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A Dedication. To Charlotte Cushman.
Sidney Lanier
As Love will carve dear names upon a tree, Symbol of gravure on his heart to be, So thought I thine with loving text to set In the growth and subs...Rate it:

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A Dialog
Algernon Charles Swinburne
I. Death, if thou wilt, fain would I plead with thee: Canst thou not spare, of all our hopes have built, One shelter where our spirits fain would ...Rate it:

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A Dialogue
Algernon Charles Swinburne
I DEATH, if thou wilt, fain would I plead with thee: Canst thou not spare, of all our hopes have built, One shelter where our spirits fain would be...Rate it:

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A Dialogue. Lute And Voice
Richard Lovelace
L. Sing, Laura, sing, whilst silent are the sphears, And all the eyes of Heaven are turn'd to ears. V. Touch thy dead wood, and make each...Rate it:

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A Digger's Tale
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'My oath!' the Duchess sez. 'You'd not ixpect Sich things as that. Yeh don't mean kangaroos? Go hon!' she sez, or words to that effect -- (It...Rate it:

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A Dilettante
Augusta Davies Webster
Good friend, be patient: goes the world awry? well, can you groove it straight with all your pains? and, sigh or scold, and, argue or intreat, w...Rate it:

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A Dorset Idyl
Francis Turner Palgrave
_HARCOMBE NEAR LYME_ September: 1878 Before me with one happy heave Of golden green the hillside curves, Where slowly, smoothly, rounding swerves...Rate it:

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A Dream Lies Dead
Dorothy Parker
A dream lies dead here. May you softly go Before this place, and turn away your eyes, Nor seek to know the look of that which dies Importuning L...Rate it:

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A Dream Of Heaven
Alice Guerin Crist
They tell of harps and golden crowns, and singing, But oh, I think, when ends the strife and pain, That our dear Lord will lead the souls that love...Rate it:

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A Dream Of Long Ago
James Whitcomb Riley
Lying listless in the mosses Underneath a tree that tosses Flakes of sunshine, and embosses Its green shadow with the snow-- Drowsy-eyed, I sink in...Rate it:

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A drop fell on the apple tree
Emily Dickinson
A drop fell on the apple tree Another on the roof; A half a dozen kissed the eaves, And made the gables laugh. A few went out to help the brook, T...Rate it:

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A Drought Idyll
George Essex Evans
It was the middle of the drought; the ground was hot and bare, You might search for grass with a microscope, but nary grass was there; The hay was ...Rate it:

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A Duet
Thomas Sturge Moore
'FLOWERS nodding gaily, scent in air, Flowers posied, flowers for the hair, Sleepy flowers, flowers bold to stare----' 'O pick me some!' 'S...Rate it:

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A Fable For Critics
James Russell Lowell
Phoebus, sitting one day in a laurel-tree's shade, Was reminded of Daphne, of whom it was made, For the god being one day too warm in his wooing, S...Rate it:

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A Fairy Hunt
Francis Ledwidge
Who would hear the fairy horn Calling all the hounds of Finn Must be in a lark's nest born When the moon is very thin. I who have the gift can hea...Rate it:

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A Faith On Trial
George Meredith
On the morning of May, Ere the children had entered my gate With their wreaths and mechanical lay, A metal ding-dong of the date! I mounted our hil...Rate it:

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A Fallen Yew
Francis Thompson
It seemed corrival of the world's great prime, Made to un-edge the scythe of Time, And last with stateliest rhyme. No tender Dryad ever did indue ...Rate it:

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A Fancy
Sir Edward Dyer
Hee that his mirth hath loste, Whose comfort is dismaid, Whose hope is vaine, whose faith is scorned, Whose trust is all betraid, If he have he...Rate it:

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A Fantasy of War
Henry Lawson
From Australia . OH, tell me, God of Battles! Oh, say what is to come! The King is in his trenches, the millionaire at home; The Kaiser with his to...Rate it:

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A Farewell
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Flow down, cold rivulet, to the sea, Thy tribute wave deliver: No more by thee my steps shall be, For ever and for ever. Flow, softly flow...Rate it:

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A Fatal Impress
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
A little leaf just in the forest's edge, All summer long, had listened to the wooing Of amorous brids that flew across the hedge, Singing their b...Rate it:

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A Fine Day
Katherine Mansfield
After all the rain, the sun Shines on hill and grassy mead; Fly into the garden, child, You are very glad indeed. For the days have been so dull, ...Rate it:

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A Firefly
Ehsan Sehgal
In the gloom nights of summer, In the sky, far away, To the ending of sight-limits The stars stay shining Lying on the bed At the house veranda I...Rate it:

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A Florilegium
Alfred Austin
I All the seasons of the year, I have flowers for you, dear. When the ploughland's flecked with snow, And the blue-eyed scyllas blow, Gazing, throu...Rate it:

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A Forest Scene
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
As I went down a forest place At the closing of the year To find me peace, and gather grace In this green gladness here. I saw a scene I knew of ol...Rate it:

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