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Anticipation, October 1803
William Wordsworth
SHOUT, for a mighty Victory is won! On British ground the Invaders are laid low; The breath of Heaven has drifted them like snow, And left them lyi...Rate it:

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William Taylor Collins
Thou who such weary Length hast past, Where wilt thou rest, mad Nymph, at last? Say, wilt thou shroud in haunted Cell, Where gloomy Rape and Mur...Rate it:

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Victor James Daley
On a golden dawn in the dawn sublime Of years ere the stars had ceased to sing, Beautiful out of the sea-deeps cold Aphrodite arose—the Flower of T...Rate it:

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George Meredith
Earth was not Earth before her sons appeared, Nor Beauty Beauty ere young Love was born: And thou when I lay hidden wast as morn At city-windows, t...Rate it:

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Archibald Lampman
Pale season, watcher in unvexed suspense, Still priestess of the patient middle day, Betwixt wild March's humored petulance And the warm wooing of ...Rate it:

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Arabella Stuart
Felicia Dorothea Hemans
And is not love in vain, Torture enough without a living tomb? Byron Fermossi al fin il cor che balzò tanto. Pindemonte I 'TWAS but a dream!–...Rate it:

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Argentile and Curan. - Albion's England (excerpt)
William Warner
The Brutons thus departed hence, seven kingdoms here begun,-- Where diversely in divers broils the Saxons lost and won,-- King Edel and king ...Rate it:

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Army Of Northern Virginia
Stephen Vincent Benet
Army of Northern Virginia, army of legend, Who were your captains that you could trust them so surely? Who were your battle-flags? Call the shapes...Rate it:

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Around The Sun
Katharine Lee Bates
THE weazen planet Mercury, Whose song is done, — Rash heart that drew too near His dazzling lord the Sun!— Forgets that life was dear, So shriveled...Rate it:

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Arsenal at Springfield, The
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
This is the Arsenal. From floor to ceiling, Like a huge organ, rise the burnished arms; But front their silent pipes no anthem pealing Startle...Rate it:

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As Created
James Whitcomb Riley
There's a space for good to bloom in Every heart of man or woman,-- And however wild or human, Or however brimmed with gall, Never heart may beat w...Rate it:

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As Long as
Nikhil Parekh
It was perfectly OK; even if you were profusely fastidious about your food; wanted to eat the most flirtatiously rubicund morsels of tantalizing fr...Rate it:

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As red men die
Emily Pauline Johnson
Captive! Is there a hell to him like this? A taunt more galling than the Huron's hiss? He--proud and scornful, he--who laughed at law, He--scion...Rate it:

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As The Lord Almighty Had Let You Come
Nikhil Parekh
Get of the shadows of others; in order to find your very own optimistic Sun of unflinchingly peerless and brilliantly unfettered; light, Get of t...Rate it:

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As The Troops Went Through
Edward George Dyson
I heard this day, as I may no more, The world's heart throb at my workshop door. The sun was keen, and the day was still; The township drowsed i...Rate it:

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As weary pilgrim, now at rest
Anne Bradstreet
As weary pilgrim, now at rest, Hugs with delight his silent nest His wasted limbes, now lye full soft That myrie steps, haue troden oft Blesses him...Rate it:

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As You Are
Frank Anthony Cimino jr
As waves gently dances across the shore. As the suns rays reflect off the water. As the sunsets a top of far distant trees. As the gentle summer...Rate it:

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As You Want
Ehsan Sehgal
If you make me a fool I will be as your sick desire If you flirt me You will find me the same For your ugly pleasure If you play the zigzag I w...Rate it:

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ash wendsday
Nat Z. Punx
he liked me he was gonna show me how to catch a football he was an expert after all he had that vikings practice jersey we threw the ball around a ...Rate it:

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Ashes Of Soldiers
Walt Whitman
Again a verse for sake of you, You soldiers in the ranks--you Volunteers, Who bravely fighting, silent fell, T...Rate it:

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At a Pantomime. By a Bilious One
William Schwenck Gilbert
An Actor sits in doubtful gloom, His stock-in-trade unfurled, In a damp funereal dressing-room In the Theatre Royal, World. He comes to town at Ch...Rate it:

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At Cheyenne
Eugene Field
Young Lochinvar came in from the West, With fringe on his trousers and fur on his vest; The width of his hat-brim could nowhere be beat, Hi...Rate it:

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At crow's nest pass
Emily Pauline Johnson
At Crow's Nest Pass the mountains rend Themselves apart, the rivers wend A lawless course about their feet, And breaking into torrents beat I...Rate it:

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At Her Window
Henry Kendall
To-night a strong south wind in thunder sings Across the city. Now by salt wet flats, And ridges perished with the breath of drought, Comes up a de...Rate it:

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At Least once
Nikhil Parekh
It really doesn't matter whether you dressed up like a majestically unconquerable prince an infinite number of times; or whether you indolently wan...Rate it:

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