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The Idolators
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
did ye lean? Did ye heed my Word or seek to aid my humble folk and mean? Ye prayed unto a myth and Rate it:

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The Lay of the Last Minstrel: Canto V.
Sir Walter Scott
Whose memory feels a second death. The Maid's pale shade, who wails her lot, That love, true lovRate it:

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The Owl And The Sparrow
John Trumbull
much a Stoic--'twas his failing. Hither for aid our Sparrow came, And told his errand and his nameRate it:

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The Poor Of The Borough. Letter XX: Ellen Orford
George Crabbe
heroines grow; But not like them has she been laid, In ruin'd castle sore dismay'd; Where naughty mRate it:

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The Prophecy Of Famine
Charles Churchill
darts to fly From the sly corner of some cook-maid's eye, The stripling raw, just enter'd in his teRate it:

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The Shepherds Calendar - January- Winters Day
John Clare
fills the troughs for noisy hogs Oft asking aid from barking dogs That tuggles at each flopping earRate it:

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The Shipwreck Of Idomeneus
George Meredith
worship, hear me! for indeed It was our oath to aid the cause of Greece, Not unespoused by Gods, Rate it:

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The Temperance Army
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
your heart is with us When you do not help or aid us. All who love the cause sincerely Can do sometRate it:

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The Winners
Rudyard Kipling
be the labour and yours be the spoil. Win by his aid and the aid disown-- He travels the fastest whRate it:

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The Zenana - 3
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
flower To pine in solitary bower? Has power no aid has wealth no charm, The weight of absence to diRate it:

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To A Gentleman On His Voyage To Great-Britain For The Recovery Of His Health
Phillis Wheatley
unavailing, frantic is the dream To hope thine aid without the aid of him Who gave thee birth and tRate it:

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When You Get Home, Remember Me
Henry Clay Work
seamen Two are sent forth to seek for aid. 'Tis a sad, a solemn parting; Life or death! who can forRate it:

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With Scindia To Delhi
Rudyard Kipling
vain: -- "Ho! Anand Rao Nimbalkhur, ride! Get aid of Mulhar Rao! Go shame his squadrons into fighRate it:

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Woman To Man
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
of yourselves? Like strands in one great braid we intertwine And make the perfect whole. You could Rate it:

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Written In Early Youth. The Time,--An Autumnal Evening
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
sheds the sinking sun a deeper gleam, Aid, lovely sorceress! aid thy poet's dream! With fairy wand Rate it:

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George Gordon Lord Byron
the clouds perish'd; Darkness had no need Of aid from them--She was the Universe. Diodati, July 18Rate it:

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Love and dating and mating
Robert curran
city there’s just calamity She thinks you have aids or is afraid Because you want to kiss or have sRate it:

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On Tea
Edmund Waller
prize. The Muse's friend, tea does our fancy aid, Repress those vapors which the head invade, And kRate it:

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The March of Ivan
Henry Lawson
our never-empty cradles!—we are coming to your aid. “Oh, we leave no bands behind us, blaring tunRate it:

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The Witch Of Mull
Cicely Fox Smith
magic powers Calm the deep and baffle ours: Aid us, thou who know'st full well Strongest brew and bRate it:

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To Miss --,
Samuel Johnson
thoughtful shade, In greater scenes each other aid; Mark when the different notes agree In friendlyRate it:

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To S. M. A Young African Painter, On Seeing His Works
Phillis Wheatley
may the painter's and the poet's fire To aid thy pencil, and thy verse conspire! And may the charmsRate it:

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A Friendly Game Of Football
Edward George Dyson
written out a paper, with good Father Feeley's aid, Breathing brotherly affection; and the challengRate it:

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60 Newest Poems By Mario W. Vitale
ario William Vitale
hospital. A young nurse took me in her arms and said that I would one day become a success, As theRate it:

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Mark Akenside
the Muse boast? Or what Attention now Is paid to Fame and Virtue? Where is now The British Spirit,Rate it:

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