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Long Live Godly Life
Nikhil Parekh
Every innocuous step that you have marvelously bequeathed upon my dwindling stride; was unsurpassably more than infinite gardens of spuriously scin...Rate it:

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Lord Robert's Triumphal Entry into Pretoria
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas in the year of 1900, and on the 5th of June, Lord Roberts entered Pretoria in the afternoon; His triumphal entry was magnificent to see, The ...Rate it:

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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Aw, chuck the mail bags over there, It's great to have 'em brought by air; But, now they're here, just sling 'em round, Out anywhere, upon the grou...Rate it:

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Charles Stuart Calverley
1 Canst thou love me, lady? 2 I've not learn'd to woo: 3 Thou art on the shady 4 Side of sixty too. 5 Still I love thee...Rate it:

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Love Guerdons
Edith Nesbit
DEAREST, if I almost cease to weep for you, Do not doubt I love you just the same; 'Tis because my life has grown to keep for you All the hours ...Rate it:

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Love Had Never Seemed So Immortal
Nikhil Parekh
Food had never seemed better than it did today; when I was profusely famished to the last core of my bedraggled intestines; frantically dithering i...Rate it:

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Love In Hades.
Robert Crawford
I saw Love pass with Charon down The pale infernal tide, To visit in the starless town All who for him had died. The gay God and the old Ghost came...Rate it:

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Love Is In The Air
Mario William Vitale
Love is i'm sure the deadliest sin. It's just like a cancer that rots from within. But maybe my words are tainted with hate. If love is your muse, ...Rate it:

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Love Is Not Just A Dream
Nikhil Parekh
Love is not just a definition, It is a boundless reservoir of empathy; not yielding the slightest even in the most acrimonious of storm. Love is ...Rate it:

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Love Magical
Roderic Quinn
IF you had been where I have been (Grey, grey the skies above), And you had seen what I have seen, You would not laugh at love. Seek, seek till you...Rate it:

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Love Not
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton
LOVE not, love not! ye hapless sons of clay! Hope’s gayest wreaths are made of earthly flowers— Things that are made to fade and fall away Er...Rate it:

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Love's Happiness
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
There are a thousand fanciful things Link'd round the young heart's imaginings. In its first love-dream, a leaf or a flower, Is gifted then with...Rate it:

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Love's Palace
Arthur Maquarie
IF the woodland and the heath, And the hedgerows thick with may, And the weed-flowers underneath, And the clambering honey-sheath, And ...Rate it:

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Love's Reward
William Morris
It was a knight of the southern land Rode forth upon the way When the birds sang sweet on either hand About the middle of the May. But when he cam...Rate it:

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Lowry Bay
Hubert Church
I am not here alone. A hidden throng Is round me in the vesper of the sky. Dead Babylon and Nineveh are nigh; Rome, Antioch; the slave who felt ...Rate it:

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Lucasta's Fanne, With A Looking- Glasse In It
Richard Lovelace
I. Eastrich! thou featherd foole, and easie prey, That larger sailes to thy broad vessell needst; Snakes through thy guttur-neck hisse all the da...Rate it:

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Lunacy's Bliss
Kurt Philip Behm
Checking the pulse on insanity’s wrist Its beat never constant, —as demon’s persist The pressure to rise, with each maddening twist Whose he...Rate it:

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Lycus the Centaur
Thomas Hood
FROM AN UNROLLED MANUSCRIPT OF APOLLONIUS CURIUS (The Argument: Lycus, detained by Circe in her magical dominion, is beloved by a Water Nymph, wh...Rate it:

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Lydia Dick
Eugene Field
When I was a boy at college, Filling up with classic knowledge, Frequently I wondered why Old Professor Demas Bently Used to praise so eloquently '...Rate it:

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Madeline in Church
Charlotte Mary Mew
Here, in the darkness, where this plaster saint Stands nearer than God stands to our distress, And one small candle shines, but not so faint...Rate it:

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Make Love Every Moment; Every Day
Nikhil Parekh
The most perfect day for "Cricket" was; when the Sun blazed indefatigably from fathomless sky; with brilliantly invincible streams of lig...Rate it:

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Malcolm's Katie: A Love Story - Part IV.
Isabella Valancy Crawford
From his far wigwam sprang the strong North Wind And rush'd with war-cry down the steep ravines, And wrestl'd with the giants of the woods; And wit...Rate it:

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man And god
Nikhil Parekh
Man pathetically stumbled on every step that he tread; taking Herculean loads of time to find his footing amidst the perilously slippery landscapes...Rate it:

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Many Faces
Jesus Penaranda
With in a crowed room, you scan the many faces. Then in an instant of a moment, the face that stops your heart beat. JPenarandaReflections©2015Rate it:

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Maran-Milan (Death-Wedding)
Rabindranath Tagore
Why do you speak so softly, Death, Death, Creep upon me, watch me so stealthily? This is not how a lover should behave. When evening flowers droop ...Rate it:

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