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Autumn Interlude
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
I said goodbye to the bees last Friday week, To blooms, and to things like these, for Winter bleak Was shouting loud from the hills, and flinging h...Rate it:

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Avis aux lectrices
Hans Christian Andersen
Jeg savner noget! — skal jeg Navnet sige? Det er just ikke af en sjelden Slags; Jeg savner — ja — en lille, bitte Pige - Ak, Herre Gud! nu leer man...Rate it:

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Ballade Of Blind Love
Andrew Lang
Who have loved and ceased to love, forget That ever they loved in their lives, they say; Only remember the fever and fret, And the pain of Love, th...Rate it:

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Bednyj pevec
Vasily Andreyevich Zhukovsky
O krasnyj mir, gde ja votshche rascvel, prosti navek! S obmanutoj dushoju ja schast'ja zhdal - mechtam konec; pogiblo vse, umolkni, lira; skorej, s...Rate it:

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Belphegor Addressed To Miss De Chammelay
La Fontaine
YOUR name with ev'ry pleasure here I place, The last effusions of my muse to grace. O charming Phillis! may the same extend Through time's dark nig...Rate it:

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Edward George Dyson
Dear Ned, I now take up my pen to write you these few lines, And hopin' how they find you fit. Gorbli', it seems an age Since Jumbo ducked the ...Rate it:

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But for the Grace of God
Edwin Arlington Robinson
“There, but for the grace of God, goes…” There is a question that I ask, And ask again: What hunger was half-hidden by the mask That he wore the...Rate it:

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Rudyard Kipling
Eyes aloft, over dangerous places, The children follow the butterflies, And, in the sweat of their upturned faces, Slash with a net at the empty sk...Rate it:

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Buying and Selling chapter XI
Khalil Gibran
And a merchant said, "Speak to us of Buying and Selling." And he answered and said: To you the earth yields her fruit, and you shall not want i...Rate it:

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Certain Maxims of Hafiz
Rudyard Kipling
I. If It be pleasant to look on, stalled in the packed serai, Does not the Young Man try Its temper and pace ere he buy? If She be pleasant to loo...Rate it:

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Nikhil Parekh
The sweltering sands of blistering desert; unrelentingly chased tantalizing globules of golden rain; pelting ferociously from the crimson sky, T...Rate it:

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Robert Browning
"As certain also of your own poets have said"-- (Acts 17.28) Cleon the poet (from the sprinkled isles, Lily on lily, that o'erlace ...Rate it:

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Couplets In Praise
Wilfrid Scawen Blunt
Poet of love, I sing here my whole soul to you. Ah, might I all deeds dare, love would I prove to you. Make I at least your praise, chaplet of sun...Rate it:

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Cricket Is A Serious Thing
Edward George Dyson
In politics there’s room for jest; With frequent gibes are speeches met, And measures which are of the best Are themes for caustic humor yet. E’en ...Rate it:

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Cromwell's Return
Andrew Marvell
An Horatian Ode upon Cromwell's Return From Ireland The forward youth that would appear Must now forsake his muses dear, Nor in the shadows sing...Rate it:

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Dartmouth Castle
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
I SHOULD like to dwell where the deep blue sea Rock’d to and fro as tranquilly, As if it were willing the halcyon’s nest Should shelter through sum...Rate it:

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De Critters' Dance
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Ain't nobody nevah tol' you not a wo'd a-tall, 'Bout de time dat all de critters gin dey fancy ball? Some folks tell it in a sto'y, some folks sing...Rate it:

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Don Juan: Canto The Thirteenth
George Gordon Lord Byron
I now mean to be serious;--it is time, Since laughter now-a-days is deem'd too serious. A jest at Vice by Virtue's call'd a crime, And criticall...Rate it:

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Donica - A Ballad
Robert Southey
Author Note: In Finland there is a Castle which is called the New Rock, moated about with a river of unfounded depth, the water black and the fish ...Rate it:

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Ram Krishna Singh
I watch the past crushed and fake saints rising to reign exalt cunningness envision deceit to prosper a ram rigs the folk with iron teeth and spe...Rate it:

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Hans Christian Andersen
Det var i Aaret — — ak! nu kan jeg Aaret ikke huske; Men Maanen skinnede ret smukt paa Træer og paa Buske. Vor Jord er intet Paradiis; som Praas ti...Rate it:

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Earth the Healer, Earth the Keeper
William Morris
So swift the hours are moving Unto the time unproved: Farewell my love unloving, Farewell my love beloved! What! are we not glad-hearted? Is there...Rate it:

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Eden bower
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
It was Lilith the wife of Adam: (Sing Eden Bower!) Not a drop of her blood was human, But she was made like a soft sweet woman. Lilith stood on the...Rate it:

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Ellen Terry in the Merchant of Venice
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
As there she lives and moves upon the scene, So lived and moved this radiant womanhood In Shakespeare's vision; in such wise she stood Smiling u...Rate it:

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Edgar Lee Masters

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