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The chatter of a death-demon from a tree-top
Stephen Crane
The chatter of a death-demon from a tree-top Blood - blood and torn grass - Had marked the rise of his agony - This lone hunter. The grey-green...Rate it:

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The Cypress-Tree Of Ceylon
John Greenleaf Whittier
THEY sat in silent watchfulness The sacred cypress-tree about, And, from beneath old wrinkled brows, Their failing eyes looked out. Gray Age and S...Rate it:

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The Funeral Tree of the Sokokis. 1756
John Greenleaf Whittier
Around Sebago's lonely lake There lingers not a breeze to break The mirror which its waters make. The solemn pines along its shore, The firs which...Rate it:

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The Mango-Tree
Charles Kingsley
He wiled me through the furzy croft; He wiled me down the sandy lane. He told his boy's love, soft and oft, Until I told him mine again. We marrie...Rate it:

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The Maple Tree
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
Well have Canadians chosen thee As the emblem of their land, Thou noble, spreading maple tree, Lord of the forest grand; Through all the changes Ti...Rate it:

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The Pine Tree
John Greenleaf Whittier
LIFT again the stately emblem on the Bay State's rusted shield, Give to Northern winds the Pine-Tree on our banner's tattered field. Sons of men wh...Rate it:

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The Rose Tree
William Butler Yeats
'O WORDS are lightly spoken,' Said Pearse to Connolly, 'Maybe a breath of politic words Has withered our Rose Tree; Or maybe but a wind that blows ...Rate it:

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The Tree
Karle Wilson Baker
My life is a tree, Yoke-fellow of the earth; Pledged, By roots too deep for remembrance, To stand hard against the storm, To fill by Place. (But hi...Rate it:

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The Tree
Sara Teasdale
Oh to be free of myself, With nothing left to remember, To have my heart as bare As a tree in December; Resting, as a tree rests After its leaves ...Rate it:

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The Tree
Ezra Pound
I stood still and was a tree amid the wood, Knowing the truth of things unseen before; Of Daphne and the laurel bow And that god-feasting couple ol...Rate it:

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The Tree of Song
Sara Teasdale
I sang my songs for the rest, For you I am still; The tree of my song is bare On its shining hill. For you came like a lordly wind, And the lea...Rate it:

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The Tree-Frog Pedigree
John Bannister Tabb
Our great ancestor, Polly Wog, With her cousin, Thaddeus Pole, Eloped from her home in an Irish bog, And crossing the sea on the 'Mayflower's' log,...Rate it:

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Up In The Tree
George MacDonald
What would you see, if I took you up My little aerie-stair? You would see the sky like a clear blue cup Turned upside down in the air. What would ...Rate it:

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Hymn XXIII: Extended on a Cursed Tree
Charles Wesley
Extended on a cursed tree, Besmeared with dust, and sweat, and blood, See there, the king of glory see! Sinks and expires the Son of God. Who, wh...Rate it:

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The Apple Tree
Dorothy Parker
When first we saw the apple tree The boughs were dark and straight, But never grief to give had we, Though Spring delayed so late. When last I...Rate it:

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The banana tree
Matsuo Basho
The banana tree blown by winds pours raindrops into the bucket Rate it:

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My Lady Is Compared To A Young Tree
Vachel Lindsay
When I see a young tree In its white beginning, With white leaves And white buds Barely tipped with green, In the April weather, In the weeping sun...Rate it:

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Under the Greenwood Tree
William Shakespeare
Under the greenwood tree Who loves to lie with me, And turn his merry note Unto the sweet bird's throat, Come hither, come hither, come hither: Her...Rate it:

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A Poison Tree
William Blake
I was angry with my friend: I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: I told it not, my wrath did grow. And I watered it in fear...Rate it:

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The Tree Of Knowledge
Edith Nesbit
I PLUCKED the blossoms of delight In many a wood and many a field, I made a garland fair and bright As any gardens yield. But when I sought the li...Rate it:

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The Tree Of Scarlet Berries
Amy Lowell
The rain gullies the garden paths And tinkles on the broad sides of grass blades. A tree, at the end of my arm, is hazy with mist. Even so, I can s...Rate it:

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Farewell to Barn and Stack and Tree
Alfred Edward Housman
"Farewell to barn and stack and tree, Farewell to Severn shore. Terence, look your last at me, For I come home no more. "The sun burns on the ...Rate it:

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A Christmas Tree
James McIntyre
To night the children meet with glee To view the fruits on Christmas Tree, And when its beauties we behold We're very sorry we are old. The childre...Rate it:

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A drop fell on the apple tree
Emily Dickinson
A drop fell on the apple tree Another on the roof; A half a dozen kissed the eaves, And made the gables laugh. A few went out to help the brook, T...Rate it:

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As some vast Tropic tree, itself a wood (fragment)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
As some vast Tropic tree, itself a wood, That crests its Head with clouds, beneath the flood Feeds its deep roots, and with the bulging flan...Rate it:

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