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Now List To My Morning's Romanza
Walt Whitman
priests, action, pleasure, pride, beat up and down, seeking to give satisfaction; He inRate it:

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Alfred Lord Tennyson
to be drunk with loss, To dance with death, to beat the ground, Than that the victor Hours shouldRate it:

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Old Town Types No. 7
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
said, 'A wonder! Why, there's nothing got him beat!' Never had he faltered beneath a heavy bag BiRate it:

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On A Sea Wall
Paul Laurence Dunbar
old song That knew an elder time; The breakers' beat is not more strong, Their music more sublime; Rate it:

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On Delia (Bid Adieu, My Sad Heart)
William Cowper
and heat, I feel thee more slowly, more heavily beat; Perhaps overstrained with the quick pulse of Rate it:

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Opening the Bird Cage
Jesus Penaranda
the silence that exsist only between each heart beat. To know this love that can not be seen turn yRate it:

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Paulo Purganti And His Wife: An Honest, But A Simple Pair
Matthew Prior
then in Arms to meet The Enemy, He could not beat; He strove to lengthen the Campaign, And save hisRate it:

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Pioneers! O Pioneers!
Walt Whitman
All the pulses of the world, Falling in, they beat for us, with the western movement beat; HoRate it:

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Queen Matilda
Marriott Edgar
were at Lincoln, Where Stephen were properly beat, At the end of the scrap he were led off a captiRate it:

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Radio Man
Mario William Vitale
of attention with his brand new invention a beat box mixer on his radio taking him places he neededRate it:

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Rain Music
Joseph Seamon Cotter
On the dusty earth-drum Beats the falling rain; Now a whispered murmur, Now a louder strain. Slender, silvery drumsticks, On an ancient drum,...Rate it:

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Rap It Up I'll Take It
Mario William Vitale
rappin' to the rhythm of the sure shot beat It goes one for the money, two for the show You goRate it:

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Regardin' Terry Hut
James Whitcomb Riley
a many a County-seat I ust to think was hard to beat: At constant dreenage and expense I've worked Rate it:

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Lola Ridge
upon you, workers. It is not yet light But I beat upon your doors. You say you await the DawnRate it:

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Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, The
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
the mast at noon--' The Wedding-Guest here beat his breast, For he heard the loud bassoonRate it:

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Algernon Charles Swinburne
kisses sweet, And break again like waves that beat Round the sun's feet. But I, for all this EngliRate it:

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Song of the Wheat
Andrew Barton Paterson
would thrive Must his spurs to a plough-share beat. Is there ever a man in the world alive To Rate it:

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Songs for the Soldiers
Isabella Valancy Crawford
large and joyous strains, all thunder-winged To beat along vast shores. Ay, let their notes Wild inRate it:

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Sonnet XXXII
Edmund Spenser
mollify: that with his heauy sledge he can it beat, and fashion to what he it list apply. Yet cannoRate it:

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Speak Roughly to Your Little Boy
Lewis Carroll
-- "Speak roughly to your little boy, And beat him when he sneezes; He only does it to annoRate it:

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Spirit Whose Work Is Done
Walt Whitman
Rousing the land with breath of flame, while you beat and beat the drum; --Now, as the Rate it:

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Still Falls the Rain
Dame Edith Louisa Sitwell
pulse of the heart that is changed to the hammer-beat In the Potter's Field, and the sound of the iRate it:

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Archibald Lampman
them all their towers of stone Stand and beat back your fierce and tyrannous spells, And hourRate it:

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Stravinsky's Three Pieces
Amy Lowell
are drums here, Banging, And wooden shoes beating the round, grey stones Of the market-place. Whee-Rate it:

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Summer Gone
Dinah Maria Mulock Craik
To lie submissive under household hands With beating heart that no love understands, And scarèd Rate it:

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