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destructive intrusion Only the privileged will avoid such a cataclysmic disaster Creating the new nRate it:

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William Henry Ogilvie
And a toss-up which is master, You may still avoid disaster If Providence has given to you HandsRate it:

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He Speaks Through Me
Mario William Vitale
kill yet he is there in the midst in order to avoid a Satanic twist what is my last heart felt finaRate it:

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Here, Sailor
Walt Whitman
for the true reckoning? Or, coming in, to avoid the bars, and follow the channel, a perfect Rate it:

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Hymn 90
Isaac Watts
his throne on high, The frighted earth and seas Avoid the fury of his eye, And flee before his faceRate it:

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I approach and I withdraw
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
person who aroused such kind disdain that to avoid giving pain, it would grant no favor! For, sRate it:

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I Dance In Preventative Play
Ehsan Sehgal
I believe in fate I avoid, to initiate, Even though I stay waiting My beloved and soul-mate One may hurt My heart However, One cannot convert My li...Rate it:

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Imitation Of Tibullus
George Gordon Lord Byron
shall bewail my fate: By death alone I can avoid your hate Rate it:

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In This Moment
Kurt Philip Behm
now I write late I used to seek love but now avoid hate I used to be captive of what comes toRate it:

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In Utrumque Paratus
Adam Lindsay Gordon
' 'Tis pace that kills ;' Shun bad tobacco, avoid strong drink, Abstain from Holloway's pills, WearRate it:

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Incorrect Speaking
Charles Lamb
Incorrectness in your speech Carefully avoid, my Anna; Study well the sense of each Sentence, lest in any manner It misrepresent the truth; Veracit...Rate it:

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Introductory 05
Sa di
has eight entrances. The abridgment was made to avoid tediousness. I The Manners of Kings Rate it:

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Justice That Doesn't Exist
Ehsan Sehgal
travel; I live And breathe, Facing such ones I avoid; I tolerate And ignore However, such ones DeliRate it:

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Lewin and Gynneth
Mary Darby Robinson
?" "I am THY GYNNETH'S GHOST, sweet maid, Avoid the madd'ning sight; Those eyes that doated on tRate it:

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Licia Sonnets 41
Giles Fletcher The Elder
Then since to me thy loss can be no gain, Avoid thy harm and fly what I foretell. Make thou thy Rate it:

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Lord Walter's Wife
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
of a man. XXV 'Drop his hand, you insult him. Avoid us for fear we should cost you a scar-- You taRate it:

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Love I have served, for such length of time
Thibaut de Champagne
Lord nor turn against him: Let whoever renounces avoid dissent. For myself, my wishes are all well Rate it:

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Marianne Moore
all one's criminal ingenuity to avoid! Psychology which explains everything explains nothing and weRate it:

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Moderation In Diet
Charles Lamb
surfeits by excess. The first, as finical, avoid; The last is proper to a swine: By temperance meaRate it:

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Myris: Alexandria, A.D. 340
Constantine P. Cavafy
Myris was dead, I went to his house, although I avoid going to the houses of Christians, especiallyRate it:

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O! Heavenly mother
Nikhil Parekh
the unbelievably astronomical care you took to avoid the ruthless trampling of its soft granules, Rate it:

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Ode to Fancy
Joseph Warton
to some abbey's mould'ring tow'rs, Where, to avoid cold wintry show'rs, The naked beggar shivering Rate it:

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Ode to My Satyriasis Addiction
I can't walk past a flower can't avoid the smell of grass I can't walk past a pretty girl without reaching for lips tits and ass I've got go home a...Rate it:

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On Death
Anne Killigrew
End of all our Woe, Why wreched Mortals do avoid thee so: Thou gentle drier o'th' afflicteds Tears,Rate it:

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On Summer
George Moses Horton
frisking o'er the green; And carefully avoid the snare, Which lurks beneath the smiling scene. Rate it:

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