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Election Aftermath
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
me on the back an' calls me Joe Seems sort of anxious-like for me to grete him An' as a fond an' fRate it:

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Elegy I
Rainer Maria Rilke
no longer to be what one was in infinitely anxious hands; to even discard one's own name as easily Rate it:

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Elegy to the Memory of David Garrick, Esq.
Mary Darby Robinson
gave to fancied woe? Thou who, by many an anxious toilsome hour, Reap'd the bright harvest of luxRate it:

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Elegy XVIII. He Repeats the Song of Colin, a Discerning Shepherd
William Shenstone
own. 'Oft have I hurried down the rocky steep, Anxious to see the wintry tempest drive; Preserve, Rate it:

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Elegy XXII. Written in the Year ----, When the Rights of Sepulture Were So Frequently Violated
William Shenstone
silent moon had scaled the vaulted skies, And anxious Care resign'd my limbs to rest; A sudden lustRate it:

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Elegy XXIII. Reflections Suggested By His Situation
William Shenstone
watch endure; Day, night, nor hour, their anxious guard resign; But lay me, Fate! on flowery banks Rate it:

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Elegy XXVI. Describing the Sorrow of An Ingeneous Mind
William Shenstone
and fickle smiles, And, feigning, left her anxious and forlorn. 'Then while the fancied rage alarmRate it:

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Endymion: Book IV
John Keats
underwood, and to the sound is bent, Anxious as hind towards her hidden fawn. "Is no one near toRate it:

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Epigram - Thy Nags, The Leanest Things Alive
Matthew Prior
So very hard thou lovest to drive, I heard thy anxious coachman say It costs thee more in whips thRate it:

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Epitaph On Miss Stanley, In Holyrood Church, Southampton
James Thomson
feigning oft relief, With tender art to save her anxious groan, No more thy bosom presses down its Rate it:

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Even As The Night Falls
Nikhil Parekh
color; dribbling thunderously down my arms in anxious anticipation, Toes on reinvigorating embersRate it:

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Letitia Elizabeth Landon
thy watching For what cometh not Till with anxious waiting dull Round thee fades the beautiful.Rate it:

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Fifth Sunday After Trinity
John Keble
Turns all our toil to loss. Full many a dreary anxious hour We watch our nets alone In drenchinRate it:

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Paul Laurence Dunbar
an' I see huh cas' huh eye Wid a kin' o' anxious motion to'ds de da'kness in de sky; An' I knows whRate it:

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Henry Timrod
As I have sometimes dared; Though not without an anxious sigh Lest this should break some gentle tiRate it:

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Ambrose Bierce
who for power would his birthright sell Who, anxious o'er his enemies to reign, Grabs at the scepteRate it:

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Frederick and Alice
Sir Walter Scott
spur he hides; From himself in vain he flies; Anxious, restless, on he rides. Seven long days, andRate it:

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Fridolin (The Walk To The Iron Factory)
Friedrich Schiller
e'en that scarce time. And if she said, "Less anxious be!" His eye then glistened tearfully. ThinkiRate it:

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John Bannister Tabb
underneath the water.' Then down the anxious father went, And there, indeed, he found her, A-ticklRate it:

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From Pocahontas
William Makepeace Thackeray
pale and faint appears my knight! He sees me anxious at his side; 'Why seek, my love, your wounds tRate it:

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Charlotte Brontë
solve; Some method to unloose a knot, His anxious thoughts revolve. He, pensive, leans against Rate it:

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God Hides His People
William Cowper
if he would, By so despised a worm? Ah, vainly anxious!—leave the Lord To rule thee, and dispose; Rate it:

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God of the Open Air
Henry Van Dyke
thee I make my prayer. V >From the prison of anxious thought that greed has builded, >From the feRate it:

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Granta: A Medley
George Gordon Lord Byron
To scan precisely meres Attic; Or agitates his anxious breast In solving problems mathematic: WRate it:

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Greedy Richard
Ann Taylor
on the jellies and the pies, So to select, with anxious care, The very nicest that was there. At Rate it:

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