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A London Plane-Tree
Amy Levy
Green is the plane-tree in the square, The other trees are brown; They droop and pine for country air; The plane-tree loves the town. Here from my...Rate it:

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Bite Deep And Wide, O Axe, The Tree!
Isabella Valancy Crawford
'BITE deep and wide, O Axe, the tree! What doth thy bold voice promise me?' 'I promise thee all joyous things That furnish forth the lives of king...Rate it:

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Fallen tree took Jack’s daw
Joseph Mark Ippolito
Fallen tree has hit the chair An’ some poor soul wiz sittin’ there That big auld birch came crashin’ doon Beneath the light o’ an oglin’ moon Wi’ ...Rate it:

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The Beech Tree's Petition
Thomas Campbell
O leave this barren spot to me! Spare, woodman, spare the beechen tree! Though bush or floweret never grow My dark unwarming shade below; Nor summe...Rate it:

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The Lime-tree Bower my Prison [Addressed to Charles Lamb, o
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Well, they are gone, and here must I remain, This lime-tree bower my prison! I have lost Beauties and feelings, such as would have been M...Rate it:

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The Majestic Tree
Della Hodgson James
They bow to the winds that pass The beautiful majestic trees,   With arms up toward the skies They laugh in the summer breeze.  They provide shade ...Rate it:

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The Mouse That Gnawed The Oak-Tree Down
Vachel Lindsay
The mouse that gnawed the oak-tree down Began his task in early life. He kept so busy with his teeth He had no time to take a wife. He gnawed and ...Rate it:

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The Rambo-Tree
James Whitcomb Riley
When Autumn shakes the rambo-tree-- It's a long, sweet way across the orchard!-- The bird sings low as the bumble-bee-- It's a long, sweet way acro...Rate it:

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The Tree: An Old Man's Story
Thomas Hardy
I Its roots are bristling in the air Like some mad Earth-god's spiny hair; The loud south-wester's swell and yell Smote it at midnight, and it...Rate it:

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The Upas Tree
Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
Deep in the desert's misery, far in the fury of the sand, there stands the awesome Upas Tree lone watchman of a lifeless land. The wilderness, a w...Rate it:

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The Willow-Tree
William Makepeace Thackeray
Know ye the willow-tree Whose gray leaves quiver, Whispering gloomily To yon pale river; Lady, at even-tide Wander not near it, They say its branch...Rate it:

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This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Well, they are gone, and here must I remain, This lime-tree bower my prison ! I have lost Beauties and feelings, such as would have been Most sweet...Rate it:

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Tree at my Window
Robert Frost
Tree at my window, window tree, My sash is lowered when night comes on; But let there never be curtain drawn Between you and me. Vague dream head ...Rate it:

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The Fir-Tree
Josephine Preston Peabody
The winds have blown more bitter Each darkening day of fall; High over all the house-tops The stars are far and small I wonder, will my fir-tree Be...Rate it:

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The chatter of a death-demon from a tree-top
Stephen Crane
The chatter of a death-demon from a tree-top Blood -- blood and torn grass -- Had marked the rise of his agony -- This lone hunter. The grey-gr...Rate it:

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The Birch-Tree at Loschwitz
Amy Levy
At Loschwitz above the city The air is sunny and chill; The birch-trees and the pine-trees Grow thick upon the hill. Lone and tall, with silver st...Rate it:

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Come To The Greenwood Tree
William Makepeace Thackeray
Come to the greenwood tree, Come where the dark woods be, Dearest, O come with me! Let us rove—O my love—O my love! Come—'tis the moonlight hour, ...Rate it:

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A Hollowed Out Tree
Kurt Philip Behm
Living inside the base of a hollowed out tree Since childhood, my dreams have been formed Living inside a space where the walls almost touched ...Rate it:

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Funeral Tree of the Sokokis
John Greenleaf Whittier
Around Sebago's lonely lake There lingers not a breeze to break The mirror which its waters make. The solemn pines along its shore, The firs which...Rate it:

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Lines Left upon a Seat in a Yew-tree
William Wordsworth
Nay, Traveller! rest. This lonely Yew-tree stands Far from all human dwelling: what if here No sparkling rivulet spread the verdant herb? What i...Rate it:

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Lines On Captain Wogan. To An Oak Tree
Sir Walter Scott
To an Oak Tree, In the Churchyard of --, In the Highlands of Scotland, Said to Mark the Grave of Captain Wogan, Killed in 1649. Emblem of England'...Rate it:

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My Pretty Rose Tree
William Blake
A flower was offered to me, Such a flower as May never bore; But I said 'I've a pretty rose tree,' And I passed the sweet flower o'er. Th...Rate it:

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O little plum tree in the garden, you're
Lesbia Harford
O little plum tree in the garden, you're Aflower again, With memories of a million springs and my Brief years of pain. O little tree, you have ...Rate it:

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Song Of The Redwood-Tree
Walt Whitman
A CALIFORNIA song! A prophecy and indirection--a thought impalpable, to breathe, as air; A chorus of dryads, fading, departing--or hamadr...Rate it:

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Song V. - On every tree, in every plain
William Shenstone
Ah! ego non aliter tristes evincere morbos Optarem, quam te sic quoque velle putem. On every tree, in every plain, I trace the jovial spring in va...Rate it:

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