heavn of HeavensRate it:

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June Nights
Victor Marie Hugo
her hour Seems to wander all night at the bottom of the sky. Rate it:

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Knotted inside me
Rochelle Potkar
gang-boy rage. I, with the other girls were bottom-felt, walking through the college corridors. Rate it:

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LA CREAZZIONE DER MONNO (The Creation of The World)
Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli
Birds up, animals midway, and fishes at the bottom: He planted plants, and then said: "That's enoRate it:

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Last night my soul cried O exalted sphere of Heaven
Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi
the earthy ship; behold Kaabas and Meccas at the bottom of this well of Zamzam!” The king says, “BRate it:

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Edna St. Vincent Millay
place to dream, but a place to die,— The bottom of the sea once more. There was a child that wanderRate it:

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Making Love To The Muse
Kurt Philip Behm
price of pretend She looked at me sadly, the bottom came soon My arms reached out madly, to dRate it:

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Man And The Echo
William Butler Yeats
Alt Under broken stone I halt At the bottom of a pit That broad noon has never lit, And shoRate it:

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Marshal Neigh, V.C.
Edward George Dyson
Whirlin' in to bust his boiler, or to kick the bottom out. Rowe he sez: “Well, there's an idjitRate it:

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