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From Love to Friendship
youthful fire. But friendship then, celestial maid, From heaven descended to my aid; Less lively thRate it:

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From The Ladies Defence
Lady Mary Chudleigh
made, And the Creator with his Works upbraid: What he call'd good, they proudly think not so, And wRate it:

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Paul Laurence Dunbar
once more to please mine eyes. All things to aid it — dew, sun, wind, fair skies — Were kindly; andRate it:

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George A. Knight
Ambrose Bierce
your trade Confuse no judgment and no cheating aid, The Court of Honest Souls, where you in vain MaRate it:

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Give Me Just One Chance O! Omnipotent Almighty Lord
Nikhil Parekh
disease; granting them the best medical aid available under the dazzling Sun, And I promise you tRate it:

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Glenfinlas; or, Lord Ronald's Coronach
Sir Walter Scott
Lord Ronald's beltrane tree, * While youths and maids in light strathspey, So nimbly danced with HiRate it:

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God Save The King
Anonymous Americas
Lord grant that Marshal Wade May by thy mighty aid Victory bring. May he sedition hush, ARate it:

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God's Garden
Robert Frost
garden He brought mankind to live, And said: 'To you, my children, These lovely flowers I give. PruRate it:

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Goliath Of Gath
Phillis Wheatley
and all ye tuneful nine, Inspire my song, and aid my high design. The dreadful scenes and toils of Rate it:

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Gotham - Book III
Charles Churchill
in degree, Like that which God, on whom for aid I call, Performs with ease, and yet performs to alRate it:

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Granny Discovers Another Tiger
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
of well-informed papers. For e'en with the aid of an lens omphaloptic They can't see the glare in hRate it:

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Greeting Poem
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
and stronger. We give you greeting-we need your aid! There is work for many a morrow, There are beRate it:

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Grif, of the Bloody Hand
William Topaz McGonagall
devils demanded the stranger faintly, That I am said the man, now what matters that to thee. ThenRate it:

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Guilt and Sorrow
William Wordsworth
all that in 'his' heart, or theirs perhaps, said nay. VII For years the work of carnage did notRate it:

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Henry The Hermit
Robert Southey
on a sick bed Implored his blessing and his aid in death. That summons he delayed not to obey, Tho'Rate it:

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Here I sit with my paper…
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Implore their assistance they'll come to your aid, Perform all your business without being paid, TRate it:

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William Edmondstoune Aytoun
back the rosy-fingered light- He will be thine aid: Canst thou feel afraid When his torch above usRate it:

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Hic Vir, Hic Est
Charles Stuart Calverley
eye, Lest, by chance, some breezy nursemaid Pass, without a tribute, by. Once, an unassuming FreshRate it:

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His Excellency General Washington
Phillis Wheatley
thy virtues more, Hear every tongue thy guardian aid implore! One century scarce perform'd its Rate it:

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His Prayer To Ben Jonson
Robert Herrick
thee, For old religion's sake, Saint Ben to aid me. Make the way smooth for me, When I, thy HerricRate it:

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Homage To Sextus Propertius - III
Ezra Pound
would sit like an ornament on my pyre. aid, let not my bones lie in a public location With crowds Rate it:

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How Bárbad lamented Khusrau Parwiz
Hakim Abu'l-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi Firdowsi
than its bane. 'Twas thy desire To have a son to aid and succour thee: Now through the son the gyveRate it:

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HOW many of the body's health complain,
Jones Very
reveal. Vain would we seek, by the physician's aid, A name for this soul-sickness e'er to find; Rate it:

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How Shall I Woo Thee
Paul Laurence Dunbar
and persuade, But neither have I my petition to aid. How shall I woo thee to win thee, mine own? HRate it:

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Hudibras: Part 3 - Canto III
Samuel Butler
new officious shade, That came so timely to his aid, And forc'd him from the foe t' escape, Had turRate it:

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